The Most Used Pokemon Emerald Cheats [including GameShark]

Older games are experiencing a comeback and are popular among retro gamers using emulators. Emulation allows them to play games like Pokémon Emerald, as well as use cheats in them. However, with so many cheat codes to choose from, what should you use?

The Most Used Pokemon Emerald Cheats [including GameShark]

We gathered some of the best Pokémon Emerald cheats here for you. Some of these have unique requirements and may not work well with other cheats, though. While using cheats can be risky, there are ways to stay safe from corrupted files and crashes.

Choose Your GBA Emulator

Other than modified Game Boy Advances, you can play Pokémon Emerald or other Game Boy titles on a Game Boy Advance emulator. GBA emulators can be downloaded for free, though some have paid versions as well.

The best free GBA emulators you can download right now are:

  • mGBA
  • VisualBoy Advance
  • No$GBA Emulator
  • BatGBA
  • Higan GBA Emulator
  • OpenEmu

mGBA and VisualBoy Advance are among the best GBA emulators you can get right now. The latter gets constant updates and fixes, and it runs on almost anything.

We recommend VisualBoy Advance because it runs all GBA games under the sun, including Pokémon Emerald, without issues. ROM hacks are another issue entirely, but standard GBA ROMs all work properly with VisualBoy Advance. You can also enter cheat codes with this emulator and many others.

mGBA is our next pick due to its simplicity and how it allows for ROM patches. Setting it up takes very little technical expertise.

OpenEmu is the best GBA emulator for macOS. The others are unavailable on Mac, so you’ll have to get OpenEmu to play Pokemon Emerald.

Armed with your GBA emulator and ROM of Pokémon Emerald, you can start inputting cheats. Your GBA emulator should have a cheat’s tab where you can copy and paste them in.

Best Pokemon Emerald Cheats for Use on a GBA (or GBA Emulator)

Before we get into using cheat codes, here are some things you should know about them:

Don’t Use Too Many at Once

Using too many cheat codes at once can result in crashes or even file corruption. In the best-case scenario, you only have to disable them for the game to work again. Sometimes, you may have to start your game from the beginning due to a corrupted file.

Save Your Game Before Using

If you save your game before using cheats, you can come back to your progress later. It provides some insurance, and you don’t risk losing your data.

Turn Off Cheats After Using Them

If you used cheats to get specific items in any game, including Pokémon Emerald, you should turn them off to prevent the chances of crashing. Doing so ensures that your items stay in your inventory in a worst-case scenario.

With these out of the way, let’s take a look at the cheat codes.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Master Code

Before you enter other cheats, you should activate the master code for the others to work. Some of them, like the Master Ball cheat, don’t require a master code. However, it would help if you had it active all the same if you want to switch cheats.

The master code is:

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5

A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

Now that you have the master code active, many other cheats will start working. Make sure you research which ones require the master code before entering and activating anything.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Rare Candy

Rare Candies in Pokémon Emerald lets any of your Pokémon level up just by eating them. The game only gives you a handful of them to encourage you to fight all the wild Pokémon or Trainers and level up that way. However, with a cheat code, you can get as many Rare Candies as you want.

There are two lines of code, but you only need one of them. If one of them doesn’t work, you can try the other.

  • 82005274 0044
  • BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

The first one requires you to activate the cheat and then looking at your PC in Pokémon Emerald. The next one asks that you check the nearest Pokemart instead. For both, you should deactivate them once you’ve finished getting Rare Candies.

The first item in either of the locations should be a Rare Candy. If not, you can enter the cheat and try again.

If you keep the cheat on, your Bag and PC will rapidly fill up with Rare Candies, and you won’t be able to get other items. That’s why you shouldn’t keep it activated for too long.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: EXP

There’s an unlimited EXP cheat if you don’t want to use your endless supply of Rare Candies. It gives you 9,999 EXP per battle, and with it, you can level any Pokemon up in a fraction of the time you usually need. Keep fighting wild Pokemon to max out your roster.

The cheat contains five lines of code:


Just copy and paste it into your emulator, and it should work fine. As with all cheats, you should deactivate it once your Pokemon doesn’t need any more EXP.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Walk Through Walls

Stroll through the walls and bypass pesky Trainers and obstacles with this cheat. You can even walk into the black void through the walls of any building.

The cheat is as follows:

7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D

Once you’re done walking through the walls, you should go back to a regular location and turn the cheat code off. There’s no telling what will happen if you stay out of bounds and then deactivate the cheat.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Shiny

Shiny Pokémon are individual Pokémon of a particular species that have a different appearance. However, they’re challenging to encounter. The chances of finding a Shiny Pokémon in Pokemon Emerald are 1 in 8912 encounters.

If you don’t want to “Shiny hunt,” as the community calls it, you can use this cheat to make all the Pokemon you find Shiny. They’re not inherently superior in terms of abilities, but they look unique.

The code is:

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4

18452A7D DDE55BCC

Now, everyone on your team is Shiny, and no “Shiny hunting” is necessary.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Master Ball

The Master Ball gives you a 100% chance of catching any Pokemon in the game. You only get one in Pokemon Emerald, and you would have to save it for a Legendary Pokemon when you receive it. With a cheat, you can get as many Master Balls as you want.

The cheat is:

958D8046 A7151D70 8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Alternatively, you can also use this one:

82005274 0001

The first one makes everything in Pokemarts free Master Balls, while the other one makes only the first option a Master Ball. It still appears as another item but buying it for no money still nets you Master Balls.

When you have enough, you should turn the cheat off. You don’t want to have too many at once and not be able to pick anything else up. When you run out, you can always use the cheat again and buy more.

The Best GameShark Cheats for Pokemon Emerald

Other than a few of the cheats we discussed, there are other great GameShark cheats for Pokemon Emerald. They can let you encounter Legendary Pokemon or do other things not ordinarily possible.

The cheats for walking through walls and getting Shiny Pokemon already mentioned are GameShark codes. Here are a few more:

Code for Encountering Deoxys

Here’s a code to get encounter Deoxys anywhere:

25214170 0AB256A2

FFA6733C EE552E68

2E7B7A58 D0781742

798A3738 3F94DB5D

Code for Encountering Charizard

To find Charizard anywhere, use this code:

25214170 0AB256A2

547D682A C32E071E

2E7B7A58 D0781742

D52902CA 343CF38A

Code for Encountering Dragonite

If you want to catch Dragonite, this code helps:

25214170 0AB256A2

EF4835B3 519FF2C8

2E7B7A58 D0781742

D52902CA 343CF38A

Code for Free Daycare

Breeding Pokemon costs money, but if you’re a little short on Poke, use this code:


Code for Quick Egg Hatch

This cheat lets you hatch Eggs quickly:










Code for Infinite Safari Time

You can stay in the Safari for as long as you want while this cheat is active:


Code for Unlimited Safari Balls

With this cheat, you can use as many Safari Balls as you wish to catch Pokemon:


Code for Catching Safari Pokemon Easily

When you need to catch ‘em all, use this code:



Everything Is Too Easy

With cheats, Pokémon Emerald becomes a laughably easy game. You can wipe anything out with cheats or get unlimited Master Balls. It’s a fun way to mess around in this game if you have the time.

What are your favorite cheats in Pokemon Emerald? Have you ever found a Bad Egg? Tell us in the comments section below.

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