How to Sell Property in GTA 5

Whether you’re playing GTA 5’s story mode or GTA Online, you may be considering selling properties to generate money in the game. You can buy a wide variety of properties in both game versions, but can you sell them for an instant cash influx?

How to Sell Property in GTA 5

In this article, we’re going to go over everything related to selling properties in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

How to Sell Property in GTA 5

Is there a way to sell property in GTA 5 story mode? Unfortunately, you can only buy properties in this game mode. There isn’t any possible way to sell them. Luckily, you aren’t likely to ever need such a quick cash influx in the story mode. However, if you buy a property with Trevor, you won’t be able to switch the ownership to Michael or Franklin. This might be one of the bigger developers’ oversights.

Although it’s officially called “GTA Online,” it is actually an online version of GTA 5. That means the same city, the same map, the same graphics – it’s the same game. In terms of properties, though, GTA Online is a bit different. In addition to the fact that there are many more properties in the game’s multiplayer mode, there is a way to sell them if you want to. Things are a bit convoluted here, though.

How to Sell Property in GTA 5 Online

You’ll be disappointed to learn that there is no direct way to simply sell a property, even in GTA Online. You can’t just sell a property that you own and get the appropriate amount of money in return.

The closest thing you can do is swap it for a different one. So, what you can do is select a high-valued property and trade it for the cheapest one on the market at the moment. The properties will swap, and the difference in value will be directly transferred to you.

Technically, you aren’t selling a property in this way, but it’s the closest thing there is to exchange one for money. There is one caveat here, though. To do the swap-sell, you have to have the maximum of six properties you’re allowed in the game.

So, here’s how to trade properties:

  1. Take out your phone or sit in front of a computer (in the game) and go to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website
  2. Select a property that you want to buy
  3. If you already have a maximum number of properties, the game will prompt you to sell one to make room
  4. Confirm, and the difference in the value will be transferred to your character’s bank account automatically

How to Sell Property in GTA 5 Without Buying a New One

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this. You can’t sell a property in GTA Online without acquiring a new one. You have to own six properties to be able to swap a high-valued one for a cheap one and have the difference sent to your player’s account balance.

How to Sell Property in GTA 5 Single Player

As discussed before, there is absolutely no way to sell or swap-sell properties in GTA 5’s story mode. Yes, this means that you can’t even trade them between the three protagonists; Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. This isn’t likely to change at any point, as this is the way it has been since the game’s release back in 2013.

How to Sell Bunker Property in GTA 5

The only way to sell bunkers in GTA Online is by buying another one. However, bunkers don’t add up to the six-property maximum, and you can only own one at a time. So, if you own a single bunker, go ahead and buy a new one. The original bunker is going to be sold, and 50% of its worth will automatically go toward buying a new one.

How to Sell Property in GTA 5 on PS4

Here’s how to swap-sell a property in GTA 5 on PS4:

  1. Open a browser via your in-game smartphone or computer
  2. Go to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website
  3. Find the property that you wish to buy
  4. Choose the currently-owned property that you want to replace when prompted
  5. Confirm

How to Sell Property in GTA5 on Xbox

If you want to sell a property in GTA 5 on Xbox, you’re going to have to trade one that you own for a new one. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open an in-game smartphone or computer browser
  2. Visit the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website
  3. Browse through the properties until you’ve found the one you wish to buy to replace one that you already own
  4. Select the desired property
  5. Confirm

How to Sell Property in GTA5 on PC

Swap-selling a property on the PC version of GTA 5 is fairly straightforward. This is how it’s done:

  1. Visit the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website using your in-game smartphone or computer
  2. Navigate to the property that you want to replace the owned one with
  3. Select the new property that you wish to buy
  4. Confirm the swap

Additional FAQs

1. Can you sell your facility in GTA 5?

No, you can’t straight-up sell any property in GTA 5, and this includes facilities. What you can do is replace a high-valued one with a cheap one and get “paid” the difference between the two. This is done via the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website, accessible through the in-game smartphone or computer. Find a cheap property and try to buy it. You’ll be prompted to choose one of your current properties to swap it with. The difference will be delivered to your in-game bank account.

Remember that you need the maximum number of in-game properties (six) to do this; otherwise, the new one will be added to your current count.

2. What is GTA 5 Online?

GTA 5 Online, or just GTA Online, is an online version of the original GTA 5 single-player game. It’s an online multiplayer action-adventure game, where you can enter the world of GTA 5 with various other gamers and play with them.

Like the single-player version, GTA Online is an open-world game that allows you to participate in Co-Op or competitive matches.

Unlike the story version of GTA 5, where you get to control three pre-made characters, the game’s multiplayer version features a single fully-customizable silent character that serves as your avatar. You can customize your character’s appearance, acquire properties, go on missions, earn money, and participate in various events with other GTA Online users.

GTA Online comes free with the GTA 5 original game.

However, there are various additional purchases you can pay for, which customize your character’s appearance and allow you to buy weapons, vehicles, properties, etc. Ever since the game’s release, its online mode has retained high levels of popularity among gamers.

3. How many properties can I own in GTA Online?

There is a maximum of six properties that a player can own at any one time. This cap enables the player to switch properties for cheaper ones and, in that way, get as close as possible to selling a property. Bunkers don’t count toward properties, and a player can own a single bunker at a time. A bunker, like a residential property, can be replaced for a new one if the player wishes to do so.

4. How do you sell your garage in GTA 5?

All apartments in GTA 5 Online come with a garage for vehicle storage. These garages come and go with the apartment property. Players can also acquire up to three office garages, which also come and go with the matching office space. However, a player can also buy standalone garages, which they can replace-sell as explained with regular properties throughout this text.

5. How do you make money in GTA 5?

Swap-selling properties is far from the only way to make money in GTA Online. To earn money in the game, a player can complete bunker missions, participate in various heists, work with cargo, do VIP work, join a motorcycle club, do time trials, own nightclubs, etc. There is a wide variety of ways to earn money in GTA 5, and the developers are still regularly adding new features to the environment. Explore the world of San Andreas and talk to other players to learn how to get paid in the game.

Properties in GTA 5

Not being able to straight-up sell properties in GTA 5 and GTA Online is definitely an oversight on the developers’ part. That said, with so many ways to earn money in the game, the focus is certainly not on flipping property. If you really need to earn some quick money, swap a high-valued property for a cheap one via the Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s in-game website.

We hope this guide will help you sell properties in GTA Online. If you have additional questions or anything else to add, feel free to contact us in the comments below and share your thoughts.

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