How To Find Empty Servers on Roblox

Without a doubt, the right server can make or break your Roblox game. There are days when it seems impossible to find a server that hasn’t been populated to the max, let alone empty. Given the fact that the game has more than 60 million monthly users, it’s not surprising the servers get crowded.

How To Find Empty Servers on Roblox

Finding an empty server is not impossible. It might be a bit tricky and you might need to install some third-party software, but you’ll be able to enjoy the gameplay with low latency. Of course, the server population differs from one Roblox game to another.

However, the following method should allow you to find a server with zero users even if you play the ultra-popular Jailbreak. Having a server all to yourself on Roblox can make the game much more enjoyable, keep reading to learn how to find these coveted servers.

Enjoy the Game Alone

This method has been tried and tested on several Roblox games, including the Jailbreak. The first time you do it, it’ll take some time to install the necessary software and make the additional tweaks. But once you get the hang of it, the entire process will become much faster. Here are the necessary steps.

Step 1

For the method to work, you need to install Roblox + extension for Google Chrome. It allows you to easily search for servers and preview the population. Aside from server search, you get item and trade notifiers, filter bar for avatar page, and website themes.

Roblox Empty Servers

For those who don’t use Chrome, the extension is also available on Firefox and Opera. We’ve tested it on Chrome for the purpose of this article. But if you use it on a different browser feel free to drop us a comment and tell the community how it works.

Step 2

After you install the extension, go back to your Roblox game and start searching for servers. The quick way to find an empty one would be to jump to the end of the list and browse the pages. However, this might not work for every game, not to mention you might end up clicking for several minutes or more.

To make things quicker, press F12 on the keyboard to launch the console and paste the following code into the command line.


Find Empty Servers in Roblox

Step 3

When you get the code into the command line, keep pasting for a few seconds then press Enter. You’ll be able to see that the number of servers is going down in the counter at the bottom of the page.

The aim is to get the number down to only a handful of servers. This means you’d need to paste the code and hit Enter a few times until you get to the magic number. The thing you are looking for is the server list under Other Servers with only one or two players.

Step 4

Once you get it, exit the console and scroll the list to find an empty one. Depending on the game and number of players, you’ll be able to find at least a few servers with no players. You should note that the list is not populated by the number of players.

Empty Servers in Roblox

Alternative Method

This method also requires the Roblox+ extension and some simple coding. However, some players may find it less effective than the previous one. Of course, this depends on a particular game and the number of players at any given time.

Step 1

Launch the game and start searching for servers. It’s always advisable to jump to the last page to see if there are any empty ones.

RobloxFind Empty Servers

Step 2

Right-click on the page and select Inspect to open the console or you can just hit F12 on your keyboard. Either way, make sure to select the Elements tab.

How to Find Empty Servers in Roblox

Step 3

Scroll down the code under Elements until you find “last disabled”. Click on it and change the input to “last enabled” and hit Enter. This takes you to the list of most recently enabled servers where you should find an empty one. Have in mind that there are peak periods when it is hard to find an empty server for certain games.

A Few Notes

Playing on an empty server means you won’t experience any latency and you are free to roam around the world and get all the awards. However, it might take away the fun from certain games since there is no interaction with other players. So you might want to select a server with two or three players just to spice things up a little.

You can do this by clicking on the game you’d like to play and click on the ‘Servers’ tab. From there, click ‘Load More’ to find a server with fewer people.

Can I create my own server?

Yes, those who pay for Roblox’s premium server can build their own. You can set permissions and create your perfect world but the option is not private. Doing this means you will still have others on your server.

Can I join a server with my friends?

Yes, albeit sometimes difficult if the server is full. Simply visit the chat option and click u0022Joinu0022 next to the friend you’d like to play with.

Let the Games Begin

When all is said and done, finding an empty server on Roblox is not that hard. The required hacks are pretty straightforward and it shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to find an empty server.

We’d like to know which Roblox game is your favorite and why you play it on an empty server. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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ahmad says:
it didn’t work for me
Lusso says:
There is only 1 server active. What do I do?
Not sharing says:
I cannot find last disabled I have searched three times, all unsuccessful
, says:
cant find the last disabled in the code
Nub says:
press ctrl/cmd F to search for it
Not Sharing says:
The way I get to empty servers is by going to one of the last pages then joining one with 0 or 1, the one with 1 should turn empty as the player leaves.

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