What Is the Best Car in Rocket League?

Five years ago, the gamer Esports community raved about this hybrid vehicular soccer game by Psyonix. While its popularity never quite diminished, Epic Games’ acquisition of the game and releasing it as free to play have put this high-octane game in the limelight once again.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League?

Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran of the original, you’re going to need more than your innate skill set to win a game. You’re going to need the right car.

Keep reading to find out which are the cars you should keep an eye on, and which ones are best for specific skills.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League?

Before you pick out a car, you need to understand car hitboxes. Hitboxes are important because they help players gauge where the ball will hit and which direction it’ll go in.

Imagine an invisible outline that surrounds each Rocket League car. You’d think that these outlines are all fairly similar in size, but you’d be wrong. Some cars have hitboxes that extend way outside the car parameters, like the Zippy’s extensions.

When you have a car that doesn’t resemble its vehicular model, it’s hard to gauge whether you’re going to hit the ball, or which angle you should come in at.

Essentially, you have six car classes to choose from:

  • Breakout
  • Dominus
  • Hybrid
  • Merc
  • Octane
  • Plank

The most popular hitbox type amongst players is the Octane. Just because you have a couple of cars in the same class doesn’t necessarily mean that their hitboxes fit the same way, though.

The Zippy’s hitbox extends past the front bumper and way over the roof. On the other hand, the Octane’s hitbox fits closely to the car model. Yet, both cars come from the Octane class.

Cars from the Plank class are another favorite because of their long and wide hitbox, second only to the Octane. These cars are great for players who are in goalkeeper or defensive roles.

As you can see, there’s no such thing as a car that’s one-size-fits-all, but many pro players choose the Octane for its all-around great build.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League for Aerials?

When it comes to aerials and redirects, the Octane and Dominus are fairly equal at being the best, so it all comes down to your preferences. If you started playing Rocket League using the Octane, you may find that you’re more comfortable with it over a Dominus. However, if you’re in the market for something new to perform aerials, the Dominus may fit the bill.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League for Goalie?

There are a few cars that work well for defensive plays. Some of those choices include:

1. Twin Mill III

This probably isn’t the car of choice for many players who are put off by its Hot Wheels design and short build. However, it’s a solid choice for defensive players who make use of side deflections in the game. The trick is knowing and understanding the Plank design to exploit the build.

2. Marauder

The Marauder is not the sleekest car on the list, but its bulky design comes in handy when you want to swat away shots. Its wide hitbox and overall mass may make up for the fact that it isn’t quite as mobile as the other cars.

3. Merc

The Merc is a great goalie choice for many of the same reasons that the Marauder is a great choice for defensive play. Its massive size and large hitbox make it a great choice when you want to get through opponents or block shots.

Just like the Marauder, the Merc is not the car for you if you like to speed across the arena. If you’re okay with compromising turning and boosting with brute strength, though, the Merc is a great choice.

4. Octane

You probably knew this car would end up on the list as it appears on most lists for Rocket League. Why? It’s just a great all-around car and a community favorite. While it doesn’t boast stats specific for goalkeeping, the hitbox makes it a great choice for players who want a car to do a little bit of everything.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League to Use?

As mentioned previously, the Octane is one of the best cars to use simply because it’s designed to do a little bit of everything. It’s a great choice for new players and veterans alike.

If you’re looking for something a little newer, the Fennec is the newest community favorite. It’s popular for all the reasons that make the Octane one of the best cars in the game.

However, the hitbox on the Fennec is a little more accurate because of its rectangle nose. Unlike the Octane’s semi-pointed nose, players know exactly where their car will hit the ball every time because of the similarity between hitbox shape and Fennec front end.

Once again, it’s all about hitboxes. There’s no use getting a visually stunning car if you can’t figure out where the ball is going to hit it.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League for Air Dribbling?

The best car for air dribbling is the Breakout. It shouldn’t surprise anyone, though, because it’s a pro favorite. Do you know those professionals who seem like they can dribble forever? There’s something about the Breakout’s nose that makes it so easy to keep control of the ball.

If the Breakout isn’t your style, you could also air dribble with cars like:

  • Dominus
  • Paladin

Some of these cars aren’t ideal for air dribbling, but they stand out as an option if you’re just not feeling the Breakout.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League Season 2?

Rocket League’s Season 2 introduced a variety of new cosmetic items to the game, but not new cars. So, if you’re looking for the “best car in Rocket League” for Season 2, you need to decide if you’re looking for a car design or a car class.

The same car classes, like the Octane and the Dominus, still hold reigning titles through Season 2. The Hybrid class received a new body called the R3MX, but it’s only available to premium pass holders.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to spice things up on your current car, Epic Games has the answer for you.

Season 2 opens a collection of new decals, wheels, and toppers to personalize your car and make it a thing of beauty. If you’re short on customization ideas, the Rocket League community has many examples for inspiration online.

What Is the Best Car in Rocket League for Beginners?

There’s a reason why the Octane is a beloved favorite in the Rocket League community. Many veteran players got their start using the Octane because the car’s hitbox closely resembles its model shape. The similarity makes it easier for new players to focus on the mechanics of the game without worrying about where they’ll hit the target.

Other beginner favorites include:

  • Hotshot
  • Road Hog
  • Takumi
  • Breakout
  • Dominus

Most cars in the Dominus and Hybrid classes are good choices for new players and have relatively fair hitboxes. If you’re just starting, you may want to stay away from cars like the Paladin, Esper, and Merc – at least until you get a handle on the basics.

Additional FAQs

What Is the Fastest Car in Rocket League?

Being a great Rocket League player isn’t just about speed, but if you’re wondering about the fastest car in the League, it probably won’t surprise you to find the Octane making the list. It’s one of the best all-around cars, and that includes speed to pull off 50/50s in a match.

What Is the Rarest Car in Rocket League 2020?

There are a few rare cars in Rocket League – many of them exclusives before Epic Games acquired the franchise. They include:

• The Armadillo

• The Sweet Tooth

• The Hogsticker

• The Samus’ Gunship

• Mario and Luigi, exclusives for Nintendo Switch

Other noteworthy cars in the rarity department include:

• Aftershock

• Zippy

• Esper

• Grog

• Marauder

• Proteus

• Masamune

• Scarab

• Vulcan

These cars were available via DLC between 2015 and 2016.

What Cars Do Pros Use in Rocket League?

Over half of the pro community win matches using the Octane, including professionals who went on to win titles in a World Championship Series. The second most popular car amongst professional players is the Dominus and is a favorite amongst freestylers.

Is the Fennec the Best Car in Rocket League?

Many players are singing the praises of the Fennec, saying it’s the successor to the Octane because of its hitbox accuracy. While the Fennec and the Octane share the same hitbox, the Fennec’s rectangular design model matches the hitbox a little more than the Octane’s pointed nose.

Whether or not it’s the “best car” in the League, though, depends on you.

Choosing the Best Car for Your Playstyle

When it comes down to it, you may be attracted to flashier cars but stats like hitboxes may be the deciding factor when you choose the right car. You need a car that performs exactly the way you expect it to and fits your playstyle on the team.

The Octane may be the most popular choice in the community, but there are a variety of options out there. If you just want a car that’s a little different than all the Octanes, there’s always the Fennec.

Which car do you use the most? Has it changed since you started playing Rocket League? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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