How to Select and Move in Procreate

Procreate has many possibilities for users, especially after they learn to navigate and use different tools. Creation can be rather overwhelming when starting out. If you want to learn how to select and move in Procreate, follow along and learn the techniques and tips to make Procreate easy. Learning how to move objects such as drawn lines, text, 3D models, and flat shapes within the app makes it easier for the user to master how things are done.

How to Select and Move in Procreate

How to Select and Move

Selecting and moving can be confusing, especially for beginners. It gets easier over time.

To move text, line, or object in Procreate, you need to:

  1. Open the layers panel by clicking the square icon at the screen’s top right.
  2. Select the layer where the object or selection is located.
  3. Choose the transform tool. This tool is shaped like an arrow. This allows you to create a selection around the object you intend to move.
  4. Choose the selection tool within the toolbar at the top and select the freehand option to choose a specific object. Drawing around the area or object you intend to move is easier with the freehand option. The other selection options are ellipse rectangle and automatic.
    • All options allow you to select parts of the artwork differently. The ellipse and rectangle options allow you to select artwork within the shapes.

This action allows you to drag and drop the selected object anywhere within the project for a more exciting and dynamic placement. With the new steps, you can move things in Procreate in a very simple way for all sorts of designs.

Using the Freehand Selection Choice in Procreate

Using the freehand selection is more flexible–you manually select an area around the object that needs to be moved. When using this method to move in Procreate, you must ensure that the freehand shape ends precisely where you started.

Using the Automatic Selection Choice in Procreate

As the name suggests, automatic selection involves the automatic selection of tapped objects. The automatic option can save time, but it can sometimes cause issues and leave some parts of the objects behind.

To make the automatic option work better, you need to consider adjusting the threshold to a much higher level allowing the selection of the entire project. Do this by tapping and holding a stylus or finger on the object of choice and dragging to the right.

Doing so brings up a bar pop-up at the top of your screen showing the threshold. It also allows you to check how much of the object has been successfully selected.

Moving Whole and Multiple Layers in Procreate

You can move an entire layer, and it can be an excellent way to rearrange the artwork elements. You only need to tap and drag it down or up within the layers panel for it to work. Multiple layers can also be selected simultaneously by tapping on a layer and holding it for a while. Tap on any other layers you want to move. After selection, the layers can be dragged up and down until they appear as desired.

Things You Should Note Before Selecting and Moving Objects in Procreate

In Procreate, layering is good since it allows selections and objects to be moved independently. It also makes adjusting the layers easier. This is a good feature when working on complex artwork.

Tapping on the mouse icon triggers the transform tool. When you do this, your active layer is automatically selected. For this reason, you need to ensure you are in the correct layer before activating the Transform tool.

Splitting lines and objects into different layers is always better if you want a seamless experience. Having many layers in the art will make your work manageable. Bear in mind, there is a layer limit that needs to be observed.


When should a new layer be created?

You should add a new layer each time you insert a new object or element into the artwork. This ensures that the added object is separated from the existing layers. It allows it to be moved on its own.

Can layers be named?

Yes, you can name the Procreate layers. You need to tap the target layer, navigate to the properties panel, and select “Rename.” Type the name you want for your layer here.

Can I select and move a part of the images in Procreate?

You can use the selection tool to move only a portion of an image. Find the tool at the top and then go to the image to draw a shape around the image area you want to be moved. This can then be dragged around your canvas to its new position.

Can everything on a layer be erased?

Yes. You can achieve this by tapping the target layer and choosing “Clear.”

Can a layer be turned off or hidden?

Yes. Tap on a layer and ensure there is no tick in the checkbox. This hides the layer until you want it to be revealed again.

How is a layer copy pasted?

The best way to copy-paste layers is to swipe left in the layer you want. Within the layer panel, select “Duplicate.” This successfully makes a copy of the particular layer.

Can objects be moved without resizing?

Use the transform tool to move your objects without resizing them first. The tool can be accessed by tapping the layer where it’s located and selecting “Transform.” You also need to select the origin point and then move it on the canvas.

Is there a lasso select tool in Procreate?

Procreate doesn’t have a lasso tool. However, a selection tool has different options like ellipse, rectangle, freehand, and automatic. The freehand is the most flexible option.

Is there a cut-and-move option in Procreate?

Yes. It’s possible to cut things and move in Procreate. This is done through the selection tool to pick an area or object. Select “Cut” to remove the area to be moved to another part of the canvas.

Can straight objects be moved in Procreate?

Yes. This is possible using the ruler tool. Locate the ruler icon on your screen (top) and select it. You can then adjust it to get the desired size. Use a stylus or finger to draw a line along the tool to act as a guide. In this want, objects get moved without any distortion.

Manipulate Artwork for a New Breath of Life

Procreate has many features and tools that can help you manipulate art without much trouble. This includes cutting and pasting layers, selecting objects, and moving without distorting or resizing the images. There is a lot to do on Procreate. The ability to move entire layers, lines, and objects is a big perk for digital art makers.

Have you ever tried to move objects in Procreate? How did you do it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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