How to Remove Wyze Cam from Wall

There’s a lot of cool things about having a smart home. You can manage your lights and appliances with voice commands, turn things on and off remotely, and even improve your security set up in a number of ways. The Wyze Cam, which is compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant – in the US only for the latter – is one such way to upgrade your home security.

How to Remove Wyze Cam from Wall

Safety is just one of the uses for it, as it also is great for keeping an eye on your kids, or checking if your latest 3D printed project has finished. Whatever you use it for, you’ll have to mount it somewhere first, and that’s not always as easy as it sounds. So, what do you have to do if you want to relocate or remove your Wyze Cam?

Mounting and Dismounting Methods

It should hardly come as a surprise that what you need to do to remove your camera depends entirely on how and where you mounted it in the first place. Taking it off a shelf is a lot less complex than detaching the adhesive without taking a chunk of drywall with it.

Wyze have fairly recently released a mounting kit that you can use to attach the camera to various surfaces. Let’s go through all of the various ways you can attach it to a surface, and what you’ll need to do to get it off again.

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Free Standing

If you’re using it as a baby cam, or for a similar use, you might not have found it necessary to actually physically attach the Wyze Cam to anything at all. In this case it’s pretty easy to remove it from its perch.

It’s a good idea to detach all the wires before you do move it, of course, as you don’t want to get snagged on something. If it’s high up, make sure that you’re using a sturdy climbing structure.

Screw Mounting

If you’ve got the mounting kit, then you can easily attach your Wyze Cam to a wall, or any surface that you can get a screw into. How much effort this takes depends on the material that the surface is constructed from, and the tools you have to do it with. Screwing it into a wooden beam will be much easier than cracking out a rotary hammer drill and smashing a hole into solid concrete.

If you’ve attached it with a screw mounting, then removing it again is as simple as unscrewing the screw. Make sure that you have the right sized screwdriver or hand-drill head for the job, because a stripped screw is much harder to extract. Also, again, make sure that you’ve unplugged all of the wires before attempting to remove your camera from where it’s mounted.


Adhesive Mounting

If you want to attach the camera directly to a surface that isn’t suitable for drilling a hole into, then you can use the included adhesive to mount it. The thing is that it is so strong that people really have trouble getting the thing off again without taking paint, or even chunks of wall, off with it. Not great if you’re renting, that’s for sure.

There is a method to remove the adhesive if you want to take your camera down without doing damage. Before you try to get the mount off the wall, detach the magnetic mounting plate with the camera attached, or detach the camera from the mount.

To remove the mount, use a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive, and then take a flat tool like a paint or wallpaper scraper and gently start to pry the mount away from the wall. If you’re struggling to detach it, you might find that a strong piece of dental floss, or a similarly thin wire, will help to separate it from the wall. Also, if you don’t have a hair dryer or your cable won’t reach, a can of compressed air can also do the job in a similar way.

If there’s still a residue left over on the wall after you’ve removed the mount, then you can use a commercial adhesive removal product like Goo Gone to get rid of the leftovers.

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Smart Ways to Remove a Smart Camera

These are the best methods that we’ve managed to find for removing your Wyze Cam from its mounting position. If you’ve found a better way of doing it, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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M. F. Laboo says:
3M generally gets their adhesives right. This stuff sets to a silly putty consistency that stretches and adheres to itself pretty well. You end up with about a 1/16″ layer that softens up nice at a low heat gun setting but may tend to rip so some ends up on the mount and some on the mounting surface. You can peel it off with a fingernail either way. I just moved mine after a month and it was easy with a 3″ flexible putty knife.

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