How To Tag Someone in TikTok

Have you recorded a video with a friend, and you want to give them the due credit? Or do you want to address somebody in a comment section of a video? All of this can be done by tagging TikTok users.

How To Tag Someone in TikTok

This article will walk you through tagging someone on different devices and answer additional questions about tagging on TikTok.

How to Tag Someone in TikTok on an iPhone or Android

There are many reasons why you’d want to tag someone in a video. Maybe that person is in the video with you, or you’ve got the inspiration for your video from another user, and you want to tag them. Either way, the tagging process is pretty straightforward.

You can tag users in your images on social media networks like Instagram. On TikTok, however, you can’t tag users directly in your videos. Alternatively, a way to tag someone in your TikTok video is to mention them in the video’s caption. People can click on someone’s username to visit their account if you mention them in the caption of your video.

To tag someone in a TikTok on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “+” icon.
  2. Make a TikTok or upload a video.
  3. Select “Next.”
  4. Tap on “Next” one more time.
  5. Choose the “@Friends” option.
  6. Select the individual you wish to tag by searching for them.
  7. Post the video.

Another way to tag someone on TikTok is to tag them in the comment section. Mentioning someone in the comment section can be done for a few reasons:

  • You want to reply to someone’s comment, so you can tag them so that they’re notified.
  • You want to tag a friend in the comment section to share some thoughts about TikTok with them.
  • You want to mention someone in the comment section in hopes that they would reply to your comment.

To mention someone in the comments of a TikTok is a simple process, and the steps on an iPhone are:

  1. Launch the TikTok app.
  2. Tap the video you’d like to leave a comment on.
  3. The chat bubble icon will open the comment section. It’s on the right side of the screen; it’s the third symbol from the top.
  4. Tap on “Say something nice.” It can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select “@”; it’s in the “Say something nice” box’s far-right corner.
  6. Choose the name of the user you want to mention. You’ll be able to find the user on the list if you’re friends with them. If not, put the person’s username into the top-of-the-screen search bar, then tap their name in the search results.
  7. Press “Send” after typing your comment.

How to Tag Someone in TikTok on a PC

Using TikTok on a PC was a difficult task for some time. Users had no choice but to use odd desktop software or Android emulators, but that era is over.

TikTok has officially created a TikTok PC application, which can be used directly from a web browser. The features are mostly the same as on the mobile apps. However, you’ll have to get used to the desktop interface, which can be a bit perplexing at first. Some functions are also limited, but it’s a wonderful place to start.

Luckily, you can upload and tag people in your TikToks from a desktop now. The steps are:

  1. Click on the “+” symbol.
  2. Upload a video from your PC.
  3. Press the “Next” button two times.
  4. Select “@Friends” on the caption tab.
  5. Find the person you want to tag by searching for them.
  6. Post the video.

How to Tag Someone in TikTok on an iPad

Since iPads and iPhones use the same iOS operating system, the TikTok apps are similar. So, the steps to tag someone in a TikTok using your iPad are very similar to using an iPhone.

  1. Click the “+” icon.
  2. Create a TikTok or upload a video from your iPad.
  3. Tap “Next” twice.
  4. Select “@Friends.”
  5. Search for the person you want to tag.
  6. Post the video to your account.

You can also tag users in the comment section. The steps to do so are:

  1. Open the TikTok application.
  2. Tap the video on which you want to leave a comment.
  3. The comment section will open when you click the chat bubble icon.
  4. Press the “Say something nice” button at the very bottom of the screen.
  5. Click “@” in the far-right corner of the “Say something nice” box.
  6. Select the user whose name you wish to mention.
  7. After you’ve finished entering your comment, tap “Send.”

Additional FAQs

What Does It Mean to Tag Someone on TikTok?

If you tag someone in the caption of your video, it means that the person is somehow related to the making of your video. For example, the person appeared with you in the video or helped you make it.

Or maybe you’ve just seen a video that that person made, and you got inspired by them. In this case, tagging means that you give credit to them and let people know where you got your inspiration from. Tagging makes it easier for users to go to their profile and check out the original video.

If you tag someone in the comment section, it simply means that you are mentioning them in the comment. You can mention someone if you want to reply to their comment or see the video and the comment section. Tagging could also be an invitation for them to comment on the video as well.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on TikTok?

Not being able to tag can happen because of your or someone’s privacy settings. You can adjust your setting to disable someone who isn’t your friend to tag you. If someone has this enabled and isn’t your friend, you won’t be able to tag them.

Another reason is that the user you wanted to tag deleted their account or blocked you. As a blocked user, you won’t be able to access their profile in any way.

Give Credit Where It’s Due

Tagging others in your photos or videos is an excellent way to acknowledge or credit them on social media networks. If you forget to tag someone in your video’s caption, the best you can do is tag them in the comment section. Viewers will be able to discover the user’s TikTok profile and check them out.

Have you ever tagged someone on TikTok? Do you think tagging is beneficial? Let us know in the comment section below!

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