Toshiba TDP-P8 review

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Toshiba’s TDP-P8 is one of three tiny 1kg projectors using the same basic design (along with NEC and ViewSonic). But the TDP-P8 is more expensive than the others and only stands out with automatic keystone correction. But it doesn’t work by tilting the projector: it requires eight button presses to use the menu option.

Toshiba TDP-P8 review

This proved to be only the first of many niggles. The remote has obscurely labelled buttons like PJ Mode, while important buttons such as Menu and Image Mute are hidden under a plastic door. The OSD is also confusing, with two displays for the same settings, depending on whether you’re adjusting or browsing them.

However, the Toshiba provides slightly better image quality than the NEC and ViewSonic. While colours appear dull compared to the best projectors, there’s more detail in shadows and colour transitions are smoother. Instead of movie or sRGB modes, there’s TrueColor, which has a similar effect by minimising use of the colour wheel’s white segment, thereby lowering brightness but improving colour accuracy. It reduces white highlights rather than dimming the whole image too much, although we didn’t see great improvement in colour saturation.

We didn’t notice DLP technology’s rainbow effect too much, but we could see that black text on a white background wasn’t crisp. Up close, fringing was evident, caused by the TDP-P8 not locking onto the signal properly.

Noise levels were similar to the ViewSonic and NEC: 41dBA in standard mode and 39dBA in eco mode. But with replacement lamps costing £255, despite lasting the same 2,000 hours as the ViewSonic and NEC, running costs are higher at 13p per hour.

With the high price and running costs, poor remote and OSD, the Toshiba is one to avoid.

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