How to Turn Off Your Vpn

In the modern age of browsing the web, a VPN is absolutely vital for staying safe online. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a privacy tool that essentially puts a cloak of anonymity around your personal web usage. VPNs don’t provide you with total immunity from being tracked or spied on, but they are a huge building block in the wall of personal privacy. So if you don’t have one, you really should – but if you do have one and you need to turn it off for some reason, you may not know how. In this article I will provide a brief tutorial on turning off your VPN under Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OS X.

How to Turn Off Your Vpn

We’ve written about VPNs before at TechJunkie, and if you don’t know what VPNs are or why they are important, you should definitely get familiar. If you’re unclear where to start, check out our articles on ‘What is a VPN Tunnel and How Does it Protect Your Data?’ and ‘VPNs – How Safe Are They?’ Both give an overview of why every internet user concerned about privacy should use a VPN.

So when should you turn off a VPN? Really there is only one circumstance: if you are troubleshooting a network issues and want to make sure the problem isn’t being caused by your VPN. In that situation, temporarily disabling your VPN is fine.

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Turn Off a VPN in Windows

To temporarily disable a VPN in Windows, you use the same method you use to connect it. If you use a vendor app, you disconnect using that app. If you connect via Windows, you disconnect via Windows.

  1. Select the up arrow next to the Windows Taskbar clock to access running processes.
  2. Right click your VPN app and select Disconnect.
  3. Confirm if required.

The exact steps differ by vendor but as a rule, you right-click any program in the list to access commands. Disconnect should be one of them.

Alternatively, use the Windows VPN app.

  1. Select the speech bubble notification icon to the right of the Windows clock.
  2. Select VPN.
  3. Toggle off.

The Windows VPN app will only work if your VPN is configured to use it rather than its own app. I consider it better to use the vendor app so you can select the destination server and all the other options it comes with.

Turn off a VPN in Android

Android doesn’t natively support VPN so users will typically use a vendor app provided by their VPN service provider.

  1. Select the app from your Android home screen.
  2. Select the Disconnect option from the menu.

This should be a simple process. Selecting the app should immediately present you with the option to turn off the VPN.


  1. Select Settings from the home screen.
  2. Select More under Wireless and networks.
  3. Select VPN and toggle off the active connection.

Turn off a VPN in iOS

As with Android, the fastest way to get online using a VPN on an iPhone is to use a vendor app. You can configure iOS to run it but the app is quicker. The app will usually configure your device to use the VPN and everything is done for you.

To turn it off:

  1. Select Settings from the home screen.
  2. Select VPN. If you’re experimenting with multiple clients, you will need to select the active one.
  3. Toggle it to off.

This process is roughly the same whether you’re using a VPN app or have manually configured it yourself.

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Turn off a VPN in Mac OS X

Mac OS X also has the ability to use VPNs which makes a secure operating system just a little more secure. Like Windows, you can use the app to control the VPN or use network settings within Mac OS X.

  1. Select the VPN app on the OS X desktop or in the Dock.
  2. Select Disconnect.

Most VPN apps use the word ‘Disconnect’ but that might change. Use your judgment here. Some VPN apps may add a menu option in the top menu on the desktop, if yours has this, you can select the menu instead of the dock. The result is the same.

If you configured your VPN through MAC OS X and not an app, do this:

  1. Select the Apple menu icon in the top left of the desktop.
  2. Select System Preferences and Network.
  3. Select the VPN connection in the left pane of the Network window.
  4. Select Disconnect.

It makes sense to keep your VPN running at all times when online. This is even more important if you’re a laptop or mobile user who frequents Wi-Fi hotspots or public networks. The VPN offers a layer of security even the most hardened hacker will find difficult to penetrate!

While not invincible, a VPN goes a long way to keeping you and your personal information safe while online. If you’re still looking for a VPN—or you’re interested in changing up your VPN choice to something faster or safer— check out our round-up of the best VPNs right here.

7 thoughts on “How to Turn Off Your Vpn”

Avatar Bob says:
This does not work if your VPN is installed on the Modem only.
Avatar TieWayTan says:
I just did all thing to turn off my vpn i disconnect from my extension and remove it and i dont have vpn connection but its still connected i cant create new account on steam 🙁
Avatar Grisel Calderon says:
I need to disconnect my VPN in my Kodi to install Real Debrid? How do I do that?
Avatar Mike says:
New iPhone 8 with ios 11. Keeps turning VPN on, like every few seconds and asks for verification code. Shutting it off and rebooting phone not working. In older ios there was a profile that could deleted and restored but none such here. Thoughts?
Avatar LeeZ says:
Hi, I’d like to watch blacked-out games in my area, and I know a VPN client with server addresses outside my area can provide me with a way to watch those games. But, with a VPN on my android phone, I would still need a VPN configuration for my Chromecast if I want to cast the stream from my phone to the TV using chromecast, right? And if I’m using wifi, I would need my router to be configured with a VPN as well right?
Avatar cecile says:
Please help. I have a Hisense U601 mobile phone and accidentally activated a VPN password on my phone. Every time before I can use the phone I have to type in the password. I want it gone, de-activated or whatever you call it.
Avatar kamil says:
i dont get turn off function to toggle VPN off in my android device

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