How to Read Logs in Among Us

One of the ways Crewmates can catch Impostors in Among Us is to read the logs. This feature is only found in MIRA HQ. The logs will show who passed through what sensors and give away players’ locations.

How to Read Logs in Among Us

If you’re new to using the log reading feature, look no further. We’ll guide you through the steps and provide some critical information. You might even find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What Are Door Logs in Among Us?

A Door Log, or Doorlog as its spelled in-game, is an ability available to all players, including living Crewmates, Impostors, and Ghosts. The primary function of Doorlog is to locate other players and trace their steps.

Doorlog is only available in the MIRA HQ map. When a player passes one of three sensors on the map, they will be recorded. When a player goes to the Communications room, they can access the logs and figure out who went where.

The three sensors are located in different parts of the map. There’s one each on the North, Southwest, and Southeast ends of the center sidewalk. They flash blue, green, and orange when activated, respectively.

When a player walks over a sensor, it will trigger the lights. Even if the player stands perfectly still, the light will flash.  Thus, standing still won’t let anyone escape the Doorlog.

For every player, the sensor has a five-second cooldown before logging them again. The same sensor will log every player after the cooldown period.

The Doorlog isn’t unlimited, however. It only stores the most recent 20 logs. The oldest log will be deleted and the newest one will replace it.

Comms Sabotaged will delete all entries after the Sabotage is resolved. This will delete proof of travel by Impostors and cause further confusion.

Access Door Logs Using the Communications Room

To access Doorlog, you’ll need to visit the Communications room. Make sure you don’t get killed going there. If a Comms Sabotaged just got resolved, you might not find anything in the room.

Here are the steps for using the Doorlog ability:

  1. Travel to the Communications room safely.
  2. Approach the monitor located at the top-right part of the room.
  3. Select the “Doorlog” option at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Read through the entries.
  5. Think about the possibilities and maybe call a meeting.

The logs are updated in real-time, so you can track anyone passing sensors at the same moment. This can also help you find the Impostors.

The problem is that while you’re viewing the logs, you won’t be able to notice Impostors sneaking up on you. You’ll have to be careful and check your surroundings periodically. Don’t stay on the screen for too long.

Strategies for Using the Doorlog Ability in Among Us

Since all players can read the logs in Communications, the community has developed some of the best strategies. These are either beneficial to the Crewmates and Ghosts or the Impostor.

If you’re a Crewmate or Ghost, you can use the logs to find out who the Impostor is. For example, Impostors tend to vent a lot. If they were somewhere not logged on the monitor, then you can be sure they are the Impostor.

The log entries are perfect tools for checking on suspicious players. If a player passed another player and died the next meeting, you should be on guard. The second player mentioned might be an Impostor.

Similarly, if a player passes another player several times and the latter is found dead, they might be the Impostor too. You should ask them and see if there are others able to vouch for them.

If a player goes to the North region of the map with someone else and is found dead, the player accompanying them is very likely to be an Impostor.

Impostors, on the other hand, can frame Crewmates. If needed, they can wipe the log entries.


Here are some common questions about the Doorlogs ability:

How many doorlogs does the sensor store?

The sensors will store up to 20 entries. They can be from the same person passing back and forth the same sensor after a cooldown. After the logs reach 20, the latest entry will be deleted.

The logs will also be deleted regardless of the number if an Impostor uses Comms Sabotaged. This will refresh the list. The sensors will start logging players again.

Which Among Us Sensors Get Logged?

There are three sensors in MIRA HQ. They are located in the North, Southwest, and Southeast areas. Passing by any of these sensors will cause them to flash blue, green, or orange, respectively. This will be logged for any player to see.

Can Impostors Use the Doorlogs Ability?

Yes, they can. Impostors are perfectly capable of reading the logs and then using the information to frame others. If you’re an Impostor and find that the logs have tracked your actions, you can initiate Comms Sabotaged.

This will clear all the logs and force everyone to start tracking again with new information.

Are There Sensors on Other Maps?

Unfortunately, the Doorlog ability can only be used in MIRA HQ. There are no other maps with the sensors released yet. Perhaps in the future, the developers of Among Us, InnerSloth, will release more maps with sensors.

For now, the only way to play with sensors is to play with other players on MIRA HQ.

The Logs Don’t Lie, We’ve Caught You!

The door logs are a great way for Crewmates to catch Impostors. Now that you know how they work as well as some tricks, you can catch Impostors lacking. Even if you’re an Impostor, you can turn logs against Crewmates.

What kind of abilities do you think should be added? Do you enjoy playing on MIRA HQ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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