Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List: Full Rankings

There are currently 11 playable characters in Risk of Rain 2, each belonging to a unique class. All of them excel in different combat styles and fulfill various niches. Even so, there are always some who are a cut above the rest.

Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List: Full Rankings

If you’re wondering how the characters in Risk of Rain 2 are ranked, you’re in luck. Our tier list will help you form an educated opinion on all 11 characters. Keep on reading to find out who’s the best character.

Full List of Risk of Rain 2 Character Tiers

For our tier list, we’ll go from the worst characters to the best. Each character will have a basic summary first. Next, we’ll discuss what makes them powerful, as well as any weaknesses in character design.

Without further ado, we’ll start with the worst character in the game, belonging to the D-Tier. You get him by default, but he’s wholly outclassed regardless.


The D-Tier belongs to the Commando. He’s the first character you unlock in Risk of Rain 2.

11. Commando

The Commando’s playstyle is very straightforward. You point and shoot at enemies, as well as use his abilities. The problem is that his abilities are too bland, and any other character outclasses him.

Area of effect abilities are essential in this game, but the Commando doesn’t excel in this at all. His utility skill is also among the worst.

He’s not entirely useless, as you’ll use the Commando to learn how to play the game. However, once you unlock other characters, you’ll have no reason to use him anymore.

  • You get him by default
  • Simple to use
  • His abilities are decent for many situations
  • Outclassed by everyone else
  • Bland gameplay
  • Not specialized


In C-tier, the characters are much more helpful than the Commando. However, they’re still not the best ones in the game. Even so, you can still perform well if you’re well-versed in the character’s strengths.

10. Mercenary

The Mercenary uses a futuristic katana and boasts a unique technical playstyle. His abilities make him fun to play, and he deals plenty of damage. Because of his melee weapon and special skills, you have to be above average at the game to use him properly.

Due to this playstyle, however, the Mercenary can die quickly if you don’t strategize properly. He’s a high-skill-high-reward character, so beginners ought to practice more before using him.

  • Unique playstyle
  • High damage output
  • Speedy movement
  • Hard to master initially
  • Limited defenses
  • Few ranged attacks

9. Acrid

Acrid tends to perform at his best when fighting bosses due to his percentage-based poison abilities. The stronger the enemy, the more damage he deals. He’s also a mighty tank and can soak up a lot of damage himself.

On the other hand, his poison doesn’t work well on weaker enemies. Compared to other melee characters, his mobility is also subpar. Even if he’s fun to use, he’s too specialized for regular enemies.

  • High damage output
  • Kills bosses quickly
  • Great for AOE damage
  • Lack of mobility
  • Not great at killing regular and weaker enemies
  • Not great at deathblows, even if he deals a lot of damage

8. Artificer

After the developers gave her a buff, the Artificer is better than before. She excels in dealing damage thanks to her abilities. This playstyle makes her a very beginner-friendly character to unlock and use early in the game.

However, the more you progress, the more you may realize that there are plenty of better options. The Artificer is very specialized in dealing damage, but she doesn’t do much else. Her slower movement also holds her back in some situations.

  • Can deal a lot of damage per second
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Recently buffed
  • Lower mobility
  • Too specialized
  • Primary’s cooldown is too long


These characters are above average in combat effectiveness. They have some weaknesses, but you can expect them to perform well on the battlefield.

7. Rex

Rex is another character that plays differently from the rest. His damage per second (DPS) is the highest in the game, not counting item use. He can also control his HP with his Bramble Volley and Tangling Growth abilities.

As Rex loses some HP using several of his abilities, it can open him to fatal attacks. They usually don’t kill him, though, but it can be a detriment in intense battles. His mobility isn’t the greatest either. Some players also find him boring to play despite his strengths.

Yet another problem is the developers haven’t updated Rex much. He’s not for everyone, but he still has his diehard fans.

  • Powerful even without items
  • Great against bosses
  • Very balanced kit
  • Lower mobility
  • Confusing to learn at first
  • Loses HP when he uses many of his abilities

6. Engineer

The Engineer is sometimes considered the best character in Risk of Rain 2 because of his combat style. He’s a ranged fighter that helps him stay away from the thick of battle through his turrets. His Bubble Shield also protects him from projectile damage.

By placing turrets and running away, skilled Engineers can avoid hits when fighting. Stronger enemies can still hurt him if they rush in, but that’s why it’s essential to keep moving.

