How to Delete Apps from a Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs come with pre-installed applications, either from Samsung or another manufacturer. What’s more, you can easily install new apps from your Smart Hub. Regardless, what if you want to delete some apps? Can you do it?

How to Delete Apps from a Samsung Smart TV

This article shows you how to delete newly installed apps from your Samsung Smart TV. If you’re curious about how to do it, keep reading.

Deleting Apps on T, Q, LS Samsung Smart TVs

Some users have trouble deleting apps because the process is dependent on what model they own. That said, uninstalling apps on the newest Samsung Smart TVs is quite straightforward. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Using your “OneRemote,” press the “Home” button. This will open the “Smart Hub.”
  2. Look for and select the “gear” icon (Settings).
  3. Scroll until you find “Support,” and under it, select “Device Care.”
  4. You’ll see a quick scan of your TV, so wait for a few moments. Then, click on “Manage Storage.”
  5. Choose the apps you want to uninstall, and click on them.
  6. Next, tap “Delete.”
  7. You’ll need to confirm you want to delete these apps by selecting “OK.”
Samsung Smart TV Delete Apps

Deleting Apps on M/MU/NU/RU/Q/LS (2017-2019) Samsung Smart TVs

To delete apps from these particular models, you need to do this:

  1. Using your “OneRemote,” click on “Home.”
  2. Then, choose “Apps.”
  3. Click on the “gear” icon (Settings) in the top right corner.
  4. Look for the apps you want to delete from the list. Click on them and then select “Delete.”

Deleting Apps on K/KU/KS Samsung Smart TVs

To delete apps from the 2016 Smart TVs series:

  1. Press “Home” on your remote control and select “Apps.”
  2. Next, choose “Options” in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. From the menu bar, select “Delete.”
  4. Pick each app you want to remove and select “Delete” to uninstall it.
  5. Wait until you see they’ve been removed.

Deleting Apps on J/JU/JS (2015) Samsung Smart TVs

Removing apps from these models will go like this:

  1. Hold the “colored button” on your remote control and select “Featured.”
  2. Choose “Apps.”
  3. Then, select “Options” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Choose “Delete My Apps.”
  5. Select each apps you want to remove and click on “Delete” in the upper corner of the screen.
  6. You’ll need to confirm you want to delete the apps, so choose “Yes.”

Deleting Apps on E/EH/ES (2012) and H/HU/F (2014) Samsung Smart TVs

If you’ve got an older series from the Samsung Smart TV library, removing apps is still possible. Get your remote control and do the following:

  1. Select “Smart Hub,” using the remote for your TV.
  2. Choose an app you want to uninstall.
  3. Then, hold “Tools” on your remote control.
  4. Choose “Delete” and then “Enter.”
  5. You must now confirm you want to delete an app, so highlight “Yes,” and press “Enter” on the remote.

Which Apps Can You Delete?

Now that you know how to uninstall apps from the older and newer series of Samsung Smart TVs, you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to delete all apps. Perhaps you don’t want them cluttering your space. Sadly, you can only delete the apps you install. The pre-installed apps can’t be removed as the ‘Delete’ option is disabled. These are usually Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

That said, there are hacks to do this. But keep in mind it won’t work for all models. Still, you can try the following if you want to delete a factory-installed app:

  1. Hold the “Home” button on your remote.
  2. Choose “Apps.”
  3. Press the “Number” button, then then press “12345.”
  4. “Developer mode” now opens.
  5. Toggle the “On” button.
  6. Next, click on “OK” to turn”Developer Mode” on.
  7. “Developer Mode” is now on, so choose “Close.”
  8. Go to “Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  9. Select the apps you want to remove.
  10. Navigate to “Lock/Unlock” and select it to lock the app.
  11. Next, you’ll have to type “0000.” A lock icon appears on the app.
  12. Navigate to and select “Deep Link Test.”
  13. You’ll get a popup window. Highlight “Content id” and type anything you want, then select “Done.”
  14. You’ll now need to write a password. However, you’ll choose “Cancel.”
  15. The “Delete” option, which was disabled before, should now be enabled.
  16. Select the pre-installed app you want to remove and choose “Delete,” which is no longer grayed out.

In closing, a Samsung Smart TV is a fantastic addition to any living room. You get various pre-installed apps and can add new ones that you want. If you need to delete unwanted apps, you may only get to remove ones you installed, but the “Developer Mode” option may work for you to get those pesky preinstalled apps removed.

Removing Samsung TV Apps FAQs

I’m having trouble with an app. Do I need to delete it?

If an application isn’t launching or isn’t working properly, you can take other steps before removing the app entirely. First, try a simple reboot on your TV. You can either turn it off, wait five seconds, and turn it back on or you can unplug it, wait, and plug it back in. Either way, a system reboot is a simple step to try that often works well.

If that doesn’t work, make sure that your Samsung Smart TV is running the latest software.

1. You can do this by going into your TV’s Settings, clicking on Support, then Software Updates.

2. If one is available, select Update Now. When the update process is finished, try your app again.

If it still isn’t working, go ahead and uninstall it, then re-install it.

I don’t see the ‘Deep Link Test’ option. What else can I do?

One of the biggest complaints about Samsung Smart TVs is the bloatware. The pre-installed applications take up a lot of space, hindering your ability to download more content that fits your needs. Some TV models have the Deep Link Test option greyed out, while others don’t have it all.

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a great workaround for those who don’t have the option to follow these steps as listed above. If you’ve run out of space on your TV and can’t remove the pre-installed bloatware, your only option is to use another device with more memory. A Firestick, Roku, or other device is relatively low cost and easy to use, but it still isn’t the perfect solution.

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not says:
Works fine, for those where Deep Link Test does not appear. Exit the apps menu en re-enter it. It than did show up for me
OG says:
Auto-update is disabled but apps reinstall automatically
Bill says:
No “Deep Link Test” on a Q80T TV.
Archie says:
The “Deep Link Test” is not there (it doesn’t appear in the menu). Any work aorund?

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