How To Schedule a Text Message to Send Later

Scheduling messages is a very underused way to look busy at all times of day, to send text messages at more suitable times or just at the right time for whatever the message contains. You can schedule a text message to send later on both Android and iPhone. I’ll show you how.

I have used email scheduling for years. I tend to work unsociable hours and compose emails in the moment before I forget. Rather than waking someone up with a ‘ping’ of an arriving email if they sleep with their phone, I set a schedule for a more sociable time. The same goes for text messages. If you need to get the message out at an odd time but don’t want to wake someone up or disturb them, this post is for you.

We have been able to schedule emails for years in Outlook so it is only right that we can schedule a text message too. Here’s how.

How to schedule a text message on iPhone

As usual, iPhone doesn’t do things the easy way. As far as I can tell, you cannot schedule an SMS for it to automatically send. You can schedule an SMS, but the app can only remind you to send it at an appointed time. Apparently this is a limitation within iOS and something we are stuck with.

Using the Scheduled app, you can prepare your message in advance, set a timer and Scheduled will remind you at that time to send it. It works with SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger and other messaging platforms too. The free version allows four messages to be scheduled but if you need more, a $0.99 in-app purchase allows it.

There are other apps to replace the now retired Delayd app. Just check iTunes for Smart SMS Timer, AutoText or Text Timer. Some SMS scheduling apps contain in-app purchases so watch out for that.

How to schedule a text message on Android

Android doesn’t have a built-in ability to schedule a text message for later but there are apps out there that will achieve the same thing. Unlike iPhone, Android will permit the app to send the SMS on a schedule rather than just reminding you to do it yourself.

Schedule SMS: Send it later is one of a number of apps that will enable you to schedule a text message. It uses your stock message app and includes a scheduler underneath the message box. Open the app, set your recipient, type the message and set the time and date. Tap Add and you’re done. The message will be scheduled and set at the time you specify. The message will be kept in your standard message app so you always know where you are.

Other apps that do the same thing include Do It Later, SQEDit Scheduling App and Auto SMS Scheduler / Sender.

How to schedule a text message with Samsung phones

If you use a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, the TouchWiz UI that comes installed has the ability to schedule SMS built in. It’s a neat little tool that allows you to automatically schedule a text message to send later from within the text message app.

Usually bloatware and bundled overlays are a pain and are quickly consigned to the trash. Samsung TouchWiz is actually pretty good and I and lots of Samsung users I know have left that on the phone. Scheduling a text message is one of the more useful functions this overlay has.

To schedule a text message with a Samsung phone:

  1. Write your text message and add a recipient.
  2. Tap the three line menu icon in the top right.
  3. Select Schedule Message from the dropdown.
  4. Select the time and date and select Done.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and this feature works like a charm. As I start work very early in the morning, I can schedule messages and reminder SMS whenever I feel like it and have them send automatically at a time less likely to wake anyone up.

Why such a simple feature is not part of the mobile OS I will never know. Both Apple and Android both have a significant portion of the business market so you would have thought it would be included. But it isn’t so an app will have to do. That is unless you use a Samsung Galaxy phone anyway.

Know of any other decent apps to schedule a text message to send later? Know of a workaround that doesn’t require an app? Tell us about it below if you do!

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