A-List: The best tech you can buy in 2020

Technology changes so much that it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new gadgets available today. In 2020, there are a ton of devices that can help you manage your home, your office, your family, and more. Fortunately, this article will help you navigate the best technology for your needs today.

A-List: The best tech you can buy in 2020

Rather than cover the best smartphones or laptops (which is really debatable) we’ve decided to cover some of the best tech that you probably haven’t heard of or that has features you didn’t know existed.

The Best Tech for Work

Vector Robot from Anki

Let’s be honest, even if you love your job, you probably need something to boost your morale. Vector the robot does just that. This small desk robot will respond to your voice, set reminders, work with your Alexa products to control thermostats, and more.

Not only there to keep you organized and comfortable, but Vector will also keep you entertained with his/her companionship throughout your day.

Huawei Wifi Pro

There are a lot of mobile hotspots available on the market today. Some are carrier-specific while others are unlocked devices you can take anywhere. Also, most smartphones already have mobile hotspot functions, so why are we talking about a hotspot in this article when it’s such a popular technology?

Mobile hotspots are riddled with issues. They drain battery life, they’re locked into one carriers’ network, and some are quite bulky. The Huawei Wifi Pro is not only a pocket-sized hotspot, but it’s also unlocked, and it has a battery bank. The massive 6400 mAh battery is ideal for those who want to take their work out of the office. You can travel the world or just go to a park. Either way, you’ll have internet and a power source with this tech.

Mophie 4 in 1 Charging Station

One thing the office doesn’t need is more cords. With Mophie’s QI wireless charging station you can charge most of your tech in one place. With only one cord, this charging station reduces cord clutter and makes it easier to charge your mobile devices.

Not only can you charge wirelessly, the station includes on additional USB port for a third device and works with Apple, Samsung, and Google devices.

The Best Tech for School

Students around the globe are having to adapt to a new way of learning this year. Whether you’re in college, or you have younger children, there is some great tech available to help them adapt to the new normal of education.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet

There are a lot of Chromebooks available on the market today. The simple ChromeOS makes it a lightweight and user-friendly device to complete most schoolwork.

Why do we love this one so much? For starters, it’s a tablet/Chromebook duo. The touchscreen makes it super easy for your student to fill out forms and complete assignments, while the classic Chromebook functionality makes it easy to do just about anything else. We also love that this is one of the more affordable options on the market the today.

Reacher Digital Alarm Clock with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is just one of the best outcomes of modern technology, especially for younger users who often forget to charge their phones. Not only does the Reacher digital clock have excellent reviews, it’s functional with an additional USB port to minimize night stand clutter and keep everything in one place.

For students who need their sleep, silent your phone and set this alarm to wake you up instead. The display has 6 levels of brightness, and the FM radio means you can wake up to the familiar sounds of your favorite music if you aren’t into loud beeps first thing in the morning.

UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is great, but this hand held station includes a UV light to kill bacteria and keep your student going. It sanitizes more than your phone though. Put your Airpods, pens, sunglasses, or anything else you’d like. Don’t bring germs back home on the items you touch everyday with this UV sanitizer.

The Best Tech for Home

The digital era has done wonders for the home. From security to thermostat control, there’s no absence of options for your home. Let’s talk about some of the best tech available today for the home. Just keep in mind, there are a lot of options out there so we’re highlighting some brands, but there may be others available that work better for you.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo line-up is a no brainer. With hundreds of compatible brands and a small price tag, these devices take you right into home automation without cleaning out the bank. The Echo Show line features a great display while the Echo Dot line is compact and versatile.

Link your Echo devices to most home security and cameras, use them as an intercom, shop, and more. Away from home and want to talk to your dog? Use Amazon’s drop-in feature right from your phone. Listen to your favorite music all over the house, or set reminders for your family members, all while away.

Smart Home Security & Locks

There really are too many great options to cover in one article let alone one section of an article. Smart home options in 2020 range from automatic door locks, to cameras, doorbells, and security alarms. Have you ever left the house and couldn’t remember if you locked the door? There’s a smart home device for that. What about your thermostat? There’s one for that too.

You’ve probably heard of the Ring Doorbell which captures and notifies your of movement at your front door. But there are a ton of available options. Most are low-cost and simple to install making them even more practical than having a paid service with a contract.

Smart Home Appliances

From wall outlets, to vacuums, to air fryers, you can control the most basic tasks in your home right from your phone. The majority of these devices are already compatible with your Amazon Echo devices too!

There’s even a robotic lawn mower, so you really can get more done in 2020 with smart appliances.

The Best Tech for Families

All of the tech we’ve listed above is great for families, but we’d love to highlight a few other devices that really help families keep in touch and stay safe even when they’re apart.

Apple Watch Series 6

So far, we’ve strayed from the obvious best tech (smartphones, laptops, monitors) to make room for some of the tech you didn’t even know you needed. But, the Series 6 Apple Watch has one feature you may not know about. In the early days of Apple’s smart watches, each family member needed their own iPhone. Not anymore. One iPhone in the family can power other Apple Watches.

For tracking, health monitoring, and communication, the newest version of the Apple Watch only needs a cellular connection.


For families with younger children, then entire Owlet line is amazing. Heart rate monitors and baby monitors with high-definition cameras really add peace-of-mind for new parents or those of younger children.

There are a ton of other brands that offer similar functionality too so you can choose the tech that works best for your needs.


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