With all his survivability, the Engineer struggles in mobility. He can’t dash away from danger without an item. If you’re playing with others, you might also find it challenging to integrate into the team.

  • Can run away and still deal damage
  • Bubble Shield protects him from all projectiles
  • Can heal himself
  • Below-average mobility
  • Not the best for group runs
  • Monotonous playstyle


The characters in A-tier are well worth your time since they’re close to top-tier status. That said, they also have apparent weaknesses that take much effort to overcome.

5. Bandit

Bandit is a newer character in the game, and players like him for his ability to scale damage and do it indefinitely. Players also enjoy taking advantage of the character’s high mobility and Lights Out ability, which allows him to reset ability cooldowns.

On the flip side, Bandit’s primary isn’t that great, and he can be weak if you don’t know how to use him. Anyone looking to play as Bandit should be aware of his particular playstyle.

  • Can scale damage infinitely
  • Reset cooldowns with Lights Out ability
  • High mobility
  • Weaker primary
  • Requires practice and knowledge
  • Some items aren’t effective when used

4. MUL-T

After some much-needed buffs, MUL-T is now in A-Tier. With the new upgrades, he’s even more effective as a tank and can dole out plenty of punishment. He has this ranking because he has the most health and is the only character with armor.

MUL-T isn’t very fast, but he isn’t the slowest character. He does require many AOE items, though, to deal maximum damage. Also, while he can shoot quickly, he needs to be in relatively close range to hit enemies and bosses.

It’s no surprise that tank characters are slower, but in MUL-T’s case, he happens to have the best attack rate in the game. With some damage items, he can wipe any enemy from the face of the battle stage.

  • Has the most health
  • Uses some armor
  • Fastest attack rate
  • Not very fast
  • Attack range isn’t very far
  • Has to use a lot of AOE items

3. Huntress

The Huntress is a glass cannon, which entails low HP but high DPS. She’s perfect for dealing damage to single targets and boasts impressive mobility, letting her run and gun. Anyone who likes playing aggressive and risky characters will love using her.

As a glass cannon, the Huntress has the lowest HP in the game, and she doesn’t do well against groups. You also have to get in range for her primary. Even so, any skilled Huntress player will try to offset this weakness with proper movement.

If the Huntress had more HP, she would have been in S-tier. However, doing so would lead to a character that is too unbalanced and overpowered. It’s a fair compromise, then, to have such a powerful character with an exploitable weakness.

  • High single target DPS
  • High mobility
  • Can shoot while sprinting
  • Lowest HP in the game
  • Might have to get closer sometimes
  • Not good in the AOE department


If you’re looking for the best characters in Risk of Rain 2, these two are the best in the game – so far. They have weaknesses, but their strengths cover them so much that any weaknesses are negligible at best. Playing as these characters will make the game seem far more effortless.

2. Loader

Loader has always been strong, even after more than a year of not receiving updates. She excels at killing bosses, and many consider her the best melee character in the game. Her HP is just behind MUL-T’s, making her the second most durable character in the game.

This character’s mobility is above average, but she’s a little difficult to control, especially her swinging mechanic, making her unsuitable for beginners. If you don’t want to use this mechanic, her other abilities will require some patience. She’s exceptionally lethal, but at the cost of learning the fundamentals.

  • Extremely mobile
  • Second-highest HP in the game
  • Best melee character
  • Difficult to use
  • Other abilities require some patience

1. Captain

The Captain is difficult to unlock, but you have the best character in the game at your fingertips once you do get him. His destructive potential and effective defense make him useful in all situations. With some practice, you can kill anything with the Captain.

Sadly, his abilities are slow, and you have to practice often to master them. He’s not for everyone, but many acknowledge his superiority.

  • Useful in all situations
  • High damage output
  • Efficient when players use him properly
  • May take practice to master
  • Lower mobility
  • Not suited for everyone

Additional FAQs

Who Is the Best Character in Risk of Rain 2?

Most players see the Captain as the best character in Risk of Rain 2. His abilities let him thrive in most situations. However, his playstyle may not be for everyone.

The Best of the Best

Risk of Rain 2’s 11 current characters each has unique abilities and playstyles. While tier lists can inform you who’s the best, ultimately, the choice is up to you. It’s tempting to hold out for the perfect character, but that may inhibit your enjoyment of the game. Rather than worrying about collecting the most powerful characters, try focusing on having fun instead.

Who do you play as the most in Risk of Rain 2? Which character do you think needs a rework? Let us know in the comments section below.

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