How To Send a Message to a Video Creator on YouTube

YouTube is not the platform you usually associate with messaging. Messaging on YouTube was so unpopular that the company removed it in July of 2018.

How To Send a Message to a Video Creator on YouTube

Fortunately, there are ways to communicate with your favorite YouTube creators. This article will walk you through the various options for messaging YouTubers and friends on the platform.

How to Send a Message to a Creator on YouTube

Because there isn’t a chat option on YouTube anymore, we’ve had to find alternative means of messaging YouTubers. Here are the alternatives:

  • Send an email to the Business Inquiry Email
  • Look for a link to another social media site with DM capabilities
  • Comment on a video

Depending on your goals, you can probably get in touch with the YouTuber that interests you. The following sections will explain in detail how to open the lines of communication.

How to Find a YouTuber’s Email Address

Some YouTubers include an email address for fans to send email communications. This is the simplest method for messaging a YouTuber. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open YouTube and navigate to the YouTuber’s channel. Then click About.
  2. Scroll down the page and select View email address next to For business inquiries.
  3. Check the I’m not a robot box. Then, click Submit.
  4. Click the email address and begin typing your message (your email should automatically open, but if not, copy and paste the email address).

Now all you need to do is keep an eye on your email for a response.

Send a Message on Social Media

Many YouTubers take advantage of all sorts of social media for advertising and communicating with fans. Assuming the creator linked other social media accounts, you can easily message them there. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open YouTube and navigate to the channel that interests you.
  2. Navigate to the lower right corner of the channel’s banner. Here, you should see any links the YouTuber has added to their channel.
  3. You can also scroll to the bottom of the About page to see linked accounts.
  4. Click the links, and a new window will open. Ensure you’re logged into the platform and send a DM.

Hopefully, the creator will watch their other accounts and promptly respond to your message.

Comment on a Video

If none of the other options help, you can always resort to commenting on one of the creator’s videos and hope they see it. While it isn’t the most eloquent solution, we have to work with the options YouTube gives us.

Here’s how to comment on a YouTube video:

  1. Open YouTube and navigate to the user’s channel you’d like to talk to. Then, click on one of their videos.
  2. Click in the Comment box and type a comment. Then, click enter on your keyboard.

It probably isn’t a good idea to let everyone on YouTube know your contact information, so it’s best to ask the YouTuber how you can get in touch with them or if they upload content on another platform.

Message a YouTube Creator on Mobile

If you’re using the mobile version of YouTube, you can comment on videos or find affiliated links (Twitter, Discord, etc. But, you cannot access the creator’s email. You will need to use the browser version of YouTube to email the creator.

To find the About section on the mobile version of YouTube, follow these steps:

  1. Open YouTube and navigate to the users’ channel.
  2. At the top of the window you will see Home, Videos, Playlists, and Channels. This is a scrolling menu with more options hidden to the right. Scroll to About.
  3. Now, you can click the link to an external social media site and message the creator.

A Few Tips and Tricks for the Road

Time Watched

Go to your account and select Time Watched to see how many hours you’ve spent watching videos. The menu also gives you the option to be reminded to take a break if you get carried away.

YouTube Stories

You might not know it, but YouTube jumped on the stories bandwagon as well. Tap Subscriptions on a mobile device and swipe up until you reach Stories. Hit the story you like and swipe left or right to view more.

Restricted Mode

There is very little content that can be labeled as adult-only on YouTube. Still, if you are worried about the videos your children watch, go to the Settings and toggle the Restricted Mode to on.

Type, Send, Reply

With more messaging options available on the mobile app, YouTube seems to encourage users to chat via the platform. Albeit user-friendly and straightforward, YouTube messages are nowhere near Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM.

You would probably start using the YT messages more if the platform allowed direct messages to YouTubers who are not your friends. Anyway, have you ever messaged someone on YouTube? If so, drop us a comment below.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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