How to Play an MP4 on the Kindle Fire

You have some MP4 files that you want to transfer from your PC to your Fire tablet, but an error appears warning you that the MP4 file isn’t supported. Don’t be alarmed. There’s a way to get the files to play on your Kindle. Firstly, let’s see why this issue occurs, and the best ways to overcome it.

How to Play an MP4 on the Kindle Fire

Issues with MP4’s on Your Kindle Fire

Even though all Fire tablets support MP4 files, they can only play those of a specific format – MP4 H.264 with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, a frame rate of 30fps, and a bit rate of 1500kbps.

If the MP4 files don’t have this exact format, you’ll get errors on your Fire tablet. The only way to play those files is to convert them. The best way to do so is to use video converting software. Then you can just transfer the files with a USB cable.


Video Converters

These are the best converters on the market, that can convert to the H.264 MP4 format that you need.

Video Proc

Video Proc is a paid-only software package that offers a free trial. Depending on your needs, even the trial version might be enough for you, as allows you to convert videos under five minutes in length. If you have longer videos then you’ll either have to get the paid version or go with another converter.

The paid version makes the software completely ad-free. It has a great looking interface and is very easy to use. Even if you’ve never tried using such software before, it will be a simple and intuitive process. The output video quality is outstanding and the conversion speed fast. Besides the required MP4 format, it supports over 70 other different formats.

The full version is priced at $30. If you have a lot of files to convert, or think you might use it in the future, then it’s a really good investment.


UniConverter is probably the best paid version video converter around. If you invest in the software, it will offer you fast and high-quality conversions, a great looking interface that’s intuitive to use, and useful editing tools. The paid version is also ad-free.

However, the trial version is pretty limited. You can convert only a third of the entire video very slowly. You can’t download the video itself, and get bombarded with ads. The software supports 35+ video formats. They also have a pre-made Kindle Fire format so you can convert the MP4 files with ease. The price is $40, and if you’re willing to pay that steep a price, you’ll get a great piece of software.


DivX does come with a free version, but you’ll have to be careful while installing it to avoid any unnecessary add-ons the software may offer you. During the installation, a tab appears asking you to download some additional software you probably don’t need. They’ll also ask for an email address, but you can just skip that part.


Now that you’ve installed the free version, you’ll notice that it’s very functional. You’ll have a solid conversion speed, with a high-quality output file. There are restricted format options, but not for the MP4 format you need. This means that you can comfortably use the free version to convert all of your files.

If you ever decide you need to update DivX, you can access the additional features by paying for each individual feature you need, or by upgrading to the DivX Pro for only $20.

FreeMake Video Converter

Like the previously mentioned converters, FreeMake has a trial version, but it’s very limited compared to the full one. When you first install the software, they’ll ask you to register, if you can skip this part of the process.

The free version has many ads popping up constantly, and the output video will have some things edited into it. They add a company logo at the beginning and end of your video, with some distracting text in the middle. These are things you probably don’t want in your finished video, so you’ll have to get the paid version.

The paid version is surprisingly great. With a vibrant and colorful interface that’s very intuitive and a joy to use. The video quality is also top-notch. It’s a great choice if you can afford it. Otherwise, you should choose another free software option.

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory

This is premium software, but unlike the previous ones, it has a relatively usable free version. It allows you to convert videos that are less than five minutes long. The ads do pop up every now and again, but it isn’t that distracting. They don’t make you install anything additional during the setup, so that’s a big plus.

The interface is very basic, and while this makes it look somewhat ugly, it’s extremely easy to use. The conversion speeds and the quality are quite high, even in the free option.

You can get the full version for $30 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


This is the last one of the bunch, and it does have something unique. Unlike all the previously mentioned converters, this one is browser-based. This means that you don’t have to download anything to convert your MP4 files. Best of all, it’s completely free to use – just go to their website and start converting.

The website looks very bare, like something from 20 years ago, but the quality of the output files is really good. Comparatively, it’s slower than the rest, but if you have only a few files to convert and don’t mind waiting, it’s the most painless option.

Start Converting

Now that you’ve chosen the option that best suits your situation, the only thing left is to begin converting your files. If you decided to use one of the free or online options, just remember to be patient.

Do you know of any better video converters? Tell us below in the comments section below!

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