Canon MVX250i review

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The MVX250i signals the transition of Canon’s MVX range into the mainstream. It’s still a premium model, but only slightly so compared to the MV700 series. As a result, you don’t get the MVX25i’s 2.23-megapixel CCD. Instead, a 1.33-megapixel sensor is provided, so stills resolution is just 1,280 x 960. This won’t see you leaving your digital stills camera at home when you head off on holiday.

Canon MVX250i review

As a camcorder, the MVX250i is still creditable, though. Video quality is sharp. There was a tendency to undersaturate vibrant colours, causing the orange in our indoor test to look slightly washed out. But at least there was no edge blooming. The oranges and reds in our outdoor test were similarly duller than in real life. This was the main problem that put it behind Panasonic’s NVGS120B. Performance was still impressive at this price, though.

This is a feature-rich camcorder too. There are manual controls for white balance, exposure, shutter, and even focus. However, the latter is operated via the menu, so it isn’t as easy to access as the MVX25i’s lens ring. The manual settings are augmented by no less than ten AE (auto exposure) modes. To complement the powered accessory shoe, there are both microphone and headphone sockets, although no means to adjust audio levels is provided. Tapes are loaded from the top, so this camcorder will work well on a tripod.

Ultimately, the MVX250i falls between two stools. Panasonic’s NVGS120B offers slightly better video quality for £43 less, but if you have another £110 to spend, you can buy Canon’s own MVX25i, which offers better video quality and even more features.

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