How To Turn Closed Captioning On/Off on Fios

As an all-encompassing entertainment/internet service, Fios allows you to binge on your TV shows and movies for hours on end. And if you cannot pick up on every line in GOT, closed captioning (CC) is there to help. What’s more, Fios provides CC for sports games, which can come in handy when you watch the game with a bunch of noisy supporters.

How To Turn Closed Captioning On/Off on Fios

Whatever your guilty pleasure, the method to enable/disable CC on Fios is pretty straightforward and you can do everything via remote. Check out the necessary steps below.

Enabling/ Disabling CC on Fios

Step 1

Grab your Fios remote and press the blue Menu button on the top left.


Go up to Settings using the arrow keys on the remote, then navigate to the Accessibility menu. It should be the first option under Settings.

Fios Turn on or off Closed Captioning

Step 2

Move right to the main window and select Closed Captions to access all available options. The list of all the CC functions may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but the one you are looking for is Service Selection. It’s right below “Press OK to change Closed Captioning preferences”.

How to Turn on or off Closed Captioning Fios

Enter Service Selection in the pop-up window and select one of the offered CC profiles, CC1, CC2, CC3, and so on. You should know that captions in English work with CC1 and CC2. If the program/video offers subtitles in other languages, they are accessible from CC3 onwards. In total, there are 6 CC profiles on Fios.

Step 3

Once you make the selection press OK on the remote to confirm. Then you should press the right arrow key to highlight the Save option and confirm again by hitting the OK button.

Fios how to Turn on or off Closed Captioning

After you choose Save, CC should instantly appear at the bottom of the screen. If you want to disable CC, go back to the Closed Captions pop-up window and select the Off option.

Customize CC Settings on Fios

For some users, the default CC settings on Fios don’t do the trick. But there’s no need to worry, Fios allows you to change every little detail and get the subtitles that fit your preferences. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1

Navigate to the Closed Captions menu with your remote. We won’t reiterate the steps as they are the same as previously described. You’ll be able to see an extensive list of options to tweak CC to your liking. This might take some time, but you’ll only need to do it once.

Turn on or off Closed Captioning

Step 2

Navigate the options with arrow keys and press OK to select the ones you want. Similar to Amazon Prime Video, Fios allows you to change three CC features – window, background, and font. For background and window, you can adjust color and opacity, though these settings look quite good on auto as well.

And when it comes to font options, you can really fine tune the font to match your preference. There are 5 font settings and they include style, size, opacity, color, and font edge type.

Step 3

As you tweak the options one by one, don’t forget to navigate right and select Save. The CC menu also features an Easy Reader which is great for those who struggle with the default subtitles.

After you make the necessary changes, the CC will appear as programmed as long as it’s supported by the program or video.

Fios TV App

The mobile Fios TV app can act like a remote and allow you to turn CC on and off. For this to work, your smartphone/tablet needs to be connected to the same home network as Fios.

Select the remote control icon, then tap Set-top Box Location, and press * and the CC icon on the bottom. If you watch videos via the Fios TV app, it’s even easier to turn on CC. Go into Settings, tap on Preferences, select Closed Captioning, and just hit the on/off button.

Important Notes

You may need to enable CC both on your TV and Fios to get the subtitles. Access the TV menu and go to Settings, then navigate to Closed Captioning. For example, the latest Sony models have Closed Captioning under Accessibility and the same applies to LGs.

Set-top boxes that transmit standard definition (not HD/4K) may not support closed captioning. So, it’s advisable to check for compatibility before you get the set-top box or digital adapter. When everything is set up and working, you should be able to turn the captions on and off just by pressing the button on your Fios remote.

Enjoy Fios Wherever You Go

When all is said and done, it might take some time to zero in on all the Fios CC setting. But then, you get the perfect subtitles at the press off a button. You should know that if nothing seems to help, the broadcaster is probably not sending the CC signal.

One thought on “How To Turn Closed Captioning On/Off on Fios”

charles adams says:
I’ve had mixed results with this on Fios. Right now, closed captioning works (displays text for what is said) about 75% of the time. There are whole sentences that get no caption at all; other sentences are just the last few words of the voice track. This can be frustrating.

I’ve played with the various color/opacity settings without real success. I have seen, though, at times, some text showing up in a lesser opacity than the rest. This makes me think there is a technical reason behind this failure; not that there is simply no transcription for said speech.

I’m getting nowhere with my provider, so I’m reaching out for a solution.

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