How to Delete Repost in TikTok

TikTok has different features aimed at improving user experience. One of which is TikTok repost. This makes it easy to repost videos with a single click and boosts your interactions with the audience.

How to Delete Repost in TikTok

However, there are instances when you click on the repost button unintentionally. Other times, you repost something and delete it for different reasons. This article covers how you can delete a repost successfully regardless of whether the action was intentional or not.

Deleting Reposts

It’s possible to delete a repost on Android and iOS. This can be done by undoing the repost. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Navigate to the video you reposted and now want to delete.
  3. On the video, select the share icon.
  4. Tap “Remove Repost.”

This prompts a pop-up intended for removal confirmation. When you select this, the video is un-reposted successfully.

Deleting a Repost After You Refresh or After Some Time Passes

Usually, reposted videos don’t appear in your profile. This makes deleting or un-reposting hard once you refresh. To handle this, go to the account where you sourced the reposted video. This may be challenging if you can’t recall the account name. With the account name, a simple search can help you locate the video.

An alternative worth trying is opening your watch history to see if the video is there.

  1. Tap on your profile.
  2. Find the three dots at the top corner of your screen and tap.
  3. Select “Settings and Privacy.”
  4. Select “Comment and watch history.”
  5. Tap watch history.
  6. Find the target video.
  7. If present, tap the share button.
  8. Tap “Remove Repost.”

Note: Liking a video before reposting makes it easy to track it down when you want to delete it. On your profile, you should navigate to the liked videos icon. It’s found in your profile with a heart icon. The un-reposting step remains the same.

If you try the above methods, but it’s still hard to find the post, you can ask a TikTok friend to message the video to you if it’s in their feed. This information makes it easier for you to find the video for deletion.

Reasons Why People Opt to Delete Reposts

Everyone has their reason for deleting a repost:

  • Changing your mind about the repost and deciding to delete it instead. One thing that could influence your decision is in cases where you don’t agree with views contained in the post.
  • Reposting a video without giving credit to the creator. This could attract a copyright warning prompting you to delete it.
  • Tapping on the repost icon accidentally. This happens because the icon is close to other icons used for sharing.
  • If you don’t want to endorse someone or a brand anymore, deleting reposts associated with them could be the way to go.

Reposting on TikTok

Before deciding to delete a repost, it has to be posted first. Sometimes, the report button is tapped unintentionally, prompting the need to delete. However, this feature can be used by ardent TikTok users to improve engagement.

  1. Find your target video.
  2. Tap the share button. It is an arrow icon.
  3. Choose “Repost.”

The best thing about reposting is adding comments on the video, with the comments appearing in caption form over the original owner’s username.

Turning Off TikTok Repost

If you have some negative results with the repost feature, you may choose to turn it off. Doing so keeps you from accidental Reposts in the future.

To get rid of the button, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Tap profile on TikTok.
  2. At the top right, tap the three stacked lines.
  3. Tap “Settings and privacy.”
  4. Tap “Notifications.”
  5. Toggle off the video repost option.

You can turn on the repost button when you want to. In such case, follow the same steps laid out above. However, the final step should be toggle “ON” instead.

Seeing Your TikTok Repost

TikTok reposts can be likened to retweets on Twitter. The only difference is that your reposts don’t appear in your feed or profile. Hence, you can’t see what you repost on the platform.

Your friends and mutual followers can view any reposted videos on TikTok. Normally, this depends on your settings. One method to see what you have reposted is to access your friends’ feeds through their devices.

You can also take advantage of your watch history. TikTok allows you to track your history for up to seven days.

Things to Note About TikTok Repost

  • When a video is reposted on TikTok, it doesn’t get any likes.
  • If anyone comments on the video you reposted, it reflects on the original video.
  • Any followers on the repost are applied and counted on the original video.
  • When reposting a video on TikTok, consider liking or bookmarking. In this way, referring back to that particular post becomes easy.


What is reposting on TikTok?

Reposting means sharing a TikTok video from someone else’s account with your followers. Reposted content appears on their feed.

Are reposts public?

Yes, anything you repost will appear in your follower’s news feeds. If you delete a repost, there’s a chance that someone has already viewed it. You can’t control that.

Can the same video be reposted on TikTok?

Yes, reposting the same video from someone’s feed is possible. It’s one of the best ways to improve platform engagement, followers, and connections.

Is it wise to repost viral videos on TikTok?

Yes, posting trending audio or videos is a great way to improve engagement and boost your views.

What happens after reposting on TikTok?

Sharing a video from another feed gives you some level of recognition. Reposting also gives you the cancan to explore similar videos. This makes it easier to find videos that could interest you.

Can reposts be deleted?

Yes, it’s possible. Settings allow you to personalize your experience.

Where do reposts come from?

You can repost from the “For You” page. Reposting indicates your interests. Own posts can be reposted as well.

Control Your TikTok Reposts With Ease

The report feature on TikTok has become increasingly popular. People can share videos easily with others. This is a good way of ensuring that fresh content is shared widely. When a video is reposted, the original creator is given access to new audiences.

Though helpful, sometimes you may want to delete something you reposted. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy process. Have you ever deleted a Repost on TikTok? Did you use any of the tips and tricks from this article? Tell us in the comments section below.

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