How to Get the Ultimate Trolling GUI in Roblox

Every month, the Roblox game creation platform still has millions of users creating new content, playing games, or just socializing on this innovative platform.

How to Get the Ultimate Trolling GUI in Roblox

But like most games within games that often lack security features, or like those that allow their players too much freedom, someone eventually makes an exploit. One that can be game-breaking in every sense of the word. That exploit is known as Ultimate Trolling GUI and it’s been surprisingly hard to get hold of since it came out.

What Is the Ultimate Trolling GUI?

Many people don’t even know what a GUI is, but they still want to jump on the bandwagon when they see all the cool stuff that other kids are doing with it.

Firstly, it’s important that you understand the difference between a HUD and GUI. HUD stands for Heads Up Displays, GUI for Graphical User Interface.

Roblox Get Ultimate Trolling GUI

In essence, a HUD only displays information and descriptions relevant to the character or characters you’re controlling as a player. Think of this as a smaller component or an element of the GUI.

How to Get Ultimate Trolling GUI

The GUI is basically an interface composed of multiple elements, some of which you can even interact with. GUIs contain HUDs but also buttons, sliders, menus, settings, and so on. In the case of the Ultimate Trolling GUI or UTG, it’s beyond Godmode on most Roblox servers and games.

Adding the Ultimate Trolling GUI

Like any other GUI, the Ultimate Trolling GUI is essentially a script. In order to use it in your Roblox game, you have to add the script itself.

roblox studio interface

First, open your Roblox Studio interface and go to the Script Menu tab. From the Explorer window on the right, select the ServerScriptService option and double click on the Script function.

After that, type in the following lines.

  1. local allowed = {“”}
    This is where you type in your name and any other names of players you want to have access to the Ultimate Trolling GUI.
  2. Players.PlayerAdded:Connect{Function(Player)
    for i, v in pairs(allowed) doif player.Name == v then


Generating the ID

The ID is something you can get from various pastebin links of people sharing the UTG for Roblox. This can mean some trial and error on your part, since not all versions are currently supported anymore.

Where to Find a Working UTG?

This is where things get annoying. You can still see active Roblox players abusing the UTG in their YouTube videos and begging for admins to address the issues.

But even though Roblox devs aren’t cracking down on this as hard as they once did, there’s still a lack of availability for working versions of UTG. Why is that?

First of all, not all players that use UTG in their games are actually inclined to share the script. Secondly, most forums that deal in such scripts, like V3rmilion, for example, can be notoriously hard to sign up for and gain access to more sensitive information topics.

Some websites or YouTubers are also just trolling viewers with promises of UTG scripts after subscription. So it can be difficult to find a working UTG from a reliable source. Especially one that hasn’t been already banned.

Where to Look

As already mentioned, the V3rmillion forums are a good place to start. But it may take you a while to find what you’re looking for. Spend some time on the forum, exercise patience, and eventually you may be one of the lucky ones that gets it.

The Roblox library is also an option. However, the last update on the UTG script posted there was done in the summer of 2019. As such, it’s unclear how reliable that script is and in how many games you can add to it.

Especially since it has very few ratings. It’s also not something you can likely add to someone else’s game. It’s still a fun GUI but may not work as the exploit some users want it to be.

Alternatives to UTG?

There aren’t any known alternatives to the UTG. There are of course other minor exploits in existence, but most of them are quickly addressed as soon as they become public knowledge.

The UTG, developed by Pristh and Drahazar, is truly one of a kind. But sadly, getting it to work at maximum potential is becoming harder and harder. That is, of course, if you want it for more than on your games and servers.

Try the Vanilla Experience for A Change

Given that the UTG is somewhat of a digital Roblox unicorn these days, it wouldn’t hurt you to try a different approach on the platform. For example, when was the last time you tried using Roblox with minimal features and add-ons?

Although we couldn’t find any new solutions to integrate the UTG, we’re hoping to hear from people that have had more luck. If you’ve managed to score a script download or integration after all the recent patches, be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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