How to Use Split Screen with Black Ops 4 on PS4

Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooters released in this century. It started as a PC game, but it quickly made it to platforms like Sony PlayStation and Xbox One. Black Ops 4 is the first Call of Duty game with a Battle Royale mode and it attracted millions of players. If you own a PS4 or an Xbox One, you can split the screen into two and enjoy the game with a friend. Stay with us and learn how to split the screen on your console.

How to Use Split Screen with Black Ops 4 on PS4

Split-Screen Feature Saves the Day

Before we get into the details, you should know that the split-screen feature in Black Ops 4 is available only to console players. PC titles usually get the most features and support, but that’s not the case with the latest Call of Duty title.


The feature has been available since the day one, but it was removed for a short period in July 2019. The move was made because of some technical issues with servers, but it returned improved just a month later. The feature creates a horizontal split-screen and allows you to play a Duo Battle Royale game online, a thing no game’s ever done before. It’s easy to set up, and it works surprisingly well.

PS4 Split Screen Setup

Before you can set up the split-screen feature in Black Ops 4, you have to activate your console as the primary device on both your main and guest accounts. The guest can activate the account after the first round in the game. When that’s done, reload the game and look at the upper right corner of the screen. It should notify you that the split-screen feature is ready and that player 2 should press the “X” button. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Sign into your PS account.
  2. Navigate to “Settings” and choose “Account Management” from the available options.
  3. Next, choose “Activate as Your Primary PS4.”
  4. Select “Activate.”
  5. Get the second controller and repeat the process as the guest.
  6. Load the game by pressing on the “Home” button on the first controller.
  7. Hit the “X” button on the guest controller and add the player to the in-game lobby.
  8. Select the game mode and enjoy.

Xbox One Split Screen Setup

The split-screen setup on Xbox One is similar to the one on PS4, but it’s a bit easier. Again, you first have to make sure that your console is set as the primary device with both primary and guest accounts. After that, load the game, and the split-screen option will appear in the main lobby. Here is how you do that:

  1. Sign into your Xbox account with the first controller.
  2. Press the “Guide” button and navigate to “Settings.”
  3. From there, select the “Personalization” option and choose “My Home Xbox.”
  4. Load Black Ops 4.
  5. Get the second controller and sign in as a guest.
  6. Press the “A” button on the second controller to add the guest in the lobby.
  7. Start the game and enjoy.

Battle Royale Helicopter Locations – Bonus Tip

Playing in the Battle Royal mode with a friend in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is a lot of fun. However, you will be facing many other teams of two players, so you’ll need all the advantage you can get. One of the best things in this game mode is that you can fly a helicopter.


Finding one won’t be so easy because they spawn randomly in several locations on the map. If you want an edge over your competition, look for a helicopter in one of these locations:

  1. Estates
  2. Construction Site
  3. Firing Range
  4. Factory
  5. Turbine
  6. Nuketown Island
  7. Cargo Dock

With a little luck, you will be able to snatch the helicopter before other teams and dominate the rest of the match from the air.

Split Screen on Black Ops 4 PS4

Ready, Set, Go

If you own a copy of Black Ops 4 and one of the mentioned consoles, you can split the screen and have fun playing Battle Royale matches with a friend. This game mode is very competitive, so you need all the help you can get. Check the special locations and find a helicopter that will help dominate the game. Good luck, soldier.

What is your favorite location in Call of Duty Black Ops 4? Did you ever try the split-screen feature? Tell us what you like about the game in the comments section below.

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