What Does the SnapChat Star Mean

There have been a lot of misunderstandings about the Snapchat gold star icon and what it could mean for users and their friends. When word got out back in 2015 that the star had to do with replaying snaps, many erroneously assumed that it was a creepy way of telling other people how often you replayed their snaps. In other words, if you saw the star next to a friend’s icon, that friend had replayed your snap.

What Does the SnapChat Star Mean

Others went out on a limb and guessed that the gold star meant not only that the person had replayed their snaps, but that they’d replayed those snaps multiple times, thus amping up the creep factor. Now people could tell if someone was obsessing over their snaps.

However, neither of these are true. If you see the gold star next to a user’s name on your friend list, it tells you nothing about how that user views your snaps. All it means is that someone else replayed that person’s snaps in the past 24 hours. Basically, it’s Snapchat’s way of telling you that one of your friends has recently snapped something interesting.

Well, at the very least someone thought it was interesting.

If you want a gold star of your own, you’ll be waiting for a while. Snap something worth re-snapping and your name will appear with a gold star next to it in someone else’s account. But you may not even know.


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