How to Get an Umbrella in the Sims 4

The Seasons Expansion Pack in “The Sims 4” introduced new gameplay elements that can affect your Sim’s daily life: Weather and Temperature. Your Sims now have unique challenges and activities to tackle. Rain patterns become extreme during the spring and fall seasons of the game.

How to Get an Umbrella in the Sims 4

Also, umbrellas come in clutch for regular and vampire Sims for protection from the sun – at least, until they level up and develop sun resistance. As a result, you need to find an umbrella for your character.

Read on to learn how to get an umbrella in “The Sims 4.”

How to Get an Umbrella in Sims 4

Most Sims have an aversion to rain. If you leave them to stay in the cold, they will get an Uncomfortable buff and become moody or angry. Meanwhile, Vampire Sims can also die when exposed to the sun. Providing them with an umbrella helps keep them jolly. Here’s how you can obtain an umbrella in “The Sims 4”:

  1. Open “Build Mode.”
  2. Go to “Function Sort.”
  3. Select “Appliances.”
  4. Find “Miscellaneous Appliances.”
  5. Locate the “Umbri Umbrella Rack” and buy it. It costs 100 Simoleons.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Select “Build Mode.”
  2. Go to the “Search bar” and browse for an umbrella stand.
  3. Select “Choose a New Umbrella” to get your Sim to interact with the rack.
  4. Pick a parasol for your Sim to use.

Using an Umbrella in Sims 4

Once you have obtained the umbrella rack, position it anywhere inside the home. Placing it by the door side is ideal. Here’s how you can have your Sim use the umbrella:

  1. Direct your Sims to the “Umbra Umbrella Rack.”
  2. Instruct them to interact with the item and select “Take an Umbrella.”

Even though you won’t see an umbrella in your Sims’ inventory, they can use it whenever needed as long as they don’t return it to the rack. The racks are pretty cost-effective as one can cater to an entire family.

Custom Content Umbrella Packs and Accessories for Your Sims

“The Sims 4” offers endless exploration opportunities and keeps your characters looking stylish and safe. Life can be unpredictable, much like the weather in the game. Even though you can check the calendar to learn the predictions for the week, it’s not something you may always remember to do. Equipping your Sim with an umbrella is the best way to navigate this issue. Listed below are some of the best umbrella custom content accessories and packs for your Sims:

Umbrella Set 01

This is your go-to custom umbrella pack if you want your Sims to stand out from the crowd. Created by Krystal91sims, the Umbrella Set 01 features colorful umbrellas that can spice up your world. But you’ll need Andrew’s Accessories Enabler for your Sims to use these parasols in the game efficiently.

Under the Umbrella Pose Pack

The trendy Sims umbrella selfies have gained wide traction, and this CC umbrella pack matches the aesthetics. If you want to capture realistic photos, these parasols will give you the perfect illusion. For each picture you want to capture, the Sims 4 under the Umbrella Pose Pack will provide you with 12 poses, five duo poses, and two all-in-one poses to capture beautiful memories of your Sims life.

Magic Umbrellas

Are you a fan of holographic effects? Then, this umbrella will be the perfect fit for your Sims. This pack will ensure that your characters can go about their days without distraction, no matter the weather. You’ll also have some peace of mind knowing they are protected.

The Magic Umbrellas can be recolored. But they won’t destroy “The Sims 4” default swatches. Remember to download all the files on the creator page to ensure seamless operations. Equipping your Sims with this custom content umbrella pack ensures they’ll look super cute for their selfies.

Translucent Umbrella Pose

This parasol set has some cool poses that your characters will surely enjoy. It holds 12 different styles that your character can use in the game. It also boasts a beautiful backdrop that’s perfect for a selfie. But, to use this dreamy Translucent Umbrella Pose pack, you must visit Andrew’s Studio and download the Pose Player mod. You’ll also need to teleport one of your characters from the Build mode.

Umbri Umbrella Rack

“The Sims 4” is about creating the perfect home and family. Décor is an essential aspect in every real-life home, and the same applies in the game. This umbrella stand is functional and aesthetically appealing. Obtaining one can add a pop of color to your home. This Umbri Umbrella Rack collection offers three stand designs with different color options. The creator, Menaceman44, was inspired by the need for more umbrella rack options in the game.

No More Broken Umbrellas

Seeing your Sims strolling around with broken umbrellas can be frustrating. Downloading the No Broken Umbrella Mod will halt your parasol’s decay rate, ensuring they never break. Though it’s essential, installing it isn’t mandatory.

Spooky Umbrella Collection

If your Sims are spooky, this is the perfect umbrella pack to match their personality. It has five color variations: Bat, Skull, Pumpkin, Spiderweb, and Frankenstein. The Spooky Collection is ideal for celebrating the Halloween season.

Colorful Umbrellas

Your Sims will have nothing to complain about with this umbrella pack. With ten different color patterns to choose from, you’ll hardly get bored. The chic and pretty umbrella recolors from Colorful Umbrellas are fantastic.

Umbrella Mix

If you’re looking for cute recolors for your Sims, this umbrella mix pack is a worthy option. You have seven color and pattern options to make your characters look straight from a Disney movie. You’ll need Andrew’s Accessories Script Mod to use the Umbrella Mix pack.

Goth Design Umbrellas

These gothic-inspired parasols are perfect for your Vampire Sim. Though “The Sims 4: Seasons Expansion Pack” has a default umbrella in black, many players feel it’s not very exciting. That’s where the Goth Design Umbrellas come in. They’re cute and come in six different designs.

These items are hand-painted and reflect light, similar to “The Sims 4” default umbrellas. You’ll need to install Andrew’s Script Mod to use this umbrella pack. If you don’t use this mod, the custom umbrella pack swatches will override the game’s default textures.

Nickname’s Sims 4 Umbrella

This mod provides 12 recolor options for your Sims playthrough. But even better, it has an additional umbrella rack for your home. You have a few design options to pick from. From holographic styles to semi-transparent choices, the Nickname’s Sims 4 Umbrella mod provides your Sims with fantastic looks that guarantee they’ll stand out.

Let There Be Umbrellas!

There are a variety of umbrella designs and accessories for you to choose from in “The Sims 4.” But you can’t access one without the Seasons Expansion Pack. Getting an umbrella for your Sim ensures they can continue their daily activities without worrying about the cloudy skies or deadly sun rays. But be sure to find them some cover in case of a thunderstorm. Sims’ can die on the spot if hit by thunder.

Have you ever used custom-made umbrellas in “The Sims 4”? What’s your favorite design? Let us know in the comments section below.

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