How to Use a PS4 Controller on the iPad

The DualShock 4 is the fourth iteration of the DualShock line of controllers, and the first since the original to change up the design, while still holding onto what makes the controller recognizable to gamers everywhere.

Sony released the original PlayStation in 1994, bundled with the PlayStation Controller, complete with four directional buttons (instead of a D-Pad) and four face buttons, but was missing the dual-analog sticks that are now commonplace on every gaming controller from the DualShock 4 to the Xbox Elite controller to the Switch’s Pro Controller.

In 1997, three years later, Sony released the Dual Analog Controller but was pulled off the market by 1998 in favor of a refined version: the Dualshock. Now on its fourth iteration, the Dualshock 4 has proven to be one of the best controllers ever made by Sony.

The DualShock 4 didn’t completely change how the controller looks or feels, but it was the biggest upgrade to the design since the original shipped with the PlayStation. The grips were redesigned to be more comfortable in the hand, the bumpers were changed to actually function like triggers, the joysticks added back the inverted grip to keep your finger on the stick without slipping, the start and select buttons were removed, and a large touchpad and light were added to the unit.

For many, however, the biggest, most important change in the DualShock 4 is the inclusion of Bluetooth, making it possible to use the controller on more devices than ever before. Thanks to iOS 13, you can finally pair your DualShock 4 with your iPhone or iPad. Let’s look at how.

A Match Made in Heaven?

The ability to pair your DualShock 4 with an iPad via Bluetooth was always present, even without modifications. Unfortunately, once paired, you couldn’t actually use the DualShock 4 with anything on your device. It would appear in the settings menu, allowing you to see that your devices were connected, but because the DualShock 4 wasn’t part of the Made for iPhone program, it didn’t work.

That’s changed with iOS 13 and its spin-off, iPadOS. The two devices can now fully sync with one another just by pairing them in the Bluetooth settings.

Connecting the DualShock 4 to your ipad.

  1. Make sure your DualShock 4 is charged, then head into the settings menu of your ipad and select Bluetooth.
  2. Long press the Playstation button and the Share button until the LED on the back of your device starts blinking.
  3. Your controller will appear in the Available Devices menu, and a simple tap is all it takes to complete pairing.

While you can’t use your DualShock 4 to move around the actual system settings of your iPad, once you jump into a game that supports controllers, you’ll find the two work without any additional settings menus needed.

To pair it back to your PS4 when finished playing on your iPad simply plug it into the USB connection and hold the PlayStation button.


Although your DualShock 4 should pair with your iPad without much trouble, you could run into a few roadblocks that keep you from gaming on the go. If you’re having technical difficulties, there are a few steps you should try.

First, verify that the Bluetooth on your iPad is connecting with other devices, in order to ensure it’s a problem with the controller and not your tablet. If you can’t connect to other devices with your iPad, try a reboot or contact Apple for more information.

If your DualShock 4 is still connected to your PS4, you may have accidentally turned your console on while trying to pair. Make sure your console is off, then attempt the pairing process again, making sure to press and hold on both buttons at the same time.

Finally, it might be time to reset your controller. Using a needle or paper clip, hold the reset button on the back of your controller for 3-5 seconds. Once the reset is complete, try pairing your iPad and controller again.

The Games

We jumped into Oceanhorn 2, one of the Apple Arcade launch titles, to try out controller support for the Zelda-like game. When we originally played the title without a controller synced, the display gave us all the buttons and actions necessary to move around the screen.

But with the DualShock 4 paired, all of those action buttons disappeared, leaving us with a wide expansive display to play on.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that not every game has built-in controller support—even in Apple Arcade. What the Golf? is one of our favorites from the Apple Arcade launch, but as a game that is so reliant on touch controls, trying to use a controller with it simply doesn’t do anything.

Thankfully, has put together an incredibly long list detailing hundreds of games that support MFi controllers, and with iOS 13, that support now extends to the DualShock 4 as well. You can view a full list of highlights here, or use the search box to see if a game you like is supported by the DualShock 4.

Just keep in mind that, although your DualShock 4 will work with your iPad for controlling games, some PlayStation-exclusive functions, including the touchpad and the audio jack, are disabled when using it as a Bluetooth controller.

What If I Don’t Have a DualShock 4?

Though the black version is often on sale for $39.99, the DualShock 4 is not a cheap controller, and if you’d rather not shell out that up to $65 for mobile gaming, there are alternatives you can pick up today. You’ll just need to make sure the controller you pick has the MFi (Made for iPhone) branding and you’ll be good to go.

If you can spare around $30, it’s easy to pick one up. We recommend the SteelSeries Nimbus since it has great battery life and is designed to work with all iOS devices around, including your iPad. This is a good-looking controller, with its gunmetal-gray plastic and metal finish one of the best we’ve seen out there.

SteelSeries typically makes accessories for PC gaming, so you shouldn’t be surprised that this gamepad works great for any iOS device you have around, and it a great choice if you’re looking for something to play through your Steam library with. Everything on this controller—from the buttons to the joysticks to the D-pad—feels great, built for precision in any kind of game.

The controller is big, measuring in similar size and style to the DualShock 4 controller,  complete with an identical thumbstick layout. The device uses Lightning to charge too, which could be a benefit to some and a hindrance to others, but it’s worth noting the battery life is more than solid, promising over 40 hours of gameplay between batteries.

The two major downsides to the Nimbus? The controller lacks any kind of phone mount, accessory, or otherwise. If you’re interested in using this for on-the-go gaming on your phone, it might not be the controller for you. Finally, at full price, it’s a bit expensive, coming in at a console-standard $49.99, though you can pick up refurbished models for half that price.

There are other MFi controllers as well, including the GameSir lineup, the Bounabay Grip for iPhone, and many more. Just make sure you check the reviews for buying into a device; you’ll want to ensure it’s MFi compatible and works for the game you want to play.

Can I Play PS4 Games on My iPad?

Mobile games are great, but what if you could replicate the experience of having a Nintendo Switch with your PS4 and iPad? If you’re looking to stream PS4 games to your iPad, you’re in luck.

Sony offers a Remote Play app for iOS that allows you to stream your favorite games to your phone. You can turn the PS4 on remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, and games can be played with both on-screen controls and by using a DualShock 4 paired with Bluetooth.

It’s one of the coolest features offered by the PS4, but you’ll want to make sure you have a stable internet connection to use it. It’ll work best if your PS4 is hooked up to an ethernet connection, and you’ll need at least a sixth-gen iPad or later to use the app.

Considering the DualShock 4 is one of the best controllers we’ve seen in the 2000s, it’s unsurprising that people would want to use the device as their main controller on other platforms. Whether you’re looking for a controller for your new iPad, or you happen to have some extra DualShocks lying around the house for your friends to use when they come over for multiplayer games, using your PlayStation 4 controllers on your iPad is a natural thing to try out on your device. Thankfully, with iOS 13 and iPadOS, you can finally make that dream a reality.

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