Will Your Sony TV Not Turn On? A Few Common Fixes

The Sony brand is synonymous with top of the line electronics, and their TVs certainly meet those expectations. But what do you do when your TV refuses to turn on?

Will Your Sony TV Not Turn On? A Few Common Fixes

In this article, we’ll show you a few common fixes when it seems that your Sony TV is on the fritz.

Checking Power Issues with Other Peripherals

More often than not, the reason for your TV not powering on could be as simple as a drained remote battery, or an unplugged socket. Here’s a checklist of the most common reasons for an unresponsive TV, and their solutions:

  1. If you’re using the remote, try using the power button on the TV. If it turns on, your remote may be out of batteries or might need servicing.
  2. Check if the power cable is properly plugged in. If the cord is removable, make sure that its securely attached to your TV.
  3. Try performing a power reset. This is done by unplugging the power cable and keeping it unplugged for about two minutes. Then plug the TV back in and try to turn the power on.
  4. If you’re using a surge protector, an extension cord, or a power strip, unplug the cord from the device and plug it directly to the wall socket. If it turns on, then your other device might be faulty.
  5. Try plugging other devices into the wall socket other than the TV. If the device doesn’t turn on as well, then you may have a problem with your socket’s wiring.
  6. If your TV has an Energy Saving Switch, make sure it’s turned on. The TV won’t turn on when Energy Saving is turned off.
    sony tv won't turn on - common fixes

Blinking LED Indicator Lights

The newer models of Sony TVs have LED lights that will blink at different times and in different colors to indicate that it has detected an error. Below is a list of the most common LED indicators and their meanings:

  1. Red – A blinking red LED light means that the TV has experienced a System Error. Most Red LED Errors requires servicing.If the LED is blinking eight times, stops, then blinks eight times again in a cycle, then this is an issue specific to certain TV models. This may be fixed by disconnecting the TV from the network, and performing a power reset.

    If a power reset doesn’t fix this issue, or the Red LED is blinking a different number of times, take note of how many times it blinks then report this to customer support.

    A Red Indicator may also mean that your TV is overheating. Check to see if your device has proper air circulation. If necessary, clean any dust that has accumulated in the TV’s vents or slots.

  2. Orange – If a solid amber or orange LED Indicator is shown, then your TV may be either on a Sleep, or on/off timer. A sleep Timer will turn the TV off automatically after a certain period of time, while an on/off timer will turn it off at a specific time of the day. The Timer feature is accessible in the TV’s settings menu.Some Sony TV models will show a blinking orange LED Indicator if a software update is being received. Wait for this to finish. Do not turn the power off or unplug your television when it’s updating as it may cause System Errors.
  3. Green – A green LED light will appear when you turn on the TV and will stop after it’s on. If the green LED blinks and the TV doesn’t turn on, and repeats the cycle, unplug the TV and do a three-minute power reset. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the television may need servicing.
  4. White – This indicates that the TV is operating as normal.

Getting It Serviced

If all these troubleshooting attempts failed, then it might be best to get your television serviced. Refer to your device’s documentation to know if any warranties still apply. It would be best to have it repaired by an official Sony Repair Center or at least an authorized service center. Having it fixed by unofficial technicians may void your warranty, or may result in Sony refusing to repair any future defects.

sony tv won't turn on - few common fixes

Ignoring the Obvious

Sometimes what seems to be a serious problem can be fixed by a simple solution. It’s easy to ignore the obvious, especially if we automatically assume the worst. You’d be surprised how often thinking calmly leads to a great troubleshooting method.

Do you know of any other common fixes when a Sony TV won’t turn on? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Khafagy Abdelgalil says:
Hello, i have sony bravia 65 inch doesn’t want to turn on, it’s blanket red 6 times then stop and again and again
Jacqueline Reeve says:
My TV was on and was hoovering. I came back and it was off. I thought it had gone off because I hadn’t pressed the button that comes up when it’s going ton turn off unless you press a button. I have unplugged it a few times but the TV won’t come on.

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