The Best Tears of the Kingdom Armor Sets

Like in “Breath of the Wild,” in “Tears of the Kingdom,” players have armor sets that can be obtained in various ways. Armor sets consist of two or three pieces and may take much work to put together, while others are easier to find. Not all armor sets grant the player bonuses and special effects – some are just there for aesthetics.

The Best Tears of the Kingdom Armor Sets

Read on to learn about all armor sets in “Tears of the Kingdom,” the set bonuses of each armor, and where to find them.

Armor Sets Explained

Finding each piece of a particular armor set can be troublesome. However, in most cases, it’s worth the trouble considering the bonuses each set gives. Each armor piece provides the player with a specific effect or passive bonus, and collecting all three grants a set bonus, such as Gloom Resistance, Shock Resistance, Fireproof, etc.

Although some armor sets don’t have special bonuses like Hylian, Royal Guard, Soldier’s, and Champion’s armor, you can get them as cosmetic upgrades. There are more than 30 armor sets in “Tears of the Kingdom,” so obtaining those that improve your combat skill or ease your traveling through Hyrule is recommended. Also, you can upgrade the sets to gain higher stats, but you’ll need various materials and money to do so.

Here is the list of all armor sets in this Zelda game and their specifications.

Ancient Hero’s Aspect

The Ancient Hero’s Aspect armor set doesn’t have a passive bonus but gives the player the “Master Sword Beam Up” bonus when they complete the set. If you have this item, equipping this armor set allows you to shoot with Master Sword at a more significant distance than before.

When upgraded to the max or level 4 by the Great Fairies, the armor grants 84 extra defenses. You must complete all the Shrines in the game to obtain this set.

Armor of Awakening

This set also doesn’t have a passive bonus but gives the set bonus “Attack Up,” which means it boosts a player’s attack stat. You must solve Misko’s puzzles and collect Mask, Tunic, and Trousers of Awakening to complete the set.

Armor of the Depths

The Depths armor set gives the player Gloom Resistance as a passive bonus and set bonus, meaning that each time you resist gloom damage, you get a heart. You need to gather a Tunic, Gaiters, and Hood of the Depths by praying at the Bargainer statues found in The Depths.

Attack Boost Armor Sets

Apart from the Armor of Awakening, some armor sets in “Tears of the Kingdom” give “Attack Up” set bonuses and no passive effects. These armors are:

  • Armor of Time
  • Armor of Wind
  • Armor of Twilight
  • Armor of Sky
  • Armor of Hero

The Phantom set also increases your attack with a passive bonus instead of a set bonus.

Barbarian and Fierce Deity Armors

Both armor’s passives increases your attack, while the set bonus decreases your stamina needed for charging attacks. Barbarian Helm, Armor, and Legwraps’ locations will be revealed when you finish Misko’s Treasure tasks, while items for Fierce Deity can be found in The Depths.

Armors Relying on Weather

Charged, Ember, and Frostbite sets have a passive that boosts your attacks during a particular weather, while the sets’ bonuses make your charged attacks stronger and faster. Charged armor increases your attack during stormy weather, Ember during hot, and Frostbite during cold weather. You can find Charged armor pieces near Dracozu Lake, Ember armor near Death Mountain, and Frostbite near Hebra Mountains.

Climbing Armor

As the name suggests, this set allows you to climb faster and decreases the stamina needed when jumping while climbing. The Climbing Bandana, Boots, and Gear can be found around Hyrule Ridge and near Lanayru.

Dark Armor

The Dark set doesn’t have a passive effect, but the set bonus allows you to move faster throughout the night, which can be helpful when exploring The Depths. Three pieces needed for completing this set can be obtained by praying at Bargainer statues.

Desert Voe

Desert Voe provides Heat Resistance as a passive bonus. Wearing the entire set reduces the damage you take from electrical attacks, i.e., provides Shock Resistance. You can buy items for this set at Gerudo Town for Rupees.

Evil Spirit

Evil Spirit armor is the way to go if you like lurking around Hyrule. Its passive increases your stealth, while the set bonus boosts damage dealt with bone weapons and protects you from Stal mobs. You can obtain this armor by gathering its pieces during Prophecy quests.


Flamebreaker’s passive is “Flame Guard,” while the set bonus gives you Fireproof, providing you with Flame Resistance. You can buy the three armor pieces at Goron City for some Rupees.


This set is suitable for climbing in the rain. Passive effects give you Slip Resistance, while the set bonus makes you Slip Proof, minimizing the risk of falling. Find the NPC called Traysi at Rito Village to get the quest for Froggy armor pieces.

Glide Armor

The Glide set is suitable for air travel since it increases skydiving mobility and reduces fall damage. Each piece of armor can be found on a different island: Mask on Valor Island, Shirt on Courage, and Tights on Bravery.


Another armor set that can be utilized in dark areas and found in The Depths. This one allows you to glow in the dark, leaving glowing traces behind you.


This set doesn’t have a set bonus, but its passive “Rupee Padding” allows you to lose the currency instead of your hearts when you take damage. All three pieces can be purchased in Kotlin’s Shop for Bubbul Gems.


Radiant armor doesn’t have a passive bonus, but when you complete the set, you gain increased attacks while using bone weapons and protection from Stal mobs. You must finish the quest at Kakariko Village and buy the armor pieces with Rupees to obtain them.

Rubber Armor

This armor set gives you Shock Resistance and Lighting Proof. Items of clothing for Rubber armor are all found in caves near Hyrule Field, Necluda, and Lanayru.


The set bonus for Snowquill armor is “Unfreezable,” rendering Link immune to freezing to death, while the passive gives Cold Resistance. You can buy its pieces at Rito Village for Rupees.

Stealth and Yiga Armor

Stealth and Yiga are two armor sets that increase your stealth, allowing you to move around easier in The Depths and dangerous areas. The passive bonus increases your stealth speed, while the set bonus enhances moving during nighttime. Finish the quest at Kakariko Village and spend some Rupees to obtain armor pieces for the Stealth set while killing Yiga members grants you Yiga armor.

Zonaite Armor

The Zonaite armor set is useful when using Zonai devices, batteries, and Energy Cells. The passive bonus increases the energy’s life span, while the set bonus doubles the recharging speed. Zonaite Helm, Waistguards, and Shin Guards are on Sky Islands.

Zora Armor

Zora set increases your swimming speed and boosts your stamina when dashing. This means your stamina will drain much slower when moving through water. Zora Helm, Armor, and Greaves can be found near the Lanayru area in the sky and on land.

Protect Yourself in Tears of the Kingdom

Each armor set contains special bonuses and effects useful for players in the new Zelda game. If you have multiple armor sets, you can equip them based on your needs and the situation. Most armor sets are helpful, while some are just for aesthetic appeal. Acquiring them all can be troublesome, but since some provide the same boosts, you’ll never need to collect every armor set.

Which armor set do you use the most|? Which do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments section below.

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