Snapchat: How to Increase Time

Few things are more frustrating than when you receive a snap and it disappears before you have a chance to fully appreciate it. Unfortunately, you can’t change the amount of time that you have to view other people’s snaps. However, you can become part of the solution and change the amount of time that they have to view yours.

Snapchat: How to Increase Time

How to Set the Time for Your Snap

Editing the amount of time that your friends have to view your snaps is easy. You can edit the amount of time that a snap is visible right when you create the snap.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Tap the Timer icon.
  4. Select a duration. 
  5. Tap the back arrow.
  6. Tap the Send to button.

You can choose between one and ten seconds for the snap. Next time you take a snap, the changes you made to the time will stay the same.

Can You Edit the Time for a Video?

Videos are simply as long as they, well, are. The recipient of the snap will view the entire length of the video.

Videos used to have to be ten seconds or fewer. However, recent updates to the Snapchat app make it possible to create a video that’s effectively a minute long. In actuality, your phone is recording six ten second videos and linking them together. But it all comes to the same thing. To do this, simply take and save six snap videos and upload them all at the same time from your library. Note that these won’t be viewed seamlessly by your Snapchat friends. They will still feel like six short videos.

Looping Snapped Videos

Another way to extend the life of a video is to loop the snapped video. After taking the video, look to the icons on the right hand side. Toward the bottom, where you would normally see the option to set the length for viewing the snap, is a loop icon. Tap this icon to turn your video snap into an infinite loop.

Setting Time Stamps on Snaps

Maybe you’re not interested in extending the life of your snaps. Maybe you came here because you’re wondering how to add a time stamp to your video or image. Doing so is as easy as snapping a photo.

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Snap a photo.
  3. Swipe left with your fingers. This takes you through the filters.
  4. Stop swiping when you get to the clock.

Note that you can’t change the time or date on the time stamp. You’re stuck with whatever day and time it actually is.

Replaying Snaps

In the meantime, if you’re still wishing you had a little more time to view other people’s snaps, you can always replay them. When you see a snap you like, tap and hold it to replay it from the beginning. Make sure to be fast about it though. You can only replay snaps right after you viewed them. As soon as you close them, they’re gone for good.

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