How to Summon Bosses in Terraria

Taking down “Terraria” bosses can be grueling. Yet, seasoned players can attest that it’s one of the most exciting aspects of this sandbox game. If you’re up for a challenge, summoning these fierce bosses may be right up your alley. It can be instrumental in helping you advance through the game. But ensure you’re equipped with sufficient and powerful armor to increase your chances of survival.

How to Summon Bosses in Terraria

Read on to learn how to summon bosses in “Terraria.”

How to Summon Standard Terraria Bosses

Pre-hardmode and hardmode are the two types of bosses players can summon in “Terraria.” However, you can only access hardmode bosses once you complete your initial playthrough. Take note that you’ll have to apply different techniques when summoning each boss.

While some can be triggered with special items bought from the Summoner, others can only appear when you interact with the environment in specific ways. Mini-bosses and event bosses can only be summoned during special events.

Triggering these boss groups is one of the easier tasks in the game. Below is a progression list of how you can summon and tackle the pre-hardmode bosses:

King Slime

King Slime is a relatively easy boss to defeat. You can use a Slime Crown to summon this boss or eliminate 150 slimes when a slime rain event occurs. The only way to obtain a Slime Crown is to craft it with the help of 20 Gel and a Gold or Platinum Crown. You’ll have to make it at the Demon or Crimson Altar.

Eye of Cthulhu

There’s at least a 30% chance that this boss will appear at the start of each night cycle if you’ve got over 200 Hit Points (HP) and 10 Defense. You should have at least three non-player characters (NPCs) living in houses. You can also summon this boss using the Suspicious Looking Eye. The boss will despawn if you don’t defeat it before night end.

Eater of Worlds

You can only find this boss in areas with a Crimson Altar. It spawns naturally every time Worm Food is used. You can also summon it by destroying three Shadow Orbs within the corruption chasms using explosives or a pickaxe with 65% power.

Unlike the other two bosses listed above, you’ll need to be more careful when tackling this boss, as he can be a pain to kill, even for seasoned players. The best way to win against him is to target his head and tail with piercing weapons to keep him from regenerating into multiple worms.

Brain of Cthulhu

You can trigger this floating evil minion by breaking three Crimson Hearts. It will also appear each time you’re done using a Bloody Spine. Though it has a relatively low HP, the army of creepers it has and its two attack types can present a challenge. You can only find this boss in crimson chasms.

Queen Bee

Finding this monster is pretty straightforward. You have to locate its larva in the underground jungle and destroy it. An alternative way of triggering the Queen Bee is using Abeemination anywhere in the jungle biome. You can make this by combining a jar of honey, five hives, five honey blocks, and a stinger.


A single hit from this towering monster can destroy you. Therefore, you must defeat it before the night ends to avoid elimination. You can summon him by speaking to the old NPC at the dungeon’s entrance in the evening. Defeating Skeletron is the only way you can access the dungeon.

Wall of Flesh

This horrid-looking monster is infamous for its burps, which produce hostile leeches. It’s the last boss in the pre-hardmode category. You can summon it by hurling a Guide Voodoo Doll into a pool of lava. Please note that it’s pretty strong and boasts a decent-sized health pool.

Hardmode Bosses in Terraria

This mode boasts higher-level bosses that are more advanced in terms of their health and strength pool. While some are optional, it is best to go through all of them to boost your stats in the game.

Queen Slime

This is a fairly easy boss to tackle, given the category it falls in. Find Gelatin Crystals in the Underground Hallow and destroy them to summon her.

The Twins

These eyes bear a remarkable semblance to the Eye of Cthulhu. They have two identities: one is referred to as Spazmatism, and the other as Retinazer. You can summon them at night with the aid of the Mechanical Eye. It’s best to stay defensive when approaching this hardmode boss, as both eyes have different HP and fighting techniques.

The Destroyer

You can summon this boss at night using a Mechanical Worm. Although most players rank it as one of the easiest bosses in this category, the lethal lasers it throws in a non-stop sequence shouldn’t be underestimated.

Skeleton Prime

This is a modified version of Skeletron and, therefore, much more powerful. Like his predecessor, you’ll have to eliminate it before sunrise, and one hit from him will kill you. The Mechanical Skull is the best item to use to summon him. Remember, it’ll only work at night.


A Plantera’s bulb is handy for summoning this monster. Destroying it will trigger its appearance. But, to access it in the underground jungle, you’ll first need to beat The Twins, Skeletron Prime, and The Destroyer.

Empress of Light

The Empress of Light is a boss that many would like to avoid. But, its reward is also hefty and worthy of consideration. Boating over 69,000 HP, you can summon this boss by killing the Prismatic Lacewing. You’ll encounter this butterfly-like creature after eliminating Plantera.


You must first beat Plantera to encounter Golem. It only spawns in the Jungle Temple, which Plantera will try to bar you from. Use the Lihzahrd Power Cell at the Lihzahrd Alter to summon this ranged attacker.

Duke Fishron

If you want to summon this boss, fishing at “Terraria” is your best bet. But you must use a Truffle Worm to lure this evil minion. He loves launching projectiles, so look out for them when approaching this fierce boss.

Lunatic Cultist

This brute only spawns once you’ve taken out Golem. You’ll encounter him outside the dungeon. But you’ll first have to eliminate all four cultists to trigger his appearance. Its moves are difficult to decipher, so stay cautious when approaching this boss.

Moon Lord

The Moon Lord is the final true boss of “Terraria.” To summon it, you’ll have to destroy all four celestial towers. You can do this using the lunar events or with the help of a Celestial Sigil. Its multiple eyes shoot deadly laser attacks. To quickly destroy it, tackle one eye at a time.


How many bosses can you summon in Terraria?

You can summon 17 bosses in total—seven from the standard category and 10 hardmode bosses.

Who is the hardest boss to beat in Terraria?

The Moon Lord is the fiercest boss you’ll encounter in “Terraria.”

Why can’t you summon bosses?

You’re likely trying to summon them during the day. Most bosses in “Terraria” can only be triggered at night. The only exception is the Eater of Worlds.

Become a True Sandbox Hero

There are plenty of bosses for you to beat in “Terraria.” Each of them will require you to undertake unique tasks and use different summoning items for them to appear. This gameplay element helps elevate your overall gaming experience. Also, remember that you can battle them solo or in a group playthrough.

Which is the most brutal boss you’ve summoned in “Terraria” so far? Who’s your favorite to beat? Let us know in the comments section below.

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