Pluto TV Local Channels not Working – How to Fix

Founded in 2013, Pluto TV is one of the new kids on the block in streaming TV platforms. In a short time, it has been around, however, Pluto has reached a significant market share and steadily expanded its offering to include over 100 channels. In 2016, they started beta testing the feature of giving their users access to local broadcast channels.

Pluto TV Local Channels not Working - How to Fix

This service has still not been fully integrated. This makes it vulnerable to a series of restrictions and many users may find that local channels aren’t working as intended. Here are some of the best ways to troubleshoot your Pluto TV local channels.

Check the Service

The most obvious solution is also sometimes the easiest to overlook. There may just be an interruption in the Pluto service. If there are interruptions in service, Pluto will announce them via their official social media accounts. Check their Facebook or Twitter feeds for the latest news.

That’s the receiving end of the equation. You should also check to see if your local channels are experiencing any issues. If you are having issues only with a specific channel, it is likely that the problem is on the broadcasting end.

Pluto TV local channel not working - how to fix

Check Device Compatibility

As of writing this article, the local channel access from Pluto TV is only compatible with the Roku TV device. To access this feature, you will need to have an OTA antenna linked to your Roku TV device. Future updates to the Pluto service could include support for other devices but that will depend on community interest.

If your Roku TV is connected to the internet, it should automatically install any updates that are available. Even so, you might want to make sure it has all the latest firmware updates. You can do this by pressing the “Home” button on your Roku remote control and accessing “Settings.” In the Settings menu, navigate to “System” and select “System Update.” This will also check for updates to all your applications, including Pluto TV.

Check Your Internet Connection

Even though you’re accessing local channels with an antenna, the Pluto TV service still relies on a stable network connection. Check if your internet connection is working and there aren’t any problems with your Wi-Fi. Also, try accessing other services on your Roku TV to make sure it is getting a signal.

If there seems to be a problem, try rebooting your connection by turning off your router and unplugging it for about a minute before restarting it. If this fails, contact your internet service provider for assistance.

Pluto TV local channels not working how to fixReinstall the Pluto TV Application

Since this service is still in the testing phase, it could run into a variety of unforeseen issues. A catch-all solution is to delete the Pluto TV app and reinstall it. This should clear any cached data and give you a fresh start. This is unlikely to be the issue but shouldn’t take very long. You can remove applications by pressing the “Home” button on your Roku remote, then highlighting the channel you want to remove. Once you’ve selected Pluto TV, press the “Star” button to access options and select Remove Channel.

If All Else Fails

Once you’ve tried all the options listed here you should try contacting Pluto TV and submitting a bug report. Exhausting every potential problem would take a very long time, so you’d be better served to let the experts at Pluto take over.

To submit an error report, you can compose a detailed message about your problem and email it to [email protected]. It’s hard to say how long it will take to get an answer but this way you’ll be sure no stone is left unturned.

Pluto TV local channels not working

Think globally, act locally

The solutions that are listed here are the most likely problems you’ll run into when watching local channels on Pluto TV. There is a chance something else is going on but you should try these first. It’s important to stress that this feature of Pluto TV is in its early stages and subject to changes. This means that problems could arise and be resolved simply by virtue of software updates. And remember, only the Roku TV device is currently compatible with this feature.

At the end of the day, Pluto TV offers reliable service at no cost. Their business model will require slow and steady progress into various avenues of content. It may take some time for every feature to be developed to its full potential, but until then, we hope these solutions get you back to enjoying your local channels.

10 thoughts on “Pluto TV Local Channels not Working – How to Fix”

Israel says:
Since the Pluto TV update I have lost all local channels. I am using a Roku Tv and live in NYC and became very use to seeing my local channels. Without them – I now turn to Kodi as Pluto Tv has become totally useless for me.
Jerome Saucier says:
The Pluto app crashes when I go to the local tv selection. I have a Roku TV. All the other channels work fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app because initially it would not start. I did not have any request to login or enter code.
Loree Byers says:
I am a huge fan of Pluto TV. I paid for crappy YouTube TV, and I told them I quit because Pluto doesn’t buffer and get all pixillated. I use it all over my house and on my breaks at work, and it never gives me any trouble, though I would like my local channels. Thanks
Skip says:
It works for me, however it only holds 15 OTA channels so I am missing 22 OTA channels, looks like it starts at channel 2 and stops after it reaches 15, I see no way to edit and remove channels I don’t want in the pluto guide. On another note my OTA channels that have drops at times clear up when using the Pluto app instead of direct antenna
Gary says:
You must have a Roku TV to get the local channels!
Bachme says:
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Can’t get the channels.
Greg says:
Can’t get some of the local channels to come in
Gisela Santiago says:
same issue here
Robert holzinger says:
Can’t get regular channels to come up
Felecia McRae says:
I’m experiencing the same thing. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Updated everything. And still…. NOTHING

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