Roblox How to Get Crown of Madness

The Crown of Madness is a part of the Crown Series, a special, purple-colored accessory made for a Roblox event called Ready Player Two. The event launched on November 23, 2020, and began its second phase in December.

Roblox How to Get Crown of Madness

As of December 22, 2020, the event was removed from the Events section. However, players may still be in luck if they missed out on getting the Crown of Madness last November. It seems that the event is still ongoing even though it’s no longer officially listed.

If you’re ready to get your hands on the Crown and other accessories of Madness, keep reading and get your Piggy ready. You’ll need the game to score the loot.

How to Get the Crown of Madness in Roblox by Playing Piggy

Getting the Crown of Madness in Roblox’s Piggy game isn’t an easy or straightforward process, but if you feel up to the challenge, check out the steps below:

Stage 1 – Play the Main Game

  1. Go to Book Two – Chapter One, the Alleys, and set your game type to “Traitor.”
  2. Play the game, at least up until you get to the part where you can unlock the red lock and clean up the puddle of water with the mop.
  3. Wait around at that spot until the timer shows five minutes left.
  4. At the five-minute mark, go to the middle door nearest to where you cleaned up the water.

Stage 2 – Play the Knock and Match Game

  1. Knock once on the door.
  2. You’ll hear a series of knocks in return after your initial knock. Count them.
  3. Go to the diner and head to the bench near the far wall.
  4. Find the red die and change the number on the die to correspond to the number of knocks from the door.
  5. Go back to the door and knock again – but only once.
  6. Count the knocks.
  7. Head over to the laundry room.
  8. Find the green die in the corner.
  9. Change the die to match the number of knocks you heard that second time.
  10. Go back to the door again and knock once.
  11. Count the responding knocks a final time.
  12. Go to the laundromat and find the corner next to the safe.
  13. Locate the blue die on the floor.
  14. Change the die to match the corresponding number of knocks you heard the third time.
  15. Return to the door and click on it to open it.

Stage 3 – Complete the Dungeon

  1. Go through the door and enter the dungeon.
  2. In the corner of the dungeon are a set of levers. Flip them so that they’re all leaning towards the wall.
  3. Flipping the levers correctly opens a door to the left. Go through that door.
  4. The next room features pillars with torches on them. Climb all four of them and click each one to put them out.
  5. Return to the room with the levers and flip all of them the opposite way (away from the wall).
  6. Go back to the room with the pillars but do it quickly. The door closes soon after you flip the levers.
  7. A new door opens on the left, go through it and down the walkway.
  8. This next room has symbols on the wall – don’ touch them yet! Touching them in the wrong order will nullify your dungeon visit and you’ll have to repeat everything to this point.
  9. Each symbol has a collection of lines. Count the lines and only press the ones that correspond to the knock numbers you heard earlier. Make sure you select the symbols in the order that you heard the knocks.
    For example:

    First knock, Red die – 4 knocks

    Second knock, Green die – 2 knocks

    Third knock, Blue die – 6 knocks

    = 4 symbol + 2 symbol + 6 symbol (in this exact order)
  10. If you complete the puzzle correctly, a door opens, and you get the Crown of Madness.

Keep in mind that this challenge is easiest if you have a private server and friends to help you out. The private server isn’t necessary to find the Crown of Madness, but there may be other players doing exactly what you’re trying to do. Having crowds around you isn’t always a bad thing, but in this case, they may complete the puzzle before you’re able to or do it incorrectly. Either scenario locks you out of the challenge until the server resets again.

Also, you’re on a time limit to get all the tasks done. You start the challenge when the timer reaches five minutes, so you need to complete every step in those five minutes or fail. That’s why it’s easier to have friends along to help you so you can delegate tasks.

How to Get the Crown of Madness in Roblox in Kreekcraft

how to get crown of madness

Kreekcraft is a popular YouTuber who focuses primarily on reaction videos and gaming live streams. If you’re into Roblox games, he’s probably a familiar personality since a large portion of his live streams focuses on playing games from the platform.

You can search for his specific tutorial on getting the Crown of Madness on YouTube by typing “crown of madness kreekcraft” into the search bar or just go directly to his channel page.

The video is an abbreviated version of the steps already outlined in this article. However, if you prefer his playstyle and personality, you should go check it out.

Additional FAQs

What Is Madness Face in Roblox?

u003cimg class=u0022wp-image-203742u0022 style=u0022width: 500pxu0022 src=u0022 alt=u0022roblox crown of madnessu0022u003eu003cbru003eThe Roblox Madness Face is a cosmetic item available in the avatar shop. It was first launched in September 2013. This limited-edition item sold for 100 Robux in celebration of the Virtual Bloxcon event. Nowadays, you can still buy the face if you’re willing to pay a premium for it. Re-sellers have the item listed for 24900 Robux.

How Do You Get the Robes of Madness?

You can obtain the Robes of Madness at the same time you get the Crown of Madness by completing the secret badge challenge in Piggy, Chapter Two.

How Do You Get the Pants of Madness?

The Pants of Madness is part of a set that includes the Crown of Madness and the Robes of Madness. You can get them by completing the secret badge challenge in Piggy, Chapter Two.

How Many Crowns Are There in Roblox?

There are currently nine crowns released by Roblox and included in the Crown series:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e• Bombasticu003cbru003e• Xanwoodu003cbru003e• Bluesteelu003cbru003e• Viridianu003cbru003e• Black Ironu003cbru003e• Wanwoodu003cbru003e• Goldenu003cbru003e• Madnessu003cbru003e• Adurite

You Can’t Go It Alone

Getting to the Madness collectibles is a daunting task. Many say it’s almost impossible to do on public servers and without friends. So, if you have your heart set on the Madness set and secret badge, it’s time to grab some friends and spend the Robux for a private server.

Make sure you do it soon, too, because there’s no telling when Roblox will remove it from their platform.

Did you get the Crown of Madness on a public server or playing solo? Brag about it in the comments section below.

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