Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – Sound Not Working – What to Do

Every mobile phone owner has experienced problems with speaker volume at least once. Most of the time, the problem happens when you manually decrease the volume or forget to deactivate airplane mode.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – Sound Not Working – What to Do

But sometimes, the problem with volume signals some deeper software issue or even a hardware malfunction. Whatever the cause may be, let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot the lack of sound on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro.

Volume Down

Most commonly, the problem with the sound not coming from the speaker is a simple one. You may decrease the volume to zero with the volume button without meaning to. The phone doesn’t need to be in the silent more or airplane mode for the speaker to be muted.

Galaxy J7 Sound Not Working What to Do

Samsung Galaxy Sound Not Working

To check this, press the “Volume Up” button several times. If you see a volume indicator on your screen, moving up from the zero, your problem is probably fixed. To make sure everything is okay, go to an app that plays sound and test your speakers.

Silent Mode

If you’re at a meeting or in class, you will most likely switch your phone to the silent mode. It’s easy to forget to switch it back to regular mode. To check whether your phone’s been left in silent mode, follow these steps.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Find the Sound Profile icon. If your phone’s in silent mode, it will read “Silent” below the icon. Tap the icon until it reads “Sound”.
  3. Go to an app that plays sound and test your phone’s speaker.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Sound Not Working

Airplane Mode

When you don’t want to be disturbed, you can always switch your phone to airplane mode. One of the most common causes of the sound problems is leaving airplane mode option on. To check whether your phone’s still in airplane mode, try these steps.

  1. Swipe down from the top on the Home screen.
  2. Look for the “Flight Mode” icon. If the Airplane/Flight mode function is active, the icon will be blue. Tap it to deactivate Flight/Airplane mode.
  3. Test your speaker with an app that plays sound.

Galaxy J7 Pro Sound Not Working

Reboot the Phone

If your Galaxy J7 Pro won’t play sounds or only plays them partially, you can also try to reboot the phone. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Press the “Power” button and hold it until the Power Off menu appears.
  2. Release the “Power” button and tap the “Power Off” option.
  3. Again, tap “Power Off” to confirm.
  4. Wait until the phone turns off.
  5. Press and hold the “Power” button until the phone starts booting up.
  6. Test your speaker once the phone boots.

Galaxy J7 Sound Not Working

Final Thoughts

If none of the methods described in this article helped you solve the problem, you might want to check your Bluetooth settings. You can also try to boot your Galaxy J7 Pro in safe mode or perform a hard reset. If you opt for a hard reset, make sure to back up your data before you reset the phone.

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Abayomi Oluwato says:
Thanks for this piece but none of these worked for me. I later saw that “Do Not Disturb” had been switched on unintentionally. I switched it off and my the sound resumed working.

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