How To Create Potions in Terraria

The magical world of Terraria is full of areas and locations to discover, but it’s dangerous to go without some help. While friends can protect you in the game, there are times when you have to go alone. Therefore, you should craft some potions before going.

How To Create Potions in Terraria

In Terraria, potions have various effects and potency, with some giving powerful boosts. You’ll need to make them with gathered materials and bottles. Read on for all the details.

How to Make a Table to Create Potions

To make a table, you’ll need some Wood. Fortunately, you can also use a Work Bench as an Alchemy Station after placing a bottle on it. Here’s what to do to craft a Work Bench.

  1. Chop some wood in Terraria.
  2. Open the inventory.
  3. Look for the Work Bench option.
  4. Deposit the wood into the inventory.
  5. Craft the Work Bench.

Work Benches are the first table you need in Terraria, as they unlock more craftable items. Once you have 10 of any Wood, two of any Iron Bar, and one Chain, you can make a Sawmill. Sawmills are used to make proper tables, so you’ll need one before following the instructions below.

  1. Interact with the Sawmill.
  2. Look for a table to build in the menu.
  3. Deposit the materials.
  4. Get your table.

Any table with a Placed Bottle on it is okay to craft potions. You can even use tables made by NPCs to create potions at a Placed Bottle. However, there’s a unique one called the Alchemy Table.

Alchemy Tables can be obtained in the Dungeon randomly. Some players find one by fishing in the Dungeon in different game versions. When you craft potions with this table, there’s a 33.33% chance you don’t consume some ingredients. This feature is excellent for increasing potion yields.

Each ingredient used in potion-making has its own probability of not getting consumed, including the ones in a stack. Therefore, it’s highly improbable to spend nothing on a potion.

Nevertheless, you should get one when possible if you plan on creating potions regularly.

Creating Potions with Your Table

After interacting with a table, you can start creating potions. Below are some commonly-used recipes and alternative sources.


Healing potions are used to restore health after you sustain damage in battle. They’re part of the Recovery Potions family, including Mana Recovery Potions. Some even restore both.

Lesser Healing Potion

Besides being craftable, you can also find these potions in chests, pots, some bosses, and naturally spawning in the Dungeon. The Merchant sells them too.

This item restores 50 health and requires:

  • One Mushroom
  • Two Gel
  • Two Bottles

As this recipe requires two bottles, you naturally get two Lesser Healing Potions each time you craft them.

Healing Potion

Underworld pots and the Wall of Flesh can sometimes drop Healing Potions. If you’re playing Hardmode, then some pots will randomly drop them. They’re made from Lesser Healing Potions.

Drinking one heals you by 100 health. To make one, you’ll need:

  • Two Lesser Healing Potions
  • Glowing Mushroom

Greater Healing Potion

Besides being crafted, some bosses have this powerful potion as a potential reward when you defeat them. These include the Golem, Duke Fishron, and Queen Slime. There are two recipes, one for the 3DS version and the other for all others.

The following ingredients are needed for the 3DS version:

  • One Bottled Water
  • Three Pixie Dust
  • One Crystal Shard

For PC and all other versions, you’ll need:

  • Three Bottled Water
  • Three Pixie Dust
  • One Crystal Shard

Greater Healing Potions give you 150 health back.

Remember that Healing Potions aren’t the same as Restoration Potions, the latter restoring both health and Mana.


The Spelunker Potion is a Buff Potion that grants you the Spelunker buff. After consumption, all nearby valuable items are highlighted for you to harvest. The effect lasts for five minutes.

If you don’t wish to retain the effect for the entire duration, you can cancel it anytime without penalties. The process varies between versions.

Below are what the Spelunker Potion illuminates.

  • Life Fruits
  • Life Crystals
  • Dye Plants
  • Chests
  • Ores
  • Gems
  • Pots
  • Herbs

While you can craft it, the potion can also drop from Crates. However, the chances of getting this potion from Crate drops are quite low.

Here’s the recipe:

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Blinkroot
  • One Moonglow
  • One Gold Ore

Another recipe substitutes Gold Ore with Platinum Ore.

Depending on the game version, highlighted items glow in different colors. Make sure you keep an eye out for unusual objects.

Though the Spelunker Glowstick has a similar effect, you can’t hold it and mine simultaneously. This limitation makes the Spelunker Potion an invaluable asset.


Mana regenerates independently in Terraria, but you can craft a Mana Regeneration Potion to increase the rate. Depending on the game edition, this potion lasts eight, seven, or two minutes. You may also cancel its effects prematurely.

These are the necessary ingredients to craft this potion:

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Moonglow
  • One Daybloom
  • One Fallen Star

Usually, players regenerate Mana faster when standing still, but this potion allows them to enjoy the faster rate even when on the move. That way, users can enjoy magic items without waiting for sufficient Mana to regenerate.

Mana Potion

If you can’t wait for the Mana to regenerate, you can always drink a Mana Potion. It restores 100 Mana and is craftable with this recipe:

  • Two Lesser Mana Potions
  • One Glowing Mushroom

Lesser Mana Potions are another option, restoring 50 Mana to players. They are found in the Dungeon or purchased from the Merchant. However, they can’t be crafted.

Super Mana Potion

The Super Mana Potion requires the uncraftable Greater Mana Potion as a material. This one heals 300 Mana at once.

  • 15 Greater Mana Potions
  • One Fallen Star
  • Three Crystal Shards
  • One Unicorn Horn

Consuming Mana Potions of any size will induce Mana Sickness, a debuff that reduces magic damage by 25%. The damage reduction will slowly decrease as time passes and eventually wear off. The debuff will still be triggered even when automatically drinking them with a Mana Flower.


When you start a new game in Terraria, you begin in a World Spawn Point. That changes as you sleep in a Bed within a House. While you can return to a Spawn Point with a Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror, Recall Potions are faster.

You can find Recall Potions by breaking pots or opening chests. In the 3DS version, Slimes may leave behind Recall Potions as a bonus drop. There are also two different recipes.

The standard one goes like this:

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Specular Fish
  • One Daybloom

3DS players should use this recipe instead.

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Specular Fish
  • One Deathweed


It’s sometimes easy to stray from the team when you all wander around. Though you can reach teammates the usual way, consider using a Wormhole Potion instead. Using it lets you instantly teleport to their location after you select the player on the full map.

Remember that Wormhole Potions will only work with players on the same team. Everyone will also get a status message mentioning someone had used the potion. Moreover, disabling the minimap prevents the use of this concoction.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Specular Fish
  • One Blinkroot

There’s a chance that Wormhole Potions will drop from pots and slimes in multiplayer mode. You can get them this way by hosting a multiplayer session, even without anyone joining your team.

Fire Resistance

Terraria players can consume an Obsidian Skin Potion to gain fire resistance. Doing so grants them the Obsidian Skin buff. When active, the buff provides immunity to the following statuses:

  • Hellstone
  • Lava
  • On Fire! Debuff
  • Meteorite

You may cancel the potion’s effects early, and the duration also varies between versions. The effect lasts six minutes in some editions, but the more common period is four minutes.

You’ll need these materials:

  • One Bottled Water
  • One Fireblossom
  • One Waterleaf
  • One Obsidian

Obsidian Skin Potions are handy for mining Hellstone or diving into lava lakes.

Players can obtain this potion from Underworld pots or by opening Shadow Chests and Crates.

Be Prepared

Terraria potions are a staple if you want to explore, battle, or travel. There are so many different types that you can easily craft one that solves any situation. The listed potions are the most basic ones for players, but there are many more to discover in the game.

What’s your favorite potion in Terraria? How many potions do you have in your inventory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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