How to Play Solo Squads in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one the most popular battle royale games on the market. With such a strong reputation, players are flocking in to play the game during its peak.

How to Play Solo Squads in Apex Legends

However, some players prefer the solitary path of a single-player-oriented game. You may be wondering if it’s possible to play this team-based game as a solo player (and even more importantly, if you can win).

Here’s what you need to know about playing solo in Apex Legends.

How to Play Solo Squads in Apex Legends?

When the game launched, the developers were pretty adamant about keeping it team-oriented and balancing the legends around team-wide utility and helpfulness. However, that didn’t stop players from wanting a more solo-oriented experience.

In August 2019, Respawn Entertainment introduced a time-limited “Iron Crown” collection event, which introduced a single-player mode. Players couldn’t join teams and would only drop as a solo squad into the battle arena. Since the legends were primarily balanced around having two other people on your team, some legends were pretty weak as a result.

Once the event finished, there was no way to play solo against other solo players.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no way to play by yourself against a team of enemies.

How to Play Apex Legends Solo Mode?

Apex Legends introduced a new update through the “Chaos Theory” collection event in Season 8. In this update, players were finally allowed to disable filled matchmaking and join an unranked match as a solo squad against groups of enemies. To keep things more balanced, there can only be six solo squads in a single match.

To better explain solo squads, we need to delve into filled matchmaking. When you queue up for a match without a full party for the game mode (i.e., two people for Duos, three people for Trios or Ranked), the game will put you in a team with other players of (hopefully) similar skill level. Before the no-fill matchmaking option became available, it was the only way to play the game (barring your teammates disconnecting).

You can’t disable filled matchmaking for ranked matches, as these tend to emphasize team-based gameplay, communication, and skill expression. That doesn’t mean you can’t play solo in ranked. You just have to be careful how you do it.

In ranked games, you can always separate from your teammates and effectively force yourself to play as a solo squad. You will, however, be affecting two other players with this decision, which may not be the best course of action to take.

How to Play Solo in Apex Legends?

If you have decided to play solo in a match, there are a few advantages (and some disadvantages) compared to team play.

The no-fill option in normal matches is an excellent way to test out new characters against other players and improve your solo strategy and decision-making.

You can challenge yourself to beat entire teams as a solo player and come out as an Apex Champion in Duos (or even Trios, if you’re up to the task). You can also try to be that TTV Wraith who killed you a few matches ago or learn how to bait opponents into one-on-ones that go in your favor.

You can also use this time alone to learn more about the map or finish up on some daily and weekly quests you’re unfamiliar with. The no-fill option is a great “casual” mode when you want to train in a real match against other players without angering your team members in the process.

Your results may vary based on how quickly you get ambushed by teams, but feel free to try it out.

Some players also can feel bogged down by strangers in their team, and their opinions and strategies may clash at times. The solo mode can be a blessing, as you won’t need to care for teammates that are not on your wavelength. Although the game tries to fill players of equal skill, it’s not always possible, and you sometimes encounter a player who is merely having a bad day.

However, playing alone in a team-based battle royale comes with significant risks and downsides. While there’s often enough loot for everyone, inventory slots are rather limited.

A single player can carry only so much. You may be overwhelmed by the opponents’ ability to outlast you with their healing, or simply get cornered as all grenades are aimed only at you.

The other downside of playing solo comes from the legends themselves. Some legends rely on playing in a team, and their gameplay pattern is heavily reliant on utilizing team tactics or combining forces and abilities.

Slippery legends, such as Wraith, Pathfinder, or Octane, might be better suited for solo play due to relying less on teammates to accomplish their goal, but you’ll still feel the lack of backup when you’re in a pinch.

We wouldn’t recommend trying to play solo in Ranked mode. The developers themselves are worried about game balance (since they haven’t enabled no-fill matchmaking for Ranked), and the higher-stakes environment means you’ll probably get fewer chances to escape unscathed.

Additional FAQ

Does Apex Legends Have Squads?

Apex Legends currently only has squad-based gameplay options. The solo-only “Iron Crown” event was limited to mid-2019, and there are no indications there will be a repeat of that event any time soon. You can play as a solo player in unranked matches, but you’ll be playing mostly against full squads.

Can I Play Squad Solo?

You can play unranked matches as a solo player:

1. Select the game mode by pressing the current game mode in the bottom-left corner.

2. Select “Duos” or “Trios.”

3. Uncheck “Fill Matchmaking” above the game mode name.

4. Press “Ready” to queue up into the match.

Currently, only six squads in a match can be solo, and the rest will be full squads.

How Many Players Are in Apex Legends Squad?

Depending on the game mode you choose, there can be either two or three people in a squad (for Duos and Trios, respectively). Ranked leagues are currently limited to squads of three only.

Is Apex Legends Solo or Duo?

You can play Apex Legends by yourself. If you don’t want teammates in an unranked match, uncheck the “Fill Matchmaking” option before queueing up for the game.

Otherwise, the game is played in teams of two or three players. If you don’t have friends to play with, the game will automatically find players with similar skill levels to pair you with. If your two-person team wants to play Ranked leagues, the game will give you a third teammate. Good luck!

Can You Solo Squad in Apex Legends?

If you have decided to play alone, the game becomes much more challenging. Since you don’t have teammates to rely on, communication becomes nonexistent, and you don’t have as many inventory slots or eyes on the map as a full squad.

Winning against a team of two or three can be daunting. Your best bet is to force players into unfavorable positions and win consecutive one-on-one gunfights. Alternatively, you can look for two (or more) fighting teams, wait for the best time to strike, and finish off the survivors.

Hone Your Solo Skills in Apex Legends

With the no-fill matchmaking option, you can put yourself against full squads in Apex Legends and try to beat the odds. The rewards will be the same as a regular game, but you’ll know that you can succeed as a solo player. You can try out the solo option in unranked matches to challenge yourself or simply get used to unfamiliar legends or map sections.

Have you won a solo match in Apex Legends? Tell us how it went in the comments section below.

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