How to Play Jean in Genshin Impact

Jean Gunnhildr is an Anemo character you can get to join your Genshin Impact party. As a Five-Star character, she’s difficult to obtain, but she’s well worth the patience. However, when you do get her after a lucky roll, do you know how to play her?

How to Play Jean in Genshin Impact

For skilled players of Genshin Impact, how to play Jean consists of building her right. It might sound complicated, but don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to do that. After you’re done reading, you’ll be a Jean expert in no time!

Before We Start…

We won’t be talking about everything Jean in this article, as that will take too much time. Instead, we’ll tell you how to play her and what to get. To learn more about Jean’s particular stats, you can always check in-game or visit the Genshin Impact Wiki to take a look.

Jean Strengths and Weaknesses

Jean is a very versatile character, capable of being played as both physical damage-per-second (DPS) and support. Your build will determine what role she’ll be used in, as different items and weapons will affect her playstyle.

Her strengths include:

  • Great crowd-control ability
  • Her normal attacks heal the whole party
  • Her Elemental Burst can deal Area of Effect (AoE) burst healing and damage
  • Once you invest in her, she becomes very powerful

Her weaknesses are:

  • Long skill cooldown times
  • Her combos will push enemies away, making it harder to follow up
  • Rather low base damage
  • Investment requires a lot of time and knowledge
  • Not as easy to build without guidance

By building her the right way, Jean will have a lot of damage output, clearing enemies as if they were paper tigers. Combined with her crowd control capabilities, she can dish out even more punishment.

As fall damage can be quite significant in Genshin Impact, Jean is made even more lethal. She can launch enemies in the air with Gale Blade. Gale Blade can also be used to pull them in as her crowd control method.

No matter her build, Jean is still supposed to heal your party. Both her DPS and support builds are capable of this.

Despite her incredible damage output, you can’t use her skills too many times within a short period. She needs to cool down before her skills can be used again. In addition, you need to invest a lot of time and items in her before she starts to shine.

A rough diamond, Jean requires some polishing and cutting before she can shine brightly. Be prepared to grind.

Jean’s Playstyle

Among the many characters you can unlock in Genshin Impact, Jean is rather easy to play. She’s great at dealing a ton of damage at once. Add to the fact that she can also heal party members at the same time.

A character that can kill and heal at once is a deadly one, and you can use her in all types of situations. An article compared her to a shotgun, capable of wiping an enemy out instantly. This is an apt description, but this particular shotgun also happens to heal allies.

Just like shotguns, you can point Jean in any enemy’s direction and start blasting. You’ll be surprised at what she can do.

Earlier, we talked about Jean’s crowd control abilities. The comparison between her and a shotgun is quite fitting, as shotguns can hit more than one target at once.

By using Gale Blade, you can push enemies away to get some space or gather them together and wipe them out.

In conclusion, Jean’s playstyle can be described as point and shoot; very effective at wiping threats from the face of Teyvat.

Best Jean Builds

As we mentioned above, Jean can be played in two ways; DPS and support. Let’s start with the DPS playstyle first. After that, you’ll learn how she’s played as a support character.


Her DPS build focuses her resources on maximizing damage output. While she’s going to be a heavy hitter, she can still heal your party members. Since her normal attacks heal party members, increasing her ATK stats will boost healing.

In actuality, this build is more of a hybrid build. Jean will be able to deal lots of damage while simultaneously healing the others. This is great for all-around functionality.

For a hybrid DPS Build, you must equip Jean with the following:

  • Aquila Favonia/Prototype Rancour Weapon

  • Two Gladiator’s Finale and two Bloodstained Chivalry/Four Gladiator’s Finale Artifacts

The Aquila Favonia boosts attack stats, but when Jean is hit while wielding the weapon, she gets healed at least 100% of her ATK stat. In addition, it deals at least double the damage to enemies. Both of these effects can activate once every 15 seconds.

With the Aquila Favonia, she can gain 160% attack as healing and double that as damage to enemies. This is truly her best weapon for the DPS build.

Prototype Rancour is easier to obtain and grants Jean both an attack and defense buff when she hits a normal or charged attack. This occurs once every 0.3 seconds and can stack up to four times.

Gladiator’s Finale will boost her attack by 18% and increase normal attack damage of swords, polearms, and claymores by 35%. On the other hand, Bloodstained Chivalry gives her a physical damage buff of 25%. You can mix and match as you see fit.

You can also experiment with or replace the above with the following if needed:

  • Sacrificial Sword/The Black Sword Weapon

  • Two Viridescent Venerer Artifacts

The Sacrificial Sword grants better energy discharge, while The Black Sword gives Jean increased critical rates, attack bonuses, and an extra chance to heal.

Viridescent Venerer gives Jean an Anemo damage boost of 15% and increases Swirl damage by 60%. It also decreases opponent elemental resistance to the Swirl’s infused element by 40% for 10 seconds. This allows your allies to hurt them even more.


The support build will switch her into a more passive role, which is what supports do anyway. A support-build Jean will let her heal better than the hybrid DPD build since you’re channeling her resources into healing.

Her Dandelion Breeze Elemental Burst will be mightily boosted, which is how she heals allied units and party members so efficiently. What’s more, this scales with her ATK stats.

Relegated to a support role, this build will let her keep your party alive and kicking.

The best support build consists of the following:

  • Skyward Blade/Favonius Sword Weapon
  • Two or four of Noblesse Oblige/Viridescent Venerer

If you want to go with four of either Artifact, it’s completely fine. Two of each is also considered among the best builds. You’re free to experiment with different combinations.

The Aquila Favonia can work with the support build, but it’s still better suited for the hybrid DPS build. Another good Artifact set is The Exile.

Equipping Jean with the Skyward Blade increases her critical rate and lets her activate Skypiercing Might. This activates during Dandelion Burst and grants her a 10% increase in movement and attack speeds each. Normal and charged attacks gain a 12-second huge damage boost too.

Favonius Sword lets her generate an elemental orb when she lands a critical hit, letting her restore six energies. It can activate once every six to 12 seconds depending on how far you upgrade it.

Noblesse Oblige boosts elemental burst damage by 20% and grants all party members 20% increases in ATK stats for 12 seconds without stacking. With this Artifact set, you can maximize Dandelion Burst’s effectiveness.

Giving Jean the Exile Artifact set will grant her 20% additional energy recharge and her element bursts regenerate two energy for other party members. This occurs once every two seconds for six seconds without stacking. Energy-hungry characters can benefit the most from this.

Best Artifacts and Weapons for Jean

Now that you know what Jean’s best builds are, let’s rank her best Artifacts and Weapons. You have some wiggle room as described above, but to truly be the best, you should equip these:

Best Artifacts:

  1. Gladiator’s Finale
  2. Viridescent Venerer
  3. Noblesse Oblige and The Exile (tied)

Best Weapons:

  1. Aquila Favonia
  2. Skyward Blade
  3. The Black Sword

We ranked these Artifacts and Weapons this way because while Jean can work well as a support unit, DPS is where she truly shines. That’s why her DPS kit is ranked higher than her support kit. Even so, The Black Sword is more of a replacement weapon, hence it’s ranked third.

Noblesse Oblige and The Exile are both very good for DPS Jean and fulfill different niches. They’re tied because of this.

“Ready for Anything!”

True to her voice line, Jean is useful in all types of scuffles. We hope our Genshin Impact how to play Jean guide helps you make the most out of her. After all, who doesn’t want a strong DPS character who can also heal?

Who do you pair Jean up with? Do you have a preferred Jean build? Let us know below.

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