How to Change your Uniform in Pokemon Sword

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can earn free trainer uniforms for defeating gym leaders or purchase new outfits from the clothing store. The tricky part is to find where to change the outfit, as this mechanic isn’t available from the main menu. If you’re wondering how to show off with your new attire in the game, we’re here to help.

How to Change your Uniform in Pokemon Sword

This guide will explain how to change your uniform and gym battle uniform number in Pokemon Sword. Additionally, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to new outfits. Read on to add a bit of personality to your appearance.

How to Change Uniforms

You can pick a new uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield in one of the game’s clothing shops. Bear in mind that the new uniform will be displayed everywhere apart from gym battles. During gym battles, your character will wear a standard white uniform. Follow the steps below to change your attire in the game:

  1. Head to any clothing shop in the game and go to the changing room.
  2. Navigate through the menu at the top to pick your new uniform. You can fully customize your look, selecting numerous tops, jackets, pants, socks, and other elements. Alternatively, you can choose one of the ready-made uniforms.
  3. Confirm your selection by selecting “Put On.” Select ” Check Appearance ” if you’d like to see how you look without changing your uniform.

Pokemon Sword How to Change Uniform for Gym Battles?

One of the oddest limitations in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the inability to change trainer uniform during gym battles. You can unlock new uniforms when defeating gym leaders, and you can wear them everywhere except gym battles. This seems counterintuitive, yet you can at least pick your name and number at the back of your white trainer T-shirt.

You’ll be asked to select the preferred number before you enter the Gym Challenge in Motostoke for the first time. Choose your number wisely because you won’t be able to change it later in the game.

Note: Your hat will also disappear in gym battles. However, you get to leave any eyewear you had on before starting the match.

How to Change Uniform Numbers

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can pick their trainer uniform number the first time they start the Gym Challenge. Simply enter the desired uniform number when prompted to do so. Pick the number wisely, as you won’t be able to change it later in the game. Additionally, you can pick your haircut, eye color, and makeup.

How to Change Bike Uniforms

In the Isle of Armor expansion, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can change the appearance of their bikes and characters. Here’s how to do that:

  1. During the game, head to the Dojo in the Fields of Honor area.
  2. Talk to a Bike Lady standing next to the Dojo.
  3. Select “Yes, customize my bike” when prompted.
  4. Pick between two bike colors, sparkling white and glistening black. Highlight it and press the “A” button to confirm. Your bike uniform will automatically change to match the new bike color – purple and white outfits for white bikes and purple and black outfits for black bikes.

Alternatively, you can change only your biking outfit without changing your bike’s color. Follow the steps below:

  1. In the game, head to the Bike Lady standing next to the Doo in the Fields of Honor area.
  2. Select “I want to change my outfit” when prompted.
  3. Pick the preferred outfit color and press “A” to confirm.

Can You Change Challenger Uniforms?

You can’t change your trainer uniform in Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Challenge mode. We don’t know why such an odd limitation, but players can only wear white challenger uniforms. However, you can pick your uniform number before the start of your first match. Bear in mind that you won’t be able to change it later.

Additional FAQs

How Do I Obtain New Outfits in Pokemon Sword?

There are multiple ways of obtaining new uniforms in the game.

The first one is to fight in Gym Challenges. You’ll get a new free uniform every time you defeat a gym leader. However, you don’t get to choose which uniform you’d like to get.

If you want to customize your appearance, head to the game’s clothing store. You can purchase new attire for 18,000 Watts.

Personalize Your Look

Now that you know how to change your outfit in Pokemon Sword, you can proudly showcase your earned uniforms to other players. Not being able to pick a different uniform in Gym Battles is frustrating. So, let’s hope the developers listen to the community and eventually let us change the trainer’s appearance with the new updates.

What is the reason for the outfit change limitation in gym battles, in your opinion? Share your speculations in the comments section below.

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