How To Power On or Off a TCL TV Without a Remote

A broken or misplaced remote will make navigating your smart TV a challenge. However, you don’t have to give up your Netflix binge sessions until your new remote arrives. You can easily turn your TCL TV on and off with its power button.

How To Power On or Off a TCL TV Without a Remote

Can’t find the power button? Read on to learn where to look and how to navigate your TCL TV without a remote control.

How to Find the Power Button on a TCL TV

So, you pressed your remote’s power button, but nothing happened. Before you start smashing your remote, hoping it will magically start working, consider turning your TV on using its power button.

While TCL TVs don’t seem to have a power button at first glance, they do. It’s just hidden so skillfully that groping in the dark doesn’t always help.

For most models, the power button is located directly under the TCL logo in the middle, so this is the first place you should look. Feel the back of the TV under the logo to find it. Note that it can be quite far behind.

If you can’t locate the power button under the logo, check behind the right-hand side of the lower bezel. If this attempt wasn’t fruitful, feel around the back of the TV, particularly the middle of the right-hand side. Be careful while doing this not to tip your TV forward accidentally.

Locating the power button on a device with such a minimal design as a TCL TV isn’t easy. Don’t hesitate to consult your user manual if you need more help.

How to Power On a TCL TV Without a Remote

Turning your TCL TV on without its remote will be a breeze now that you know where to find the power button. Just press the button once, and you’ll be greeted by your home screen.

To actually watch something, you can navigate the menu with the same power button:

  1. Call forth the menu by pressing the power button once.
  2. Press it again to move on to the next option on the list.
  3. Wait a few seconds without pressing anything to select an option.

While it’s not the most convenient way to navigate a smart TV, you can also change channels on your device in the same way.

How to Power Off a TCL TV Without a Remote

If you need to leave the house but can’t find your remote, use this method to turn your TCL TV off:

  1. Reach behind the TCL logo on your TV’s lower bezel to find the power button.
  2. Press the button once. If your TV is on standby mode, it will turn off. Alternatively, a menu would pop up if the TV was on.
  3. Push the button again to navigate the menu until you can select “Power Off.”
  4. The next step depends on your TV’s model. Some models will power off automatically after a few seconds. For others, you’ll need to press and hold the power button after selecting “Power off.”

What to Do Until You Get a Remote

Don’t worry; you won’t have to get up whenever you want to change channels until you find a replacement for your remote. Instead, you can use an alternative: your phone.

Most TCL TVs use Roku as their interface. If yours fits this profile, the official Roku remote control app is at your disposal.

  1. Go to your TV’s Settings and select “System.”
  2. Pick “Advanced System Settings.”
  3. Find “Control by Mobile App” and set “Network Access” to “Default.”
  4. Download and launch the Roku app for iOS or Android.
  5. Make sure your TV and phone are connected to the same network.
  6. The app will find your TV automatically, and you can select it.

The Show Must Go On

Finding your TCL TV’s power button can make you feel like you’re in an escape room. However, this carefully hidden magic key can save you when you have issues with your remote control. Continue enjoying your shows even in the absence of your remote, or install a remote app to your phone to make things easier.

Did you manage to find your TCL TV’s power button? Do you have any tips to share with those still looking? Let us know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “How To Power On or Off a TCL TV Without a Remote”

Alan Stanley says:
I dont have a button anywhere on my tcl tv
steve thomas says:
There is no power button on mine beneath the logo. Just a pastic cover which is not removable.
Annie says:
Can’t find the power button
Linda biller says:
I pushed the power button on and nothing happened now what do I do
Steve Larner says:
The TCL TV may be defective or try unplugging the TV, holding down the power button to drain residual energy, plugging it back in, and then trying the power button again.

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