The Top AutoHotkey Scripts

The Windows operating system offers various shortcuts you can use on your keyboard. These are designed to help you maintain productivity while executing essential tasks. However, many power users move from these pre-programmed shortcuts to AutoHotkey scripts, often called AHK. AutoHotkey scripts allow users to program their own shortcuts, processes, and other functions to increase productivity.

The Top AutoHotkey Scripts

To learn more about what kind of AutoHotkey scripts power users enjoy, read the article below.

Top AutoHotkey Scripts

The AutoHotkey scripts you can use on your computer vary widely. There are thousands of AutoHotkey scripts available, and more are being made daily. Thanks to the open-source software that powers the scripts, you don’t need to learn how to write one for yourself unless one doesn’t exist that meets your needs.

Here are some of the top AutoHotkey scripts you can use in your daily workflows.


This script works much like your smartphone’s autocorrect feature. When the script detects a misspelling, it will automatically replace the misspelling for you. Whereas spell check requires you to go back and manually accept the fix, the script makes the fix as you are typing.

This script offers corrections for thousands of common misspellings. However, it isn’t all-knowing, and it won’t catch everything.

You can download the Autocorrect AHK here.

Run Google Search

This AHK will launch your browser and run a Google search on the highlighted text in your document. The AHK is an extremely popular one with students. However, this script will remap the keyboard’s shortcut for “Copy.” This script will likely hinder productivity if you do much copying and pasting where the pasted text doesn’t end up in Google.

See below for the script to remap the Control + Shift + C keyboard shortcut to run Google searches.

 Send, ^c
 Sleep 50

Set Lock Keys

This is the perfect script to turn off the lock keys on your keyboard. You probably only hit these keys on accident or rarely use them, if ever. If it makes no sense to have them on constantly, you can turn them off to avoid errors.

You can set them to always remain on, as well. For example, if you never need to use the caps lock key, this script will turn it off so you never accidentally hit it. If you only use the number pad for digits, you may want the num lock to always remain on.

This script also turns the scroll lock off or on.

See below for the script to turn these keys on or off.

; Set Lock keys permanently
SetNumlockState, AlwaysOn
SetCapsLockState, AlwaysOff
SetScrollLockState, AlwaysOff

Open Favorite Folders

You can use AHK scripts to open your most used folders on your computer. You won’t have to launch the file explorer or navigate through your system. This is useful for people who use many of the same folders frequently. It’s easy to clutter the quick access section of the file explorer. This script will keep that from happening.

See below for a sample script to open your favorite folders:

; Open Downloads folder
^+d::Run "C:\Program Files\Open\Program.exe" ; ctrl+shift+d

Make sure to change the hotkey combo of “^ + d” to your preferred keys. Also, be careful to change the file folder address.

Most Useful AutoHotkey Scripts

The top AutoHotkey scripts are popular because they run quick tasks for us. While helpful, the most useful AutoHotkey scripts can provide just a little more function. These AHK scripts remap the keys’ function, create keyboard shortcuts, and bring hard-to-find functions to the forefront.

These are some of the most useful AutoHotkey scripts you can run on your computer.

Use Function Keys to Launch Apps

Most of the time, the function keys at the top of your keyboard don’t do anything. Usually, the only ones people will ever use are the F2 and F5 keys. The rest serve no consistent function. You can remap the keys using AutoHotkey scripts.

Many users will remap these keys to launch the applications they use most. See below for the AutoHotkey script for the function keys. Remember to change the F key designation and add the application pathway.

;Repurpose function keys

F4::Run “C:\Program Files\Open\Program.exe”


Use Special Characters

The most commonly used special characters are already on your keyboard. However, many useful special characters are buried within your Windows system. This will be a handy script if you use any special characters for other languages or even mathematical symbols.

See below for an example of this script where you press Alt + Q to insert the trademark symbol.

!q::SendInput {™}

Here are other keys that you can use for this script:

  • ! = Alt
  • ^ = Ctrl
  • # = Win
  • + = Shift

You can use any letter key in place of the “Q” and any symbol you would like in place of the trademark symbol.

Remap Unused Keys

If you turn off the caps lock key, you can remap it to act like another key. Many people remap it to act like a third shift key, but you can use any key you wish. The script can also remap any key to act like any other key. This is helpful for repurposing unused keys or to navigate around broken keys.

Below is the script to remap the caps lock key into a third shift key.

;Remap Keys

To use with other keys on your keyboard, replace “Capslock” with the key you want to change the function of. Replace “Shift” with the key you want to mimic.

Suspend AutoHotkey

Sometimes, your programmed AHK scripts can interfere with keyboard shortcuts already programmed into a specific app. In this case, you’ll want to temporarily disable the scripts until you finish using that app.

Here is the script for temporarily disabling your AHK scripts:

; Suspend AutoHotkey
#ScrollLock::Suspend ; Win + scrollLock


How do I run AutoHotkey scripts on my computer?

To run these scripts, you will need to download the AutoHotkey program. This is where you will load your scripts, which will run in the background. You can download the AutoHotkey program here.

Can I use AutoHotkey on a macOS or Linux computer?

Unfortunately, you cannot run AutoHotkey on macOS or Linux at this time. This program is currently only available for Windows computers.

AutoHotkey Scripts: Extra Useful Keys

AutoHotkey scripts are handy for increasing productivity by creating keyboard shortcuts and other processes. While some AutoHotkey scripts seem like quick shortcuts for basic functions, they can help you keep your productivity high. AHK scripts fit into your personal workflow. This is what makes them so helpful and so well-loved.

Which of the top AutoHotkey scripts do you plan to use? Which do you find to be the most useful AutoHotkey scripts? Let us know in the comments below!

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