How To Update Apps on Devant Smart TV

Like all other devices, TVs have evolved quite a bit in the last few years. Merely browsing through channels just doesn’t do it for many people anymore. Instead, they want their TV to be a whole entertainment system.

How To Update Apps on Devant Smart TV

Almost every TV manufacturer that’s still relevant jumped on board with this trend, with more or less success. Devant TVs are somewhere in the middle in terms of capabilities. While they might not be the best option out there, they provide a decent experience.

However, there’s some confusion surrounding the way that their smart TVs’ interfaces work. Let’s clarify some of the most common issues regarding the apps that these TVs support.

How Smart Are They?

When they hear “smart TV,” most people’s immediate reaction is to think of Android. This is expected, as the biggest manufacturers of smart TVs feature this platform. But for better or worse, Devant took a different approach.

Some older models of their smart TVs came with the Opera App Store, based on the popular browser. But the users weren’t too happy with it, as it had some issues that made Devant’s TVs less smart than they were supposed to be.

The Opera App Store then got a revamp and became the Vewd App Store, part of a comprehensive operating system that’s far more capable than its predecessor. It comes pre-built in the new Devant models, like the LTV900, and offers various types of content, from on-demand videos to all kinds of apps.


So What About Updates?

It’s actually quite simple – there are none. Vewd manages all apps in the store via Vewd Cloud, from which you access and download them. This means that there are no downloads or manual updates. Instead, all apps are updated automatically, and all users get the latest version as soon as it rolls out.

Aside from the apps, Vewd Cloud also manages the media player, device settings, privacy controls, and many cloud-based services. This should ensure a seamless entertainment experience that brings all kinds of content together.

Currently, there are about 1,500 apps on the Vewd App Store, and the number is consistently growing. Of course, it’s not always a smooth ride, as apps can still malfunction. A good example of this is Plex, which didn’t work for a while and caused a bit of fuss within the community. Luckily, Vewd got it up and running again.

This brings us to the downside of this kind of cloud-based access. As you can’t update an app, you can’t downgrade it, either. This means that if an update comes with bugs, the only thing you can do is wait for the Vewd team to fix it.

For whatever reason, Devant doesn’t use the entire Vewd OS. Instead, the newest models use Vidaa U2.5 OS with Vewd App Store integration. While the OS is decent, it still comes with a few limitations. For example, there’s no way to install third-party apps the way Android TV users can. Still, it offers enough entertainment options for average users.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve received many questions about apps on Devant TVs. We’ll take this opportunity to answer them for you.

The Vewd app store isn’t working at all. What do I do?

If the app store isn’t working, you can try restarting your TV or reconnecting it to the internet. If that doesn’t work, visit Devant’s Contact Us page for more help.

What do I do if I can’t install apps on my Devant TV?

Unfortunately, no. But you can get an external streaming device (Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, etc.) and install any apps you want on that device. Then, stream on your Devant TV.

Hit or Miss?

It is safe to say that Devant’s approach to smart TVs is quite innovative. Cloud-based services make it easier to manage apps and remove the hassle of downloading and updating apps.

But as you can see, this approach isn’t without its shortcomings. Not every update that rolls out works perfectly, and your options are pretty limited when this happens. There’s no downgrading or uninstalling, so you’re pretty much stuck with what you get.

Do you use Devant smart TVs? If so, what’s your experience with Vidaa OS and the Vewd App Store? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

18 thoughts on “How To Update Apps on Devant Smart TV”

Henessy James palanca says:
There is no disney plus, amazon prime and hbo on vewd. How do we go about that guys please help me…
Jean Philippe haessy says:
how can i install tivimate or any alternative on my devant smart tv
Christopher Balbin says:
Hello everyone my problem was I can’t login to home screen, can’t find any menu to find YouTube or any apps, but I can use Netflix and other cable TV and Karaoke only. If I click the home I can’t in.
Marco Vautrin says:
Vewd app store not working . Everytime i click the app store. It keeps showing “no internet connection” all other apps are working properly.
I do have internet connection, I am able to watch YouTube and Netflix. I try both wifi and ethernet and still the same message.
Steve Larner says:
Sounds like Windows, lately. Anyhow, try clearing cache, freeing up space, rebooting, and unplugging. If none of that works, delete your Wi-Fi settings and stored Wi-Fi connections, reboot, and start over.
Lem Tab says:
I’m viewing youtube on my devant tv, suddenly if notify net error but the net is connected and i can view netflix. I tried using mibox and the sameverror occur but the netflix is okay as well
Steve Larner says:
If I interpreted your comment correctly, your YouTube app is outdated but probably can’t receive new updates. Outdated apps tend to have issues like not being able to connect through the internet/wi-fi.
Mike dumandan says:
Vewd app store not working . Everytime i click the app store. It keeps showing “no internet connection” all other apps are working properly.
Seanne says:
Same with our devant tv. I dont know what to do coz it keeps popping on screen “Net Error” What to do? Our netflix is working
Steve Larner says:
Several people are having “Net Error” troubles with YouTube on a Devant TV. It may no longer function on those TVs. There is no solution to the problem right now, but you can try contacting Devant support for help.
James says:
Is there a way to fixed “net error” on youtube? I have the same issue where netflix can play video but youtube always says net error.
kj says:
How can I install HBO Go?
Vanessa says:
How to update my devant uhd smart tv
Tonielyn M. Santos says:
how can i download facebook apps?
marysol says:
how to download netflix ?
Romeo Verallo says:
FB apps cannot be opened/will not run. How can i make it run/operational/functional? How can i add it in the list of available apps
How to Dowdload Netflix and Iflix?
Randy Montecillo says:
Many of the question here is almost the same. Why we cannot open the Netflix and sometimes my U tube in my smart tv? Im using this smart tv for almost 3 1/2 yrs. and I used to watch netflix everyday and only today i encountered this problem. I turn it off and restart the tv and sometimes it open sometimes not I thought my network was the problem but its not since I open my smart fone and the Netflix function well. Please help
jayA says:
sames we have the same issue sir. my smart tv is 4 years old and cannot play anymore youtube and netflix even i have an upgraded internet. per devant service center i talked, my unit is out of date and no way to work.. bad purchase, i cannot use my tv anymore for theses apps.
Sheh says:
Just want to ask why we cant open NETFLIX since yesterday afternoon?
Vy ann says:
I cant open my Netflix on my my devant smart TV
Sarah says:
How did you install NETFLIX? I can’t even install the app.
alexyanx says:
the iflix is gone… on my devant tv… omeyghed…
Ivy says:
The iflix on my devant tv is gone as well. Myygaadd how can i have it again?
naomi says:
mine too its also gone what happened?
Maven says:
my Devant tv can only use Utube the browser is useless 🙁
willy canlas says:
mine is shutting off every 5 or 15 minutes when watching
Janzu says:
There are local apps that I need that could only find in Play Store. It’s so sad that I could not install them.

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