How to View Your Ring Doorbell on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

If you are wondering whether the Ring Doorbell devices work with the Fire Tablet and other Amazon devices, you are not alone. Amazon and Ring devices should work well together, especially since Amazon acquired Ring in February 2018.

How to View Your Ring Doorbell on Your Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon is working on improving the integration between all Alexa and Ring services. This is great news, but the integration process is still in the works. As for the Fire Tablet, only the 7th gen and newer models can display the Ring app video stream.

Read on to find out more about this topic.

Which Ring Doorbell and Amazon Devices Are Integrated?

Before we get into the details of enabling Ring Doorbell video streaming on your Fire Tablet, here is a list of all Ring Doorbell products that work with Amazon devices:

  1. Ring Floodlight
  2. Ring Spotlight
  3. Ring Video Doorbell
  4. Ring Video Doorbell 2
  5. Ring Video Doorbell Elite
  6. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  7. Ring Door View Cam
  8. Ring Alarm Security System
  9. Ring Pathlight
  10. Ring Steplight
  11. Ring Bridge
  12. Ring Transformer
  13. Ring Motion Sensor
  14. Ring Stick Up Cam

Now here’s the list of all Amazon devices that work with Ring Doorbell devices, just in case you have other devices besides the Fire Tablet:

  1. Fire Tablets (7th gen and above)
  2. Fire TV Cube
  3. All Fire TV devices
  4. Fire TV Stick (2nd gen and above)
  5. Echo Spot
  6. Echo Show
  7. Echo Show 2nd gen
  8. Echo Show 5

That’s all the hardware that is integrated at the moment of this writing. If you own a combination of any two devices from the two lists, you are in luck. You can watch the Ring Doorbell device video feed.

fire tablet

Getting Started

This article will focus on the Fire Tablet, but the integration process doesn’t differ that much for other Amazon devices. First of all, you will need the Ring Alexa skill. Just tap on the link and install it on your Fire tablet.

Make sure that both of your devices – Ring and Fire tablet – are properly installed and updated before moving on. Now you can use your Ring credentials to link your Amazon and Ring accounts in the Alexa Skills section on your Fire tablet.

ring alexa skill

After that, you will be able to do many useful things, like setting up Alexa announcements or viewing your Ring Doorbell video stream in real time.

See Your Ring Doorbell Video Stream on the Fire Tablet

After you’ve set up everything and linked your Fire Tablet to your Ring account, you can control your Ring Doorbell via Alexa. Say “Alexa, Show me the front door,” to start playing the live stream on your Fire Tablet. After you’ve checked that everything is clear, you can close the video feed by saying “Alexa, hide the front door.”

You can also use Alexa to show you the most recent video clips made by your Ring device. Say:

“Alexa, show me the last activity from the backyard,” or

“Alexa, show me the most recent event from the front door.”

You can stop Alexa at any time, just say “Alexa, pause the video stream,” or “Alexa, stop the stream.”

There are many other things you can do, but it depends on the Ring devices you have.

Setting up Alexa Announcements

You can also set automated Alexa announcements for your Ring Doorbell. You can do that using the Alexa Ring Skill:

  1. Launch the Alexa app and access the Smart Home options.
  2. Select All Devices.
  3. Look for the doorbell (probably named Front Door or something like that), and you should see it listed as a camera.
  4. Set the Doorbell Press announcement. Optionally, you can also turn on the motion announcements if you’d like to get an alert every time the camera detects motion too.
  5. Lastly, you can customize the announcement sound (chime).

Ring of Fire

Amazon device integration is coming along very nicely, though there is still room for improvement. Unfortunately, you will need a newer-gen Fire Tablet to view your Ring Doorbell video stream, but what can you do.

Amazon is a huge competitor in the smart home business, and Alexa is only getting smarter by the day. Who knows what new features are yet to come, including the new Ring Doorbell functionalities. For now, you can watch the video stream on your Fire Tablet, which is pretty neat.

How does the stream run on your Fire Tablet? Do you have any problems with it? Feel free to tell us in the comment section.

3 thoughts on “How to View Your Ring Doorbell on Your Amazon Fire Tablet”

Steve says:
I am using Fire HD 10 as show mode.
Amazon just updated Ring skill to stream live view automatically when pressing doorbell which is a long waited function for many people.
However it seems that it works only on Echo Show devices at the moment.
There is no option to make doorbell to announce to my Fire HD instead of Echo Show or Echo Dot.
Shai says:
Can you tell me what is the steps you took in order to active your tablet with Ring doorbell And active the live stream when pressing the button .
Howard Leslie Bleich says:
When viewing Front Door on Apple Tablet, touching the screen displays sound on/off and volume control. On Amazon Fire, only master volume controls sound volume.

Much worse, is there seems to be no way to monitor activity at front door; after a few moments, display cuts out.

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