Win Big with These Amazon Attribution Marketing Firms

Win Big with These Amazon Attribution Marketing Firms

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Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Choosing an Amazon Attribution Marketing Firm

Choosing an Amazon Attribution marketing firm can have a huge impact on your ACOS and ultimately, your bottom line, which makes the decision about which firm you go with all the more important. To help you navigate the deep waters of evaluating a firm, we’ve walked you through our own top considerations when deciding which firm will be right for you.


The first consideration is fairly simple: what is your budget? Services usually set their prices depending on how much support they offer you with less support being cheaper. For more support or total management, you might face a fairly high monthly fee. Don’t know what to set your budget at? This will really depend on the economic conditions, your brand’s EBITDA, and the state of the market. Is the market receptive to your product or turned against it? Is your product in season? These things may all impact how much you can spend. Some marketing firms will perform a budget analysis for you. So if you’re unsure how to do this yourself, this is also something to consider when making your choice.


Next, you’ll want to consider your level of expertise in running ads off Amazon; this will affect what budget you should consider as well. If you have lower levels of expertise with ads, it may be worth it to spend a bit more on a service that can help you, as the time you would spend researching trends and building campaigns could end up being more expensive than the service itself in the long run. Additionally, running ads off Amazon is vastly different from running Amazon ads, and many brands run into major issues when they use their old Amazon ad strategies in the Google ecosystem or on social media. If you don’t have experience running ads off Amazon, it’s highly recommended you spend a bit more on a more comprehensive service. On the other hand, if you have a lot of expertise and experience with ads off Amazon, it’s in your best interest to choose a firm that only provides the tech you need.

Areas of Specialty

You’ll also want to consider the firm’s areas of specialty. Are they the best at building innovative tech to help you streamline your processes? Do they have experts who can keep you informed on ad trends and optimize your ad spending? Or do they have AI built into their tech to offer 24/7 advice in addition to the tech itself streamlining your processes? Consider your product’s niche and pinpoint the specific services you need before you make your choice.

How Hands-on/off They Are

Many firms tend to be very hands-off, mainly offering their technology for a fee. However, other companies will manage your entire campaign without you even lifting a finger. Others will offer light advice and tech, leaving most of the power in your hands. Your preference in this area will probably depend on a variety of factors listed above. Smaller brands are more likely to take advantage of the more hands-on model, as it relieves you of the need for your own staff to take time to build the campaigns. On the other hand, bigger brands have the internal manpower and expertise in ad campaigns to have that control and ensure everything looks exactly as the leadership team wants it to.

How many ASINs Need Ads

Another important thing to think about is how many ASINs you’re trying to run ads for. The more ads that need to be run, the more ad spending will be necessary. With some firms, too many ASINs may result in you needing a custom subscription rather than picking a standard rate. This may require more negotiation on your part as well. For the most part, if you choose a hands-off company where you are simply leveraging the technology they built, you can likely run as many ASINs as you want at little to no additional fee.

Your Product’s Stage in the Life Cycle

Understanding the life cycle of a product is crucial in a successful marketing campaign, and your product’s stage will help determine which firm will be best for you. For example, a product in the introduction stage normally has low sales volumes due to the product being brand new. In this case, you need a marketing firm with experience working in this stage that can get your product into the public eye. If your product is in the growth or maturity stage, you’ll need your ads to focus on retaining customer loyalty as well as attracting new customers. Ensuring your firm has expertise in the area you’re looking for is important to consider.


Best Amazon Attribution Brand

Visit Maverick X

If you’re looking for a firm that will do the heavy lifting for you, look no further than MaverickX. Armed with a team of Google Ads, Bing, and Amazon experts that also understand a product’s lifecycle, they will run your campaigns for you and stay on top of the latest ad trends, ensuring your spending is strategic and your ACOS/ROAS targets are met. In addition, your product gets even more visibility by being included in MaverickX’s vast network of editorial sites — for no extra charge. This includes the online shopping advice hub, Product Picks, as well as SEO-optimized e-commerce articles. This gives you triple the chance to win with no extra cost.MaverickX’s expert team utilizes interactive tracking software that leverages Amazon’s attribution tags to break down the results of your ad spend for you and measure what part of your campaign is working. Many companies have AI that gives you suggestions, but MaverickX doesn’t leave consulting up to a robot: they have humans with proven track records of revenue success analyzing data and running the campaigns. Offering technology solutions for extra tracking, a team of human experts, and additional opportunities for exposure and revenue, MaverickX was the easy choice for our top pick. 


