How to Get More Views in Snapchat

Be it a personal or business account, you’ll definitely want to increase your audience on Snapchat. However, that might be easier said than done, considering the size of the competition. But it’s not impossible.

How to Get More Views in Snapchat

Read on to find out how to increase your views on Snapchat.

How to Get More Views on Snapchat

Social media might have started as a source of fun and entertainment, but it’s now become a crucial marketing and business tool. Apart from companies promoting their products and services, many individuals have found a way to earn money through social media.

If you’re wondering how you could increase your views on Snapchat, here are a few suggestions:

  • Share Your Snapchat Account Across Your Other Social Media Accounts

You might be hard to find if you’re not using your real name or have a common name. Either way, to make sure people know you’re on Snapchat, try to share your account with your audience on Instagram, for example.

  • Post Regularly

This is something you should consider for all your social media accounts. People are there for content and they want it every day. If you don’t deliver it to them often enough, they might switch to other accounts.

  • Work with Other Creators

This is another point that can be applied across all social media, not just Snapchat. Teaming up with other creators will let you share ideas as well as followers. Especially if that person has a wider audience than you do at the moment.

  • Choose a Specific Niche

It’s almost impossible to create content to please everyone. And there’s no reason to do that. Pick a specific group and make that your target. The narrower, the better for you, as it’ll be easier to create content that will be of interest. This will also narrow down your competition, maybe making you even more unique and irreplaceable.

  • Follow Trends and Music

If possible, try to incorporate trending songs or anything else that’s talked about on social media at the moment. This will make the algorithm push your content to reach more users.

  • Show Them “Behind the Scenes”

If you’re managing a business profile, show your audience behind the scenes of your business. Share with them a day at the office, how you make your products, introduce them to someone who’s working on those products with you, etc. People love seeing what’s really going on in a company, not just the products being sold. Also, if you are not a business, but an influencer, people might be interested in seeing your life when the cameras are off. Tell them what you do outside of social media, how you spend your day, etc.

  • Your Content Has to Have a Structure

An overload of content has resulted in people having a short attention span. Make sure your content has a clear structure, is easy to follow, and attention-grabbing. If it’s confusing, too long, or repetitive, people will probably skip it.

  • Give Your Content Value and Purpose

Whenever posting or creating new content, ask yourself first: “Why would anyone want to see this?” Having too little time and too much content to choose from has made people very picky about what they watch. It has also made content eminently skippable. Make content with a purpose, whether it’s to teach your viewers something or just to make them laugh.

  • Join Snapchat+

Subscribing to Snapchat+ will give you access to features you might otherwise not have known about. This will make it easier for you to differentiate your content.

  • Include Your Snapcode on Your Profile Pictures

We already spoke about promoting your profile on other social media. But try incorporating a profile picture that includes your Snapcode, as this is the easiest way for people to find you.

  • Follow as Many People as Possible

They might return the favor. Furthermore, people who follow them might notice you this way. And that’s how you spread the word.

Building an audience on social media isn’t an easy task. Hopefully, at least some of these methods will help you.

How to Make Your Snaps Visible on Spotlight

Spotlight, as the name might suggest, sorts out the snaps with the most views and makes them visible to even more users. Tap the “Play” button at the bottom of your screen and you’ll see snaps that made the Spotlight section. Anyone can post in this section, but you should think of what you post there, as you want people to see only your best work.

If you think you have something that would be worthy of posting to Spotlight, here’s how:

  1. Open Snapchat and create a snap.
  2. In “Send To” choose “Spotlight.”

And there you go, now you’re part of the Spotlight section. Be sure not to tick “Share Anonymously,” as no one will see your profile attached to the snap.

How to Make Your Snaps Stand Out in Spotlight

Logically thinking, this could be an additional way to gain more viewers. Here are some tips on how to make your snaps stand out in the Spotlight section:

  • Be Creative

Use sounds, filters, music, etc. Don’t copy anyone else, or you’ll just be a “duplicate.” Also, keep in mind that these can last between five and 60 seconds.

  • Try Not to Break Copyright Laws

Post only what is really yours. New followers won’t matter if you’re accused of copyright breach.

  • Keep Your Snaps Appropriate for a Wide Audience.

As mentioned, target a specific audience and aim at their interests. But keep in mind that Spotlight will reach a much wider audience than that. So make sure that whatever you post on Spotlight will not offend anyone and get you reported. Otherwise your account will be locked.


Why can snapping in the Spotlight section of Snapchat be a bad idea?

Although this is supposed to get you more views and potentially bring you a wider audience, there’s a negative side to it as well. If your choice of snap is poor, it’s going to be seen by even more people. Which can make them skip your snaps in the future.

But there are tips for these too. Again, keep it creative and ask yourself why someone would find it interesting. Bear in mind that children might see these, so keep it appropriate for all groups. You don’t want to get reported and then have your account blocked.

We All Want to Be Famous, at Least on Social Media

It’s never easy being the center of attention. First, you have to make people notice you, and then continue doing so. The same goes for social media – and Snapchat is no exception. The number of creators and users is growing every day. There are certain ways you can try to stay at the top of the game: posting regularly, keeping it interesting, finding your niche, sharing the everyday life of your business or personal life, promoting your account across other platforms, etc.

How big is your audience on Snapchat? Do you have a secret tip to share about getting more views? Tell us in the comments section below.

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