How to View Banned Accounts in Roblox

Thousands of players are banned from Roblox every day due to various reasons. The most cited reasons include using scripts such as kitten milk, synapse x, Arceus, and krnl. Regardless of what led to it, a ban means your account and profile are no longer visible on the platform.

How to View Banned Accounts in Roblox

However, there are still ways to view banned Roblox accounts. You can access a list of player accounts terminated or banned for violating the Roblox rules and regulations with the proper steps. Read on to find out how.

Viewing Banned Accounts

Viewing banned accounts on Roblox is not possible through the platform itself. If you click on a link to a banned player, you will get this message: “Page cannot be found or no longer exists.” This is because after Roblox bans an account, they delete it entirely from the website.

To view banned accounts, you need to go to RBLXTRADE. This is a website generally used for trading items and catalogs. The site is helpful because Roblox banned users’ data is saved here, making it more likely that you will find a profile you want to view. To view banned accounts:

  1. Navigate to RBLXTRADE website.
  2. On the site, select “Terminated users” in the top right of your screen.
  3. Select “Item Value Leaderboard” or “Place Visit Leaderboard ” on the dropdown menu. This option allows you to see different banned users on Roblox. Be aware: some of the Item Value banned users may be scammers.
  4. Choose an account from the displayed options and learn more about banned players and why they were banned. You also see the Item Value they had collected.
  5. To find users by name, go to the search field at the top of your screen on either leaderboard and enter their name. This should bring up their account.
  6. Select the account you want. Here you can see their details, items, and creations.

Choosing “Items” on the account takes you to the Roblox site to show you more information about them and their origin. You can check the games that the player created. You can also view their badges, collections, friends, followers, and all items connected to their accounts.

What It Means to Be Banned From Roblox

There are different ways users can be banned from Roblox. For instance, game moderators can ban accounts. This does not suspend the account but merely bans a player from accessing that particular game. Players still have access to other games on the Roblox website.

Usually, Roblox accounts aren’t banned unless there has been a serious violation. There are different types of bans and different ban durations, and a user will need to wait until that period is over to re-access the account.

  • In-experience ban: In this scenario, users are banned from an experience and cannot rejoin.
  • Warning: Here, accounts are disabled but can be reopened when a player agrees to the terms of service.
  • One-day ban: An account is turned off for 24 hours after a moderation action has been initiated.
  • Three-day ban: The account is activated after 72 hours or three days.
  • One-week ban: This disables the account for one week or 169 hours since the initiation of the moderation action.
  • Custom ban: This ban is for an unspecified time.
  • Account deletion or termination: This permanently closes a user account.
  • Poison ban: This permanently closes the accounts and blocks users from making new accounts.
  • MAC address ban: This bans specific devices from using Roblox. You cannot publish with Roblox Studio on that device.
  • IP ban: An IP address is blocked from accessing Roblox for one week.
  • Invalid credentials ban: Your IP address is permanently blocked from accessing Roblox.

Getting Unbanned

An account generally isn’t banned on Roblox unless a significant violation has happened. When that happens, you must wait for a ban period to be over before you can access the account again. But through the moderation system, banned users can submit an appeal to the Roblox support team within 30 days after the ban. An appeal doesn’t guarantee you’ll be unbanned. If you feel you’ve been banned in error, send an appeal to the Roblox team. You should receive an appeal response via email in 24 hours.

Here’s how to submit an appeal:

  1. Find the Roblox Support Page.
  2. Enter your date of birth and click “Next” to open the “Contact Us page.”
  3. Enter:
    • Username: The Roblox username you’re registered under
    • Enter your first name in the “First name” field.
    • Enter your email address in the “Email address” field. You’ll need to confirm the email address.
  4. Select the device you are having issues with by selecting the “What device are you having a problem with?” dropdown box.
  5. Choose “Moderation” in the “Type of help category” dropdown box.
  6. Next, select “Appeal account or Content.”
  7. Go to “Description of issue” and provide details about your issue. Be clear and concise, letting the team know why you are appealing.
  8. Choose “Submit.”

Once you’ve submitted the appeal, wait a day for the team’s response.

Things That Could Cause a Roblox Ban

Most of the issues that lead to a Roblox ban are for unethical behavior, like harassment, bullying, and swearing. Some more serious issues can lead to real-life violations as well.


Exploitation and cheating are against Roblox rules and can get an account banned. Your account may be reported and banned for using cheat codes or cheating in the game. Bypassing the Roblox filter is considered cheating because you modify the default behavior, which is against the terms of use.

Infant Endangerment

The gaming platform hosts players of all ages, and the company aims to create a protected and safe platform for all age groups. With this in mind, the things that can get an account banned include:

  • Sexualizing minors in any form or way
  • Predatory grooming of children
  • Statements and acts that may put the child in harm’s way

Other activities that can result in a ban include:

Harassment and Bullying

These are major concerns on the platform and may lead to a permanent block. Intimidation, trolling, harassment, stalking, and bullying aren’t tolerated among users. You can’t post content with sexual harassment, ridicule someone, or make threats. Inciting people to do so or doing these activities yourself can lead to a permanent ban or being shunned from the community.

Sharing Any Offsite Links

These are not allowed except for social platforms like Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. Users under 13 years can’t add external links on Roblox.

Sharing Any Personal Information

Sharing personal information isn’t allowed. This is designed to protect underage children, ensuring no personal information of theirs is exposed online.

Swear Words

Whether done from anger or fun, swear words aren’t tolerated. You cannot use swear or bad words as user names.

Bigotry or Hate Speech

Roblox embraces diversity and prohibits discriminatory actions, materials, and speech among its users. Provocative acts, assaults, and hate speech leads to a ban.


Slandering and identity theft are serious violations on Roblox and real life. Pretending to be a government authority, police officer, Roblox employee, celebrity, or anyone else you’re not can get you into trouble.

View Banned Roblox Accounts and Avoid Bans

Roblox is a great gaming platform that embraces all age groups. To create a safe environment, accounts are banned if they violate community standards. If your friend or someone you follow is banned, you can still view their profiles and all other game details. Understanding bans helps you to be mindful of your actions. If you feel your ban was unfair, you can contact support and appeal the decision.

Have you ever attempted to view banned Roblox accounts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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