Only for Experienced Marketers

Visit Quartile

If you prefer to keep matters in your own hands, Quartile provides hands-off guidance via AI technology to help you set ad goals. Their software simplifies the way you build and track campaigns across multiple different platforms, giving you the opportunity to streamline your omnichannel marketing efforts.The system’s attribution tracking software shows what part of your campaign is succeeding and why, allowing you to measure success and make real-time adjustments. Although this option doesn’t include expert coaching or additional revenue opportunities, the technology offers a convenient infrastructure for you to use your own knowledge to set goals and monitor results on your ad campaigns.  


Multi-Tier Pricing

Visit Ampd

Looking for a service whose fee will fit within a tight budget? Ampd could be that for you if you want to be more hands-on with your ad campaigns. Looking for a service that will do it all for you, even if it costs a bit more? Ampd could also be your perfect fit under those circumstances. With plans ranging from full self-service to end-to-end management of your ad campaigns, Ampd offers multiple different pricing options starting at just $147 per month. Their self-serve technology offers a proprietary keyword performance tracker that automatically keeps you up to date with which keywords are worth your dime. They can also help you create campaigns for your storefront pages, which are known to convert even better than a regular product page. Tack on expert advice and management at the highest tier plans, and Ampd could be your dream Amazon Attribution company if you have the expertise or the budget. Otherwise, this option may not be what you’re looking for. 

Orca Pacific

A Wide Range of Expertise

Visit Pacific
Orca Pacific

If you’re looking for more than just help with attribution, Orca Pacific can provide that guidance. Leveraging their internally-built software, they optimize content for Amazon and help you build ads that will gain real traction with Amazon shoppers. Although they won’t manage the campaign for you, they will give you expert advice on how to build your campaign.Orca knows the ins and outs of Amazon from their many years working for Amazon, so they’re well-equipped to give you the inside scoop on how to win. Beyond Amazon, they have the know-how when it comes to winning on Walmart, InstaCart, and others. All in all, this service isn’t the best option if you only want help with Amazon Attribution, but if you’re looking for additional ways to win on Amazon directly, they might be the right company for you. 

People Also Asked

Why do I need other tracking software if the Amazon dashboard reports revenue?

The Amazon dashboard may report revenue, but it won’t be able to tell you where that revenue is coming from on its own. Most tracking software from firms tracks your sale through each click to make sure you know the sale’s exact path. They also often have AI automations that offer guidance about how to run your campaigns. All in all, the technology that marketing firms develop offers far more insights than the Amazon dashboard and can empower you to make smarter choices about your ad spend.

Can Google Analytics software provide the same information that a marketing firm does through its tracking software?

Google Analytics can provide insights about what happens on Google. As soon as the user goes onto Amazon, Google is blocked from pulling any further analytics. You could potentially try to piece together what you see on Google with what appears in your Amazon dashboard, but this is not a strategy we recommend if you want accurate data. At best, it would be a large time commitment, and like they say, “time is money.” Not to mention, Google Analytics won’t be able to help at all with ads you’re running on Bing or various social media platforms.

Do you really need a different strategy to run ads on Google instead of Amazon?

Yes. Amazon is a completely different platform that requires a totally separate strategy from Google. If you use the same strategy for a Google ad as you do for an Amazon ad, you are not likely to end up with good performance and your ad spend will be wasted.

Can a regular marketing firm do the same thing as an Amazon Attribution marketing firm?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the marketing firm. Some regular marketing firms may have expertise in Amazon Attribution, but not all of them do. However, it could be better to have a firm fully dedicated to attribution since they would have fewer competing interests and be able to give more attention to your ads and tracking. They would also be able to dedicate more time to researching market trends and insights for attribution specifically.

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