How to Fuse a Bow in Tears of the Kingdom

The Fuse ability is an excellent addition for thrill seekers in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” (TotK). Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of Hyrule or improve your fighting prowess, Fuse will help you conquer everything in your path. But before you explore the wilds, you’ll need to know how to use this ability. Sharpening this skill will help you get the most out of your melee weapons.

How to Fuse a Bow in Tears of the Kingdom

This article will focus on how to Fuse bows and use them in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

Fusing Objects to Bows in TotK

Items such as Elemental Chuchu Jelly and the Keese Eyeball are some notable objects you can Fuse to bows in TotK. You’ll need arrows to Fuse your bows. Thankfully, they’re a standard item in Hyrule. You can also buy them from a store at Lookout Landing (-0208, 0080, 0019).

Here’s how you can Fuse the different items in Hyrule to your bow:

  1. Click on the “ZR” button to equip your bow.
  2. Long-press the “ZR” key to draw your aim.
  3. Simultaneously press “Up” on the D-pad.
  4. Move the analog stick around to select the item you want to fuse to your bow.
  5. Let go of the “Up” button to Fuse the item into your bow.

You can always reverse the Fuse by pressing the “B” button.

Understanding Bow Fusion

Link’s Fuse ability is one of the most valuable abilities in TotK. Using the ability, you can use an abundance of items to create more potent weapons. Still, there are specific combinations that will help you create unique buffs ideal for facing enemies. Below are some of the top items you can fuse to the arrows to increase their attack power.

Fusing the Savage Lynel Bow

This is one of the most superior bow fusions in TotK. Typically able to shoot at least three arrows at once, this weapon boasts a base damage of 32. This means you can deliver 96-level damage on the enemy with one strike. Combining the Savage Lynel Bow with the Blower can quickly prove disastrous to the enemy.

You’ll have to defeat Lynel to obtain this weapon. Defeating a Silver Lynel will get you the most potent fusion, delivering five instant arrow shots at a go. In contrast, the White-Maned Lynel will grant you the three-arrow shot once you kill it. These are all single-use items.

Fusing the Great Eagle Bow

This bow delivers 28 base damage. But it can only provide a three-shot blow to the enemy. One attack gives 84 damage. Once fused with precious material, this bow will make you unstoppable. However, you’ll have to complete the “Tulin of Rito Village” quest to obtain the Great Eagle bow. The non-player character (NPC) Teba will design the bow for you.

Best Fusing Combinations for Your Bow

There are many weapon combinations you can come up with in the game. The Fuse ability allows you to go wild with your creativity. While there’s no guarantee that everything you create will be useful, some weapon fusions stand out from the rest due to their performance and durability. The list below highlights some of the best elements you can fuse to your bow to help unleash the perfect attack.

Bomb Flowers

Fusing the Bomb Flowers to your arrows make for an explosive weapon. Be swift in releasing these items because they trigger quickly. The product of this fusion is one of the most powerful melee weapons in TotK.

Brightbloom Seeds

These seeds are renowned for lighting the paths in Hyrule. Fusing Brightbloom Seeds to your arrow helps deliver the same effect as when exploring Hyrule’s untamed and dark regions. But, they provide a much better reach.


If you’re looking to blind your enemy during battle, you can forge the perfect weapon by fusing the Puffshroom and your arrow. The arrow resulting from the fusions produces a cloudy haze of smoke after the weapon hits the enemy.

Red Chuchu Jelly

The fusion of these two items can help you burn various materials in the game.

Courser Bee Honey

Fusing an arrow with Courser Bee Honey will inflict literal stings on the enemy. The arrow resulting from these interactions spawns bees that will devastate your enemy.

Keese Eyeballs

These eyeballs provide a unique effect when fused to arrows. Anything that’s fused with this item has a better honing result. For arrows, this fusion will help you accurately target swift and mobile enemies with the ability to fly. There are various eyeball types available. Some, such as the Keese Ice eyeball, will freeze your enemy during the attack.

Monster Horns

You will come across numerous horns when journeying through Hyrule. Once in a while, you may find yourself with more horns than you may need in your inventory. Fusing this item with your arrows will provide an extra boost to your arrow’s attack power. While they aren’t as impressive as other fusion materials, they’re plentiful and effective, especially for weaker enemies.

Muddle Bud Arrows

These purple Muddle Bud flowers may look harmless, but when fused to the arrow and fired at the enemy, this weapon explodes, leaving behind a trail of pink cloudy dust. The dust leaves behind confused enemies who start fighting against each other instead. Imagine going to war only to have your enemies attack each other. The Muddle Bud arrow combo is the perfect fusion set for a monster-infested area in TotK.

However, they are quite rare and can only be acquired in the Depths.


Where can you find bows in Tears of the Kingdom?

You can locate them inside the Ranger Constructs on the Great Sky Islands.

Can you Unfuse bows?

Yes. Fusing is reversible. But in most cases, you’ll have to forego the material merged with your bow. If you want to preserve the materials, you’ll have to head to Pelison to seek help from the Goron child.

Is the Fusing ability a worthy acquisition in Tears of the Kingdom?

Yes. Unlocked in the In-isa shrine, this ability will make your journey through Hyrule easier. It packs quite a punch and is highly useful in completing many quest challenges.

Exploring the Bow Fusing Ability

You can have a lot of fun with the Fusing ability in TotK. It allows you to accomplish excellent tool upgrades that may come in handy when exploring Hyrule. There are hardly any limitations to the melee weapon combinations you can develop. But, depending on how you employ this ability, some weapons can be outstanding while others can be deemed useless.

Does Fusing your bows have a significant impact on the overall gameplay? What would you propose the TotK developers do to improve this aspect of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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