How to Stop the AOL Automatic Sign In

When you set up your AOL account, there is a possibility that you will stay signed-in. This means that each time you turn on your computer or open AOL website, your AOL profile will open too.

How to Stop the AOL Automatic Sign In

Staying signed-in can be inconvenient if other people have access to your device. This means that anyone can open your profile with just one click. Fortunately, you can easily fix this problem on both your web browser and smartphone app.

This article will explain how to disable the AOL automatic sign-in from any device.

How to Stop AOL Automatic Sign-in in Web Browser

If the web browser is always logged in to your profile when you open AOL, you can disable it easily. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser. This should be the browser that you always use and where you are signed-in to AOL.
  2. Open the AOL website and access your profile.
  3. On the top-right side of the page next to your name, you will see a ‘Log Out’ button.
  4. Click ‘Log Out.’
    stop the aol automatic sign in
  5. The website may prompt you to confirm logging out. If this happens, confirm it. This is important since you need to modify your login options next time you sign-in.
  6. On the same top-right side you’ll see a ‘Login/Join’ button. Click it.
  7. A sign-in page will appear. Type in your username or email.
    how to stop aol automatic sign in
  8. Uncheck the ‘Stay Signed In’ option.

stop aol automatic sign in

If you disable the ‘Stay signed in’ option, your browser will not remember your credentials. This way nobody will be able to access your profile when you exit it.

Stop AOL Automatic Sign-In on Your Smartphone

Both Android and iOS support AOL app. The first time you log in to your AOL app, you will stay logged in until you manually disable it. This means that anyone with access to your phone can easily search your AOL profile and email.

To prevent this from happening you should:

  1. Open the AOL app from your smartphone’s app menu.
  2. In the bottom menu, find Settings (gear icon).
    how to stop the aol sign in
  3. You will see a big blue ‘Manage accounts’ button.
    stop the aol sign in
  4. Under ‘Use These Accounts in AOL,’ find your account.
  5. Tap the blue switch icon next to your account. This will sign you out of the account.
    how to stop aol sign in
  6. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm.
  7. Tap ‘Turn off account’.
  8. You will receive a notification that you’ve disabled the account.

To enable your account again, follow the steps 1-4 and tap the button next to your username.

If you want to remove the account completely, you should follow steps 1-3. Then you should:

  1. Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right of the screen.
  2. A red ‘Remove’ option should appear next to your account.
  3. Tap it. The confirmation window will pop-up.
  4. Tap ‘Remove’ account.

This way you will have to Add an account by yourself next time that you open the app. If you choose to remove account completely nobody will be able to access it manually without credentials.

Stop AOL Automatic Sign-In on Your Computer Program

AOL computer program is unavailable to download for quite some time. AOL Desktop Gold has replaced it, and it signs you in from a web browser. But, if you installed the desktop service in the past, you can continue using it until you remove it permanently.

The desktop program will sign you in every time you turn on your computer if you don’t disable it. To stop this, you should:

  1. Open the AOL on your desktop and log in to your account.
  2. Choose ‘Keywords.’
    stop aol sign in
  3. Select ‘Search by Keyword.’
  4. Enter ‘Start-up settings.’
  5. This will open the ‘AOL Fast Star’ window.
    aol automatic sign in
  6. Find ‘Automatically sign on with this screen name when I open AOL.’
  7. Uncheck the checkbox next to it.
  8. Press the ‘Save’ button and restart your computer.

Next time you restart your computer, the desktop service shouldn’t sign you in automatically anymore.

To revert to the previous option, repeat the steps 1-5. Then type the screen name and password and tick ‘Automatically sign on with this screen name when I open AOL.’ If you ever want to enable automatic sign in, think twice. Once you do it, anyone who has access to your computer will have access to your account, and therefore to your email.

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