The Best iPhone Remote Apps for a Sony TV

Although the physical remote-control devices included with Sony TVs are a familiar convenience, technology is making even these familiar tools obsolete. Television manufacturers and third parties are now creating remote control mobile apps, allowing you to control your TV from your smartphone. These Sony TV iPhone remote apps have TV and DVD controls built in, so you won’t need the remotes again.

The Best iPhone Remote Apps for a Sony TV

Are you looking for the best Sony TV remote apps? This article reviews the best manufacturer and third-part iPhone apps that can help you ditch your traditional remote.

Best Sony TV Remote Apps for an iPhone

iPhone Sony TV remote apps use the smartphone’s built-in hardware and communication protocol, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, to mimic the functionalities of the traditional remote. Your iPhone and Sony TV should be paired and connected to the same network for the app to function as a remote.

Other third-party apps execute remote commands by integrating Sony TV’s Application Program Interface (API). When you perform a command on the app, like reducing volume, it sends the same signal to Sony TV’s server through its API. The best part is some apps have voice commands, allowing you to control the TV by speaking.

Below is a review of the seven best iPhone Sony TV remote apps:

1. Sonymote

Sonymote is a third-party app unaffiliated with the Sony company but works on all Sony Bravia TVs. If you run iPhone 7.0 or later, you can access all the Sony TV remote features on the app. Its free and paid version connects wirelessly, so you don’t need to be close to the TV. However, your TV and iPhone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Although the app is easy to set up and use, its free version has unskippable ads after five button presses. Unless you upgrade to the paid version, this might give you a negative user experience.

2. Universal Smart TV Remote

Universal Smart TV Remote app might be an appropriate choice if you’re looking for an app with a simple user interface without compromising on necessary features. It replaces all physical remotes for 2016 or later Sony Bravia TVs. Apart from using a Wi-Fi connection, it also leverages an InfraRed communication. This means you can connect the app to the TV via Bluetooth.

Another useful feature of this app is voice recognition support. You can control your TV using voice commands, including to power it on and off. Because the app doesn’t require a subscription, you don’t need to worry about sharing personal data. However, because it uses public APIs, it might collect the devices’ data. Luckily, it’s encrypted in transit to prevent breaches.

3. Smart TV Remote Control Plus

Smart TV Remote Control Plus is an easy-to-use app that supports all smart TV OS. It’s compatible with iPhone 13.0 or later and connects to your TV wirelessly.

Since its launch in 2021, the app has received nine updates which have helped fix bugs, improve performance, and add multiple languages. To get Pro access, you need a weekly, monthly, or annual subscription that auto-renews.

Though the app collects your diagnostics and usage data, it’s not linked to your identity. So you don’t have to worry about your privacy.

4. Sony TV Remote

Sony TV Remote is a free app that looks and operates like an original remote. It’s compatible with iPhone 10.0 or later and connects wirelessly to your TV.

Unlike similar apps, it doesn’t collect any of your data so you can use it without security concerns. Unfortunately, it only supports English.

If you’d want to access more features, you can purchase a premium or lifetime subscription. Your subscription is charged to your iTunes account and renews automatically after expiry. But you can turn off auto-renew from your iTunes account to prevent unwanted charges.

5. Sony Bravia Remote TV Control

Like the remote apps above, the Sony Bravia Remote TV control connects to your Sony TV wirelessly. It’s compatible with iPhone 14.0 or later and has all the remote controls. Apart from controlling your TV, you can also cast your phone videos and photos on the TV. Better still, you can launch TV apps quickly from your phone.

Although the app collects your location, diagnostics, and usage data, it’s not linked to your identity. You can access the features freely, but the app has additional features that you can only access through subscription.

6. Remote Control for Sony

Though Remote Control for Sony is not a Sony product, it’s designed to work on Sony Bravia TVs. The app is compatible with iPhone 12.3 or later and pairs with the TV wirelessly. This means you must connect your TV and the app to the same Wi-Fi connection.

Apart from availing all the remote buttons, the app features a large touchpad for a convenient menu and seamless screen navigation.

You can choose the free version for basic features or the premium version for advanced features and ad-free streaming.

Before using any of these apps, download them from the App Store, connect your iPhone and your Sony TV to the same WiFi network, and pair them.

Connecting Your Sony TV to Your WiFi Network

Here is how to connect your Sony TV to your WiFi:

  1. Switch on your TV and press your remote’s “Home” button.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the home page, select “Network settings,” and hit the “Center button” of the directional pad.
  3. Go to the right sidebar, choose the “Network Set-up” option, and tap the “Center button” of the directional pad and scan, this shows all the available networks.
  4. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to connect. You’ll be ready to connect to the Internet from your Sony TV.

Connecting Your iPhone to Your WiFi Network

Connect your iPhone to the WiFi as follows:

  1. Launch the “Settings app” from your home screen.
  2. Choose “Wi-Fi settings” and enable the “Wi-Fi” toggle.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi connected to your Sony TV, enter the password, and connect.
  4. Go to App Store, search for the Sony TV remote app, and download and install it.

Pairing Your iPhone Remote App with Sony TV

  1. Go to your Sony TV home screen and select “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the “Developer” option. If you can’t see it, select the “About” option still on the settings home page and scroll to the “Build number.” Tap it seven times to enable it.
  3. On the developer option page, enable the “USB debugging” toggle. This is to allow your Sony TV and your iPhone to communicate.
  4. Open the Sony TV remote app.
  5. In the “Available Wi-Fi direct devices” or “Home network,” tap your “Sony TV.
  6. Enter the code on your Sony TV screen in your app, and your phone remote will be ready.

Elevate Your Sony TV Streaming

Maintaining multiple remotes for your Sony TV when you have an iPhone is no longer necessary. You can download free or paid remote apps from your App Store and turn your phone into a remote. All the above apps require you to connect your Sony TV and iPhone to the same WiFi network. Once you pair the devices, you won’t have to repeat the process.

Have you supplemented your Sony TV physical remote with an iPhone remote app? Do you use another app other than the ones discussed above? Tell us in the comment section below.

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