Epson Stylus Photo R240 review

Price when reviewed

There are two reasons the R240 is so frugal. The ink tanks, despite only 50 per cent of the ink ending up on the print, cost only £5.51 each (although the black cartridge costs £5.56). And, since only four cartridges are required, the cost of replacing all the tanks is just £22.09. But even better news is that you can buy a bundle of all four inks and 100 sheets of 6 x 4in photo paper for the same price.

Epson Stylus Photo R240 review

Epson is also to be congratulated for its 6 x 4in media costs. The price, £4.73, is close to Canon’s best value pack of paper, but you get a whopping 50 sheets instead of 20. This means the cost per sheet is less than 10p, which puts all the other manufacturers in the shade.

But the Epson isn’t without its problems. The A4 media cost is almost 50p per sheet, compared to around 30p for HP’s. And, as a permanent print-head machine, it would be a minor miracle to hope for much more than 50 per cent efficiency, and the frequent nozzle cleaning took its toll over time.

But the R240 is still a very cheap printer to run: even the HP 5940 costs 39p per 6 x 4in photo. As if all these reasons weren’t enough, there’s also the low initial price, the superb print quality and great text quality. The Epson R240 is the best printer you can buy for under £100.

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