How to See Your Wish List on the Audible App

Audible can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the platform. There are numerous titles to go through, and you may not even know how to use it yet.

How to See Your Wish List on the Audible App

Whether you prefer using Audible on desktop or mobile, mastering the wish list feature is one of the pillars of your in-app happiness.

Here’s how to find, create, and use wish lists inside the Audible app.

How to Find the Audible Wish List

Don’t be ashamed if you can’t find the Audible wish list. Whether you’re on a desktop or using a mobile/tablet app, things can be confusing for the beginner.


Whether you’re using a macOS computer or a PC, you’ll access Audible the same way – through the website. Go to and log in. You’ll see Wish List between Browse and Library sections. Click here to open your wish list.

see wish list on the audible app


Both iOS and Android feature the Audible app in their respective app stores. Naturally, accessing the wish list on portable devices is straightforward.

To do this, while inside the app, tap the three stacked lines. That will open the menu. Now, you need to tap Store and select Wish List from the dropdown menu.

Creating an Audible Wish List

Of course, before accessing your wish list, you’ll need to create it. To create a wish list, start with your first wish list entry. The process is straightforward on all supported platforms.

Tap or click Add to Wish List while on the page of the audiobook that you want to add. Select this, and the item will appear on your wish list. If you haven’t created a wish list before, the app will automatically create it as soon as you add the first item.

How to Add to the Audible Wish List on Various Devices

Although it’s all fairly intuitive, let’s make things easy for you by teaching you how to add audiobooks to your wish list, on all available devices.

how to see wish list on audible app

Desktop Website

First, navigate to and log in on the website. Search for a specific title or start browsing for books. Once you’ve found the one that you want to put on your wish list, click Add to Wish List on the right.

Mobile Website

Open the mobile version of Once you’re on the page of a particular title, tap Add to Wish List. You’ll see the button change. Now, it will read In Your Wish List.


If you’ve ever tried to buy an audiobook using the iOS app, you know that it isn’t possible. However, you can add an item to your wish list and buy it later via the desktop site.

Once you’ve opened the Audible app, navigate to Discover. Then, either search for a particular title or browse for one. Tap Add to Wish List to add the item.


Unlike on iOS, you can use the Android Audible app to buy books. You can also add them to your wish list. Tap the three horizontal lines icon. Then, go to Store. Browse or search for a particular title. On the audiobook’s page, select Add to Wish List.

Windows 10

With Windows 10 phone/tablet devices, things work exactly like on Android devices. The only exception is that it uses Shop instead of Store.

Using the Audible Wish List

Finding the Audible wish list is pretty straightforward on all supported devices. All platforms, except iOS, also allow you to buy audiobooks. If you’re new to the app, follow the guidelines mentioned above to get to know it quickly.

Have you managed to view your Audible wish list? Have you added any items? Which device do you find the easiest to use when it comes to Audible? Join the comment section below, and add your thoughts and questions.

4 thoughts on “How to See Your Wish List on the Audible App”

Javeria says:
I don’t have three stacked lines on my audible app. I only have four clickable icons in the bottom of screen (Home, library, Discover and Profile) and a search field on top
Diana says:
Me too. Useless, I can never find the wishlist….

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