How to Send a Message on Facebook to Multiple Friends

Among other options, Facebook offers you a chance to chat with your friends. Private messages used to be in a separate inbox when Facebook was first founded, but years ago they were merged with chat so now all your private conversations appear in one place.

If you open Facebook in your browser, you can access your messages by clicking on Messenger on the left side of your home page, or on the small circle icon in the top right corner, right next to your notifications.

If you’re using the Facebook app, you will need to install Messenger as well if you want to send messages from your smartphone.

How to Send a Message on Facebook

You can send messages to anyone on your friends list.

Sometimes you can send messages to other people too, depending on their privacy settings. If you send them a message without sending them a friend request, your message will appear as a Message Request in their notifications. They can choose to accept or not accept it.

There are two ways to send someone a message. You can either:

  1. Type the name of a person in Facebook search.
  2. Click to open the person’s profile.
  3. Click the Message button in the bottom right corner of their cover photo.
  4. When a new window appears, type your message.


  1. Click on the circle icon that’s between your Notifications and Friends requests icons.
  2. A list of recent messages will appear.
  3. Under these messages, you’ll find the See all in Messenger option-click there.
  4. The Chat page will open with all your messages.
  5. Scroll through the messages on the left side to choose a person to message.
  6. If you’re messaging someone for the first time, start typing their name in the Search Messenger field on the left.
  7. When their profile appears, click to start a conversation.

Note: You can also click on the New Message option after you click on the circle icon. The New Message window will appear at the bottom of the screen and you’ll be able to type in the name of a person and send them a message.

How Do I Send a Message to Multiple Friends?

Messenger allows you to message multiple friends at once. For now, the maximum number of people you can message at the same time is 150.

When you open a New message window and add more than one person as recipients, you’ll create a group chat. All the people included in the chat will be able to see messages from all the participants. This way you can chat with multiple friends at the same time.

You can also name your conversation, change the participants’ nicknames and emoji, or mention the participants when you want to address them directly by using @ in front of their name. If you feel more people should participate in the conversation, you can add them later too.

Can I Send a Message Separately?

It isn’t possible to send a message separately and avoid creating a group chat, unless you’re messaging guests about an event you’re hosting. If this is the case, do the following:

  1. Find your event in the left menu on your home page and open it.
  2. Click on your event’s name to open.
  3. Scroll down and look for Guest List.
  4. Choose which guests you’d like to message.
  5. Type in your message and click on the Send button.

You will send this message individually to each guest unless you want to make it a group message. In that case, you need to use the Message Friends option and select friends you want to send messages.

What If I Don’t Want to Be in a Chat Anymore?

You have different options if you decide you don’t want to be part of a group chat. You can either leave the group completely, or you can mute it. If you opt for muting it, you will be able to see the messages other participants send, but you won’t receive notifications when there’s a new message.

Can I Delete or Unsend Messages?

Yes, you can. If you think you’ve made a mistake by sending a certain message, you can remove it either for yourself or for everyone in the chat.

In the Messenger app, tap the message you want to remove and hold. Select Remove. Two options will appear, so choose one. Your message will be removed, but have in mind that the other members of the conversation may have already seen it (and taken a screenshot).

A message can be removed within 10 minutes of sending.

Chatting with multiple friends can be really fun and definitely saves time. What are your favorite varieties of group chats? Tell us in the comments section!

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