How to Setup Your TP-Link AC1750 Router as an Access Point

TP-Link routers are among the best routers in the world. They are reliable, affordable, and offer stable and fast internet connections. Some of the TP-Link routers, such as the AC1750, have the so-called AP mode feature.

How to Setup Your TP-Link AC1750 Router as an Access Point

AP is short for the access point, and this allows the router to be a Wi-Fi extender, boosting your Wi-Fi signal strength. For this to work, you will need two routers. It may sound complicated, but it isn’t.

Read on and find out how to set up the TP-Link AC1750 as an Access Point.

Setup the TP-Link AC1750 as an Access Point

The instructions you are about to see work for all compatible TP-Link routers, including the AC1750. Without further ado, follow the steps to set up your AC1750 TP-Link router as an access point:

  1. Connect your computer to the second port of the TP-Link router via an Ethernet cable. It’s more stable than through a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Log in to the TP-Link interface using the IP address from the bottom of your TP-Link router.
  3. Click on Network, followed by LAN in the side menu.
  4. You’ll want to change the LAN IP address of the TP-Link router to the IP address on the same segment of your primary router. The address needs to be outside the DHCP range of your primary router.
  5. After that, you need to reboot and log in to the TP-Link interface using the new IP address that you just assigned.
  6. In the TP-Link interface, select Wireless, followed by Wireless Settings. Change the name of the network (SSID) and confirm the change with Save.
  7. Click on Wireless again, and select Wireless Security. Configure it to your preference, but generally speaking, WPA or WPA2 is the safest. Confirm the changes with Save. In case you are using the dual-band router (2.4GHz and 5GHz), configure these settings for the 5GHz mode as well.
  8. Now, you should click on the DHCP in the TP-Link interface and select DHCP Settings. Then, you need to disable the DHCP server. Click Disable and then Save the changes.
  9. Then, select System Tools, followed by Reboot. Confirm the pop-up window and reboot the router.
  10. Finally, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect your TP-Link router to the main router using their respective LAN ports (any of them). Remaining LAN ports on the TP-Link router will give internet access to other devices. Wi-Fi devices will also be able to access the internet using the TP-Link router if you use the password and SSID, which you have previously configured.
    Setup TP-Link Ac1750

Find Your IP Address If You Lost It

The method we showed you above works well if you are ready. Just in case you are missing some essential details, like the IP address of your router, don’t panic. You can find it on your computer, even if it is scratched off on the back of the router. Follow the steps below if you are a Windows user:

  1. After you connect your computer to your router via WI-FI or Ethernet cable, right-click on the Network option.
  2. Click on the Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Select your current network and select Details.
  4. Find the Default Gateway; this is your router’s IP address.
    Setup TP-Link Ac1750 as Access Point

If you are a Mac user, follow the steps:

  1. On Mac, you need to launch System Preferences.
  2. Then, click on Network.
  3. Select Advanced.
  4. Choose TCP/IP.
  5. Find the Router tab. The numbers next to your router are your IP address.
    How to Setup TP-Link Ac1750

Easy as a Pie

Hopefully, these steps were easy to follow, and you managed to set your TP-Link AC1750 as the access point. It will extend your Wi-Fi network and improve your overall Wi-Fi signal. Remember that you can apply these instructions to any TP-Link router that supports the AP mode.

If you have a different TP-Link router, look up the specifications and see if the access point mode is supported. Post any questions, comments, or ideas related to the topic in the comments section below.

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