How To Post or Download Multiple Photos at Once in Instagram

If you’re a heavy Instagram user, the ability to post multiple images at once is a real bonus. As slideshows seem so popular, being able to post all of the images in one hit saves time and effort, and it adds an extra layer of creativity to what you can do. While Instagram doesn’t technically allow you to download photos, you can still do it if you know how.

How To Post or Download Multiple Photos at Once in Instagram

February, 2017 saw Instagram enable users to upload up to ten images at once and have them as a slideshow. This makes profiles easier to use, as you won’t see dozens of similar images clogging up a profile. Instead, they can be collated into a slideshow, which makes viewing them easier and gives context to the series as a whole. I think it was a good move by Instagram, and it seems I am not alone in thinking that.

How to post multiple photos at once in Instagram

If you want to post multiple photos at once in Instagram, it is pretty straightforward. Really, the process isn’t much different from just posting one image.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Select the Plus icon as you usually would.
  3. Tap the Select Multiple icon next to Boomerang and Layout.
  4. Select your series of images; you can have up to 10 at once.
  5. Edit the images, add effects as you usually would, and change the order as you need.

You can do the same thing with Instagram videos. Just select up to 10 videos at once instead of images. You can add captions, effects, or whatever else you need. With either photos or images, there should be a small number in each image as you view them. This is the order in which it appears in the slideshow, and you can modify this at will until your slideshow is in the perfect order.

However, when it comes to adding captions, tags, locations, and other effects, they will apply to the entire slideshow, not just an individual image.

Slideshow popularity on Instagram

Ever since they were introduced, slideshows have become increasingly popular. Both for individuals to showcase an event and for brands using Instagram for social media marketing. Lots of brands use slideshows for storytelling, which is an exceptionally powerful marketing method. Making the audience feel something about the product is more effective than just shoving it in the audience’s face, and most brands are aware of this.

Using ten carefully chosen photos can create a narrative to help sell products, ideas, people, brands, and whatever else you like. For products, it gives far more scope for brands to show their product from different angles and in different situations, and that lets them create a lot more impact.

For individuals, storytelling is just as important. Showing an Instagram slideshow of a graduation, birthday celebration, or important event not only shows the event itself, but it helps give the images context to create a story, rather than just showing a snapshot of what happened. Powerful stuff indeed!

How to download multiple photos at once in Instagram

Instagram does not officially condone downloading photos or videos from its platform, but there isn’t much they can do much about it. Considering the millions of items on the social network, it was inevitable that people would want to download some of them for their own use.

There are a couple of ways to download photos in Instagram. For individual images, I find it best to use Windows Snipping Tool or Grab in MacOS to take a snapshot of it. It takes a second and instantly gives you a copy of the image you’re looking at. Just open Instagram in your browser instead of on your phone and use the tool. Simple.

To download multiple photos at once in Instagram, though, you need a Chrome extension or a download app such as 10insta.

Image Downloader for Chrome

Image Downloader is a browser extension for Chrome that adds an extra icon, through which you can download multiple images from Instagram. Navigate to the page, select the extension icon, and then specify the images you want to download. The extension works well and is flexible enough to allow you to specify all of the images in a series or just specific images within a slideshow.


DownloadGram is a website that allows you to download images from Instagram. You can download multiple images, but only one at a time. Navigate to the URL of the image(s) you want, copy the URL, and paste it into DownloadGram. Hit the Download box and the image will be downloaded to your device for you. It doesn’t work for entire slideshows, but it’s still reliable enough to warrant a mention here. is a smartphone app that does allow you to download multiple images at once. Download and install the app, and it will add options within Instagram that allow you to copy, paste, and share URLs as well as download individual images and multiple images from Instagram.

These are the ways I know of to download multiple photos at once in Instagram. Got any other ways you would like to share? Tell us about them below if you do!